Namah 19th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Kali’s Unthinkable Act

Namah 19th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kali tells Hayagriv that he doesn’t forgive himself, then why wil he forgive his brother Hayagriv, Kalyug and Kali don’t belong to anyone. Mrityu sees Ahankar vikar/arrogance defect and tries to catch it, but Hayagriv catches and possesses it. Mrityu says they thought Hayagriv as fool, but he got both amaratva/immortality boon and ahankar vikar. He taunts Kali that Kali insulted him calling fool, but he got both amaratva and ahankar vikar. Kali says he will always be a fool. Gods see changing climate and asks what is happening. Devi Parvathi says she made a mistake by giving self-death boon to asur Hayagriv who had disguised as Suryadev’s horse. Mahadev says Narayan became headless for a reason, he is Leeladhar and takes different forms for different reason, now he will take Hayagriv/horse avatar to end Hayagriv. Parvathi asks from where will they get horse’s head for Narayan. Suryadev’s another horse says he will sacrifice his head for Narayan. Mahadev says his sacrifice will not be unnoticed. Narayan gets horse’s head and disappears.

Hayagriv warns Kali that he will kill Kali. Kali says his brother wants to kill him now foolishly. Narayan emerges there and fights with Hayagriv. Mahadev searches Narayan’s head all around and asks Samudradev if he saw Narayan’s head. Samudradev informs that Narayan’s head is where he has his most number of disciples. Mahadev says its prithvi/earth then. On earth, Narayan’s disciples pray his head forming a temple of it. Mahadev emerges there. A rishi gets happy seeing Mahadev there and says they are lucky to see Narayan and Mahadev both at once. Mahadev says he came to take Narayan’s head with him. Rishi says they are praying Narayan since ages and profess their love via pooja and submissions. Mahadev says Narayan sees disciples’ heart and not possessions, they should know that Naraya is in each atom of the universe and should let him take Narayan’s head. Rishi pleads not to do that. Mahadev says if they don’t want to take Narayan’s head with him, let him pray Narayan then as Narayan is also his respectable.

Mahadev prays Narayan’s head and sings bhajan. Rain starts. Rishi says Mahadev is right that friendship has immense power. All humans dance and bend in front of Mahadev. Rishi apologizes Mahadev for not understanding that Narayan and Mahadev are one and if they keep Narayan’s head here, it is like keeping Mahadev’s here, so Mahadev can take Narayan’s head along. Mahadev says they can spread Narayan’s knowledge everywhere and gifts them a pond. He then disappears with Narayan’s head.

Precap: Mahadev reaches to help Narayan, but gets confused Narayan and Hayagriv looking same. They both ask Mahadev to give his weapon as they are his friend.

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