Nakchadi Ch 13 (SwaRagini)

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“Awww kya hua Michu ko(What happened to Michu)?” Ragini sat beside Mishal who pouted looking at her. “Dramebaaz” she pulled his cheek and he smiled at her and touched her cheeks. “Ale le” she kissed his cheek and he clapped his hands happy. “Chalo we will go to meet Drashti maasi today” she picked him and went to washroom to give him a bath.

“Kidhar?” Supriaya queried Ragini. “Maa Drashti ke ghar” she walked out and Supriya huffed and arranged the dining table. Niya smiled looking at her and helped her. “Ni” they heard Ravi’s voice. Supriya smiled and signed her to go. She blushed biting her lip and walked to her room.

“Ni come here. Help me to fix this” he signed her to hold the curtain holder from other side. She nodded her head and walked to him and helped him to fix it. “Ab jaavu?” asked she and he nodded his head. “Unromantic idiot” she spoke under her breath and in next moment she was pulled by Ravi who back hugged her. “Ravi what are you doing?” asked she trying to get out of his hold. “Acha ji. First call me unromantic and then if I do romance you behave like Sati Savitri not done” he kissed her cheek and she blushed in his hold.

He twirled her and she landed on his chest and he leaned close to her. “Niya” Simi’s voice jerked them and they departed and she ran out of room blushing and he stood caressing his neck. “I’m sure chipkali if you were with us you would have made fun of me like anything. I miss you so so much” A tear formed in his eye which he wiped pressing his lower lip to control his emotions.

“Suni. There is a limit. It has been two years. He tried everything to mend the ways but we can’t help it. It’s destiny they aren’t meant for each other what we can do in that. Please speak to him. See he has changed a lot” Sanjay spoke to Suni who was fixing his tie. She placed her head on his chest. “Okay I will speak to him. Tell him to bring my Bahu home. That day I will talk to him I promise” he covered her in his embrace. “You are asking an impossible wish. After what happened you think Supriya ji will ever send Ragini here?” he looked at her.

“Then even I can’t speak to him” she sat on the bed. He looked at her helplessly and walked out. He found Raj at the door. He was standing without expressions. Raj placed his hand on his shoulder and he moved a bit and smiled at him weakly perhaps a fake smile which he understood. One side even if he was just few miles away from his wife he couldn’t meet her and on the other side his mom was not understanding him.

Sanjay patted his back and both descended the stairs and approached the dining table. Raj took the first morsel and kept it aside. “Still you wait for your mom to feed the first morsel?” asked Dadaji caressing his cheek. He smiled at him weakly. “Hope everything gets back to normal soon” Dadaji prayed in his heart.

“Yeh lo agaye Drashti maasi ke ghar” Ragini patted Mishal’s chest who was holding his hands. “Arrey Ragu” Arjun welcomed her. “I thought I will see Drashti and Mishal was also missing her” “Out of the office also you behave so formal idiot. Come” said he taking her to their room. Ragini walked inside a room where Drashti(Drashti Dhami) was lying on the bed and number of machines attached to her. Ragini smiled through her tears and held Drashti’s hand.

“I miss you D. Wake up soon na. See jeejs tortures me a lot. Who will save me from him?” she looked painfully at Drashti’s lifeless body. Arjun wiped his tear and sat on a chair near her. “She is telling a lie wifey. She tortures me just the way in college” Ragini chuckled and held Mishal who was moving. “Mischu see maasi” she showed him Drashti. He clapped his hands happy. Arjun and Ragini smiled looking at his happiness.

“Bye bolo mausa ji ko” Ragini held Mishal’s hand and waved at Arjun. He kissed Mishal’s forehead and waved bye. “Arrey Ragu sun” he stopped her. “Haa jeejs” she turned. “Can I spend some more time with Mishal please” he pleaded her. She smiled at him. “Come will take him to the mall near by. There he will enjoy” she agreed to him.


“Dad I seriously did not wanted to come here. But meeting got over soon so thought let me spend some time. Anyways what will I do coming home early. Just two more days and I will go back to London and this awkwardness will end soon” Raj disconnected the call and stepped out of the escalator. He felt strange like she was near him. Though it had been two years he could still feel her presence.

“Be here. I will be with Mishal okay” “But” “But vut kuch nai. Today michu will play with his mausa ji” said Arjun and walked from there with Mishal. She looked around and thought of doing a shopping and entered a shop.

Ragini looked at some dresses and Raj was in the same shop and without each others knowledge they passed each other and Ragini’s chunni was caught in Raj’s watch and both stopped and the time stopped waiting for their meet. A tear tripped both of their eyes and heart beat sped like they recognized each others presence.

Jhoka hawa kaa aaj bhi
zulfe udaatha hoga na
tera dupatta
aaj bhi tere
Sar se saraktha hoga na
baalo me tere aaj bhi
phool koi sajtha hoga na

He removed the edge and she felt the grip loosening so walked out from there before he could turn.

“Why am I feeling he is around. I’m just overthinking. Why will he come here. Ragini you have gone mad” she hit her head and walked to the kids playing area.

Raj stood near the kids playing area and felt something pulling his pant and looked down to find a baby. He smiled and lifted him in his arms. “Hey buddy” Mishal smiled at him and touched his cheek. Raj smiled at his touch and he didn’t know why it reminded him of Swara.

“RB” Swara screeched finding Raj at temple. He stood straightening from his car finding Swara and Ragini. “Shona why have we come here. Come let’s go” Ragini dragged Swara with her. “Ladoo. Please give him a chance na please. I know RB he will never do such things might be some misunderstanding” Swara pleaded Ragini.

“Swara please” Ragini glared her and her eyes had turned red and tears were ready to flood. She first time called Swara with her name. Swara felt bad but covered her expressions.

Raj walked swiftly to her and stood in front of her and knelt down. Ragini was taken aback due to his sudden movement. “Please Ragini give me a chance please” he pleaded her. She smirked looking at him.“Yeah give you a chance and let you break my heart again. Sorry Mr. Rajbeer Khurana I can’t handle one more heart break in my life. I’m just done” she walked passing him.

He stood and held her hand and she stopped closing her eyes. “Please” he said and twirled her and she landed on his chest and they stood touching each others forehead with tears rolling down their faces. He pecked her lips and said “I love you” She pushed him and screamed “I don’t love you and I will never love you” She wiped her tears running from there. “Ladoo” Swara screamed but she did not stop. She looked back at Raj helplessly. “I’m sorry RB. I couldn’t help you” Swara held his shoulder. “It was all my fault Swara. It was all my fault” he collapsed on the ground.

In next moment he felt pulled up by his collar. Ravi dragged him closer and fumed. “Listen Ravi” before he could complete Ravi punched his face hard and he fell on the ground. “Ravi” screamed Swara. She tried stopping him but of no use. He was hitting Raj very badly. She ran in Ragini’s direction. “Lado… Lado… please stop Ravi, He will kill RB” Ragini ran with her back to the temple where people had surrounded and she pushed and walked to Ravi.

“You broke her you moron. Do you even knew how much she loved you” Ravi punched Raj in his stomach.
“Bhai” she whispered Ravi to stop.
“You still love me don’t you? And I know you will never stop doing that. Thank you Nakchadi. And now I will win you back at any cost. And that’s Rajbeer Khurana’s promise to would be Mrs Ragini Rajbeer Khurana” he smiled through his bleeding jaw looking at Ragini who was walking away. Swara looked at Raj helplessly.


Mishal’s chuckle brought him out of his trance. He smiled looking at him. Raj kissed his cheek and played with him. “Michu” Arjun approached him. “hey buddy here you are” Arjun took Mishal in his hands. “Thank you so much” Arjun looked up at the person. “Hey Rajbeer” he smiled at Raj. “Hey Arjun. How are you man? After a long time I’m seeing you” Raj side hugged him. “OMG you are in India and didn’t even feel like informing me not fair” he complained. “I’m just here for few days. So just was not finding time I’m so sorry yar” he apologized. “Your kid?” asked Raj. Before he could answer Raj’s phone buzzed.

“Excuse me” he moved a bit away and spoke over the phone. “Jeejs” Ragini approached him and took Mishal in her arms. “Ragu get back to parking I just met my friend after a long time I will just come” he signed at Raj whose back was facing her. She looked at him and then turned to Arjun and smiled at him and walked. And when she passed them Raj turned and saw someone carrying Mishal. He gave Mishal a flying kiss who clapped his hands happy. “Such a cute kid” Raj exclaimed. “Okay yaar I have to leave for a meeting. I will meet you next time when you come to London” said Raj hugging him and walked from there.


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