It is love or just concern – Part 15

(Everyone is angry on om except our Rudy he is happy because of his gauri bhabhi )

S: om what is this

J: when did you get married gauri

D: why you hide it from us

R: you should say na gauri is my  bhabhi simply you created big issue

S: say something  om

O: shivay I  did not consider  that marriage and gauri is not my wife

D: what are you saying om

G: yes dadi he did that  marriage to save my life

D: marriage is not a game

O: I know it dadi but that is just a drama

B: shrenu shall we move now

G: yes bhavya   you wait here I will come in five minutes

D: where are you going gauri .

G: I am   going to live with bhavya

D: why

G: my friend came dadi so I am leaving

D: you are daughter in law of this house you should live here only

G: I can’t live here.

D: why you can’t live here

G: because omkaraji not  ready to accept this marriage

D: but you are accepted no

G: sorry dadi I can’t live here

D: ok then rub your vermilion and go out of this house

Sathiya plays

(All shocked)

G: dadi  I can’t remove it  when my husband is alive in front of me

D: then live in this house

O: she can’t live here dadi .

D: it’s my decision

S: yes Gauri will leave here only

J: yes she is the daughter of this house

O: ok she is daughter in law of this house but not my wife

(Om went from there )

B: shrenu whats your decision

G: bhavya you know something till today I did not took my life decisions only

(Gauri hugged bhavya and started crying )

J:  we don’t know in what condition your marriage was done but you are the best wife for my om please stay here

D: couples are made in heaven  so nobody can change stay here only beta

G: ok dadi I will stay here only

D: god bless you

B: ok shrenu I will go now

D: puttar you stay here only she need you

B: ok dadi

In night

(Om is sitting near pool  Shivaya and Rudy came there )

S: we are nothing to you om

O: Shivaya

R: yes o we are nothing to you

O: you are everything to me

S: so you did not told us about your marriage

O:  but I did not consider this marriage Shivaya so I did not told about  my marriage

S: so you hide from us

R: if gauri bhabhi did not came to  stop your marriage then almost you destroyed your life om

S: yes om you got your life partner so accept her

O: please shivaya I dont want to talk about this topic and I am sorry for hiding  about marriage

R: leave it one for all

OS: all for one

La la la la la…
Lafzon ka ye rishta nahi
Lafzon ka ye rishta nahi
Sadiyon ka ye hai waasta
Hai rooh ka raabta

(Om went his room the room was decorated gauri was in his room )

O: what are you doing here .

G: maji sended me here

O:waw gauri kumari Sharma what a drama you are happy now you became the daughter in law of Oberoi and all my earnings share is in your name now

G: omkaraji I did this to save you from that sultana

O: what is difference between you and
That shwetlana she is doing everything for money and you are. Doing everything for money only

G: omkaraji you are mistaken me

O: go out of this room


(He held her hand and dragged out of the room)

O; this is your place remember it

D: om she is your wife she will leave your room gauri go inside the room


G: dadi

D: go inside gauri

(Gauri went inside )

D: om if you misbehave with gauri then i will not talk with you

O: dadi

D: go inside om

O:ok dadi

(Om went inside and saw gauri is sleeping on the floor )

O: why are you sleeping down sleep on bed I will sleep on floor

G: I dont want your concern I will sleep on the floor

O: I said sleep on bed

G: no i will sleep on the floor

O: do what you want

(Om slept on bed. Gauri slept on the floor )

O pov: i never seen like this girl
Whatever but I will not allow her to destroy my family

(Precap: shwetalanas re entry)


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