Meri Gudiya 19th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Ratri makes a deadly potion

Meri Gudiya 19th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Madhuri and Avi playing in the park. Ratri sees them. Avi goes missing. Madhuri gets shocked. She shouts Avi. She goes to find her. She asks the people about her. She calls Raghav and says Avi isn’t here. He says don’t worry, she would be around. He hears Avi and says she is there. Madhuri sees Avi getting flowers. Avi says this is for you. Madhuri hugs her. She says I was so worried. Avi says its a surprise. Madhuri says don’t give me such surprises. A lady goes to Ratri and says you are the same girl, you came after many years. Ratri says yes. Madhuri thanks Avi and says love you. She hugs Avi. The lady asks Ratri about her marriage and children. Ratri sees Madhuri gone. She comes to Adrika.

Adrika asks where is that girl, its a guy, Rudraksh was excited. Ratri gets angry. Adrika asks are you hiding about your past. Ratri says I will test my new potion on this guy and then feed that girl, Rudraksh’s faith will not break. Madhuri tries to make Avi sleep. Raghav comes. He says Madhuri takes much tension. Avi says I m a big girl now. Raghav says Madhuri thinks even I m a kid, when you went somewhere in the park, your mum disturbed me, you should have told her before going. Avi says but I have grown up. Raghav says you should inform mumma, what if bad people kidnap you, next time hold mumma’s hand and inform her before going anywhere. Avi says okay. He says promise. She says promise. He makes her sleep. Madhuri smiles.

Raghav says she slept now, why are you worried now. Madhuri says something is troubling me, I m stressed. He says its okay, I m with you. Ratri ties up the man. He begs her to leave her. She feeds some liquid. He smiles and says its a good place. He does. Rudraksh says Ratri, you ended my anger. Ratri says I made this special potion for that girl, I m thinking how to use it. He says I have thought about it. He makes a plan to send the potion in a chocolate with some kid. Madhuri makes Avi ready for school. Avi says I can’t go school without you. Madhuri smiles and hugs her. Avi says love you mumma. Madhuri says love you too.

Rudraksh, Ratri and Adrika come to the school. Ratri says I have added the potion in this chocolate, the girl will die. The guard stops Adrika and asks who are you. She does her magic to hypnotize him. Rudraksh and Ratri smile. Adrika takes a little girl’s avatar in front of the guard. Rudra leaves the evil spirit. He asks the little girl to go. Avi sees the girl and runs to her. She asks didn’t you get the tiffin even today, why are you running. The girl runs. Avi stays there. Adrika gives her a chocolate. Avi doesn’t take it. He says my mumma asks me not to take anything from strangers, you are very elder, aunty. She sees Adrika’s reality.

Ratri gets angry and says I will ruin Raghav’s world. Madhuri gets goosebumps.

Update Credit to: Amena

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