Nakchadi(A SwaRagini Fan Fiction) Chapter 20

It had been six months that Ragini and Raj started living together. Ragini has been the perfect Bahu of the Khurana family. Something bothered Raj for an unknown reason. He doesn’t know why he was feeling strange. Ragini placed her hand on his hand as she sat beside him after serving the food. Landing back to reality he just banged the spoon to his plate two times and turned to her wearing the smile. A fake smile perhaps.

“What happened?” Ragini softly whispered. “Just a bit business tension. Nothing serious” he shrugged his shoulders. But her heart was not at peace. She knew something was bothering Raj. “Ragini beta” Sanjay’s voice disturbed her thoughts. She looked at him. “Won’t you get bored at home all the day. Join office” he said mixing the rice with dal in the plate.

“Why? can’t you tolerate my happiness to stay with my Bahu” Sunita shot a angry glare at him. “Na na Jaan” “Sanjay” she deadly whispered and he gulped in scared. Ragini and Raj controlled their laugh looking at Sanjay and Sunita.

“I mean. Ragini is talented and I don’t want her to waste her qualification and talent sitting at home” he shrank his eye brows requesting Sunita. “He is right Bahu.” said Dadaji as he wiped his mouth with the napkin. “Neither I want her to waste her talent. But I want to spend some more time with her” complained Sunita.

“Awww Maa. Don’t worry anyways this Nakchadi is going to office na I will stay at home for you” Raj gave her a bright smile. “Haa Sunita. Anyways he has learned cooking and all the cleaning work from his Sasural. So he can help you” Sanjay mocked to which Raj fumed.

“Actually dad even I want to spend time with Maa. I will be there as a adviser in the company but full time I can’t commit for the time being” said Ragini smiling at Sanjay. “Okay beta as you wish. But I want you to build your career. As a father wants his daughter to shine in whatever she wishes for” those words from Sanjay had a impact on her heart. A tear tripped her eye without her knowledge.

She smiled at him controlling her flooding emotions. Raj could sense her turmoil. “Haaaaw. I’m feeling sleepy” said he and walked to his room. He stood near the room door and signed Ragini to come when she was cleaning the table. She frowned and signed him to wait.

“Ragu. I will tell servants to clean the table. Your desperate husband can’t turn off the lights of the room I guess” Sunita teased her. Her eyes went wide hearing Sunita and Raj immediately ran inside the room shutting the door with a bang. Ragini smiled at Sunita sheepishly. “Go” she smiled at Ragini who blushed and walked to her room.

“What was the need to behave that way Raj. See maa was teasing me” Ragini whined sitting on the bed. “Ohho Jaan. Did she say anything wrong. Yes I cannot even turn the room lights off without you” he hugged her from back. “You are worst” she cried fake.

“Better than you” he said kissing her cheek. She pushed him and before landing on the bed he held her wrist so she landed on his chest. Before she could drag herself away he locked her in his arms. “Raj leave me” she tried getting out of his hold but he tightened his grip. “Never ever Mrs Nakchadi Khurana” he lifted his head a bit and nuzzled his nose with her.

She gave up and placed her head on his chest to hear his heart beat which soothed her. “Feeling better?” he whispered. “How do you know that I need you even before I can speak” she adjusted herself beside him placing her head on his chest again.

“Because My Nakchadi Biwi you live here” he pointed at his heart. “Cheesy aren’t we?” she teased him and he dragged her near to him and stared at her lips. She felt his gaze and lowered her eyes. He neared her more and when they were about to touch each others lips Ragini’s phone ringed jerking both.

“Ouch” Raj sat up rubbing his forehead which was hit by Ragini’s head. “Sorry sorry sorry” she apologized and searched for her phone. As she found it she looked at it’s screen. “Maa” her face lighted up. She pressed the answer spot on the screen and Raj back hugged her irritating her. “Hello Maa” she spoke and Raj kissed her ear smirking.

“Hello Ragu. How are you?” asked Supriya. “Maa. I’m good. How are you? How is Chachu, Ranjit bhai, Ravi and Chotu, Chachi and Ni” she asked as she tried dragging herself from Raj. “All are good beta. I called you to give you a good news” said Supriya. “Haa maa tell me” she said as she stopped Raj who was placing wet kisses on her neck.

“Ni is pregnant three months. Doctor confirmed the news just now so I called you first to inform. You are going to become Bua again” said Supriya happy. “Really?” Ragini jumped in her place. “What happened?” Raj asked confused. She signed him to be quite. “Maa I’m so happy. Tell Ni. I’m coming home tomorrow” said Ragini happy. “Okay beta. Tell Namaste from my side to your in laws and to Raj also” said Supriya. “Okay Maa. Gud night” said Ragini and disconnected the call.

Ragini kissed on Raj’s cheek happy and he held his cheek still looking at her. “What happened?” he asked standing out of the bed. She hugged him covering his stomach and placed her head on his chest. “Ni is pregnant. I’m going to be bua and you are going to be fufa for the second time” said Ragini.

He was happy. But he felt her tears and dragged her out of the hug. “Hey Nakchadi what happened?” he asked cupping her face. “I’m too much happy. I can’t control my happiness” she said with a low pitch voice. “Oh common yaar you ladies cry for everything” said he dragging her to a hug and she cuddled in his hold. He smiled placing his chin over her head.

The moon in the sky spread his light over them peeping inside the room.

The sun spread it’s fragile morning light through from the same window. Ragini’s eyes felt the light and her sleep was disturbed. She raised her head from the resting place which was Raj’s chest. “Err Nakchadi. Sleep” he dragged her head back and covered her in his embrace.

“Raj I have to get ready. I have to visit Maa today” she tried getting out of his strong hold. “On one condition” he said raising her face holding her chin. “And what’s that?” she rested her chin placing her hand on his chest looking at him with a wide morning grin. He tucked her hair strands behind her ear.

“Promise me you will come back soon” he said and she hugged him placing her head over his chest. “If you be such irresistibly cute husband material I can’t help but stay back” she tightened her grip and he kissed her hair. “But that’s your first priority. I had told you this many a times. I won’t be in between you and your family ever. I want to be beside you in your family” he said caressing her hair.

“Then come stay with me there” she said cuddling. “I wish I could. I have an important client meeting in London tomorrow. And I promise by the time you come back I will be waiting for you” said he and she closed her eyes feeling his closeness which was all she needed and nodded her head in a yes.


“Coming” Ravi walked to the door as the bell rang. “Naku” he screeched happy finding Ragini on the door. She hugged him happy and he lifted her and placed her on the ground only after reaching the drawing room. “Where is Ni” she asked panting for breath. “She is in room. Mom has strictly warned her not to step out of the room” Ravi chuckled and Ragini hit him on his shoulder and ran to his room.

“Ni” she stopped at the door scanning the room. Her mother who was sitting on the bed in front of Niya got up and Ragini ran to her and squeezed her in a bone crushing hug. “Awww mela bacha” said Supriya patting Ragini’s back.

“Ni” she screeched happily and hugged Niya who was on the bed. “I’m so so so happy” said Ragini drooling happy. Niya smiled at her gesture. Ravi watched them with a wide smile on his face. “Ragu Dee” Nikit ran inside the room. “Chotu” Ragini turned to him.

He stopped and stood crossing his small arms with a pout. “How many time I have told don’t call me that” he said looking away. “Awww. I’m sorry Niku” she spread her hands and Nikit ran to her and hugged her dangling his little hands across her neck. She kissed his hair.

“Where is Ranjit Bhai and Meechu” she queried. “Here” said Ranjit from the door. He made Mishal to stand on the ground. Mishal started walking towards Ragini stumbling. As he was about to fall Ragini rushed to him and hugged him.

She kissed all over his face. “My Meechu is walking?” she looked at him emotionally. Mishal caressed her cheek with his little hand as though trying to wipe her tears. “Maa” he spoke and held her cheek. Ragini’s happiness had no bound. She hugged him happy.

“I’m sorry I have to stay away from you baby” she said rocking him in her hold. Supriya smiled looking at her. “Simi ji” she heard her chachu’s voice. She handed Mishal to Supriya and signed everyone to be quite. She tiptoed to the drawing room.

Rajesh was loosening his tie sitting on the sofa tired. Simi saw Ragini and was about to screech. Ragini signed her to be quite. And she walked to her chachu without making a bit sound. She dangled her hands across his neck from back side.

Initially he jerked but when he realized it was Ragini he couldn’t believe it. “Ragu” he turned to her and Ragini smiled at him.

“Meri gudiya” he stood up and dragged her into a hug. Patting her head he felt the special moment of his life. He couldn’t tell how much he has missed her. “She was here last month only Rajesh. Don’t behave like she was gone for a year” Supriya whined as she saw tears in Rajesh’s eyes.

“You won’t understand Bhabi” said he rocking Ragini. “Exactly” Ragini chuckled through her tears. 

The family spent their time with their soul. Ragini walked to her room after the dinner. “Ohho I forgot I was supposed to call Raj. He must be pissed off” she grabbed her cell phone. When she unlocked it she found 20 missed calls. “Hell. Mr. Short temper’s temper might have climbed Eiffel Tower” Ragini dialed his number.

The ring went on for some seconds. At last Raj picked up the call but he did not speak. “Hello Raj. I’m sorry” she cutely uttered. “Finally got time for your bechara Pati?” he asked and she couldn’t help but laugh at her cute husband.

“Was that funny?” he asked serious. “No it was cute” she said and he tried to control his smile. “Huh. zaalim Patni. In one day only you forgot me” he said. “I’m sorry Pati ji. Please forgive me this time. I promise I won’t do it again” she spoke as she lied on the bed.

“No. You have to bear the punishment when I come back” said he smirking. “As you wish. I’m ready to accept any punishment you give Pati ji” she said and kissed the phone. He smile blushing. “I’m still angry” he said stiffly. She kissed the phone multiple times. “Now” she waited for his response. “I’m cooling a bit” he said with seriousness in his voice.

“I love you” she said and closed her eyes. “I love you too. I can’t wait to get back to you” said he and she smiled turning. “I have to go for the meeting” he said sad. “I will wait for your call tomorrow. All the best Pati Ji” she said and he kissed the phone and she blushed as though feeling his touch.

“Ragu” Sunita welcomed back Ragini after she arrived back from her home. “How are everyone there” Sunita asked as they walked inside the home. “All are good. Maa invited you for a family get together. I told her we all will come for Ni’s godh bharai” said Ragini.

“Go take rest. I will send tea to your room” Sunita caressed her cheek and Ragini smiled at her and walked to her room.

As she entered the room a heap of flower petals fell on her. She looked at them surprised. Raj dragged her closing the door behind her and locking it. “Raj” she was taken a back due to sudden happenings.

“I missed you” he kissed her lips surprising her. She widened her eyes shocked. After few seconds he dragged himself away and hugged her. She smiled covering him in her embrace.

“Surili Akhiyowale” he cupped her face and kissed her eyes.

Suna hai tere akhiyo se behti hai neende aur neendo me sapne

Kabhi tho kinare pe uthar mere sapno se aaja zameen pe aur mil jaa kahi pe

Mil jaa kahi  Ohooo ho Mil Jaa kahi

Samay se pare Samay se  pare Mil Jaa kahi

Tu bhi akhiyo se kabhi meri akhiyo ki sun

She kissed his eyes and he smiled widely.

“I missed you too” she whispered placing her lips on his lips and they both lost themselves in their beautiful moment.

More than a year for 20 chapters. I must be the fastest writer.????

Sorry for the bad joke.  A finale and epilogue is yet to come for the story. And I hope I will do it soon

Love you guys for being patience with me.

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