My Possessive Lover (RagSan) episode-9

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Episode 8

In classroom..Ragini nd parth r planning how to knw about sanskar..they disturbed by one girl voice..they turned at her nd sees one girl in short dress standing there she was looking hot..parth was jst lost in her..
Girl:can i sit here
Ragini(smiles):u can
Girl:thank name is divya(played by aadha) ragini nd he is my friend parth
Divya:hii parth
Ragini sees he was lost ,she stamps his foot..parth cane to sense..
Ragini:she is divya..
Parth:hello beauty
Ragini wishpered in his ear she jst came now only u started flirting..parth smiles ..
Ragini(to divya):it was d mid of semister na..y did u join at this time..
Divya:vo..actually my father got transferred here
Ragini nodded…parth only staring at her whole day…classes got over..parth ragini bid bye to divya nd left..

Parth comes to ragini home..
Parth:come with me
Parth:to mr khadoos home
Parth:to see what he was doing
Ragini:r u mad..
Parth:what if he was with a girl in his room
Ragini:he was in can he get girl there..
Parth:oneday u went to his room ,no one knws about it..what if he get one girl like that…
Ragini:point..but what if he see us..
Parth:im he na come…
Parth ragini went to sanskar home..they reached sanskar balcony through ladder….they peeps into sanskar room nd sees sanskar is talking on phone..
Ragini:to whom?he was talking with..
Parth:how did i knw
Ragini:he was laughing..seems so it girl
Parth:wait..i will ask nd come(sarcasm)
Ragini looks at him with pout..

They r trying to hear what he is talking but..they r not able to..they r moving one corner to another corner of balcony as sanskar was talking while roming that process they mistakenly stamped on flower pot which makes sound…ragparth looked at eo nd looks at sanakar who was comig towards balcony hearing that sound…they thought to get down quickly..first ragini got down ,next parth was turns to go but caught by sanskar…parth heart jumed once…parth turned at sanskar..
Parth(dont knw what to do..he was sweating badly):vo..vo..
Sanskar:what r u doing here this time..
Parth plucked d rose flower which was in his balcony nd forward to sanskar..
Sanskar gives a look “what the”
Parth smiles sheepishly..sanskar was irritated..
Sanskar:r u that type guy..
Parth:no no..vo.vo..ragini asked me to give i came to give..
Sanskar:ragini sent u..
Parth nodded(in mind sry rags)
Sanskar:if she want to give..she should have come herself..
Parth:vo..she was scared of u..
Sanskar:that means..u r not scares of me right
Parth:its not like too scared of u..but i came for my rags.
Sanskar:my rags!!
Parth:sry..i mean ragini..

Sanskar still glares at parth..parth was gulped nd leaves frm there fast as he could…
Parth comes to ragini..nd told what had happened..
Ragini:u duffer..i asked to u give d flower to him.. how could u told like that..
Parth:then what can i do..i told what came into my mind..sry..k im going to home..saying he leaves…
Ragini was thinking what she should ans if sanskar ask about flower…jst then she heard foot steps nd looked up..she hits her head seeing sanskar there..she says in ming u r gone…
Sanskar:so u loves me
Ragini nodded as no
Sanskar:then y did u sent flower
Ragini:i m not
Sanskar:what..ur frnd told me like that.did he lied to me
Sanskar:then..did u lied
Sanskar:then what???
Ragini(in mind think ragini think):vo..vo..vo
Sanskar:say na
Ragini:vo.. i teased him that he was scared of u…he said he was not scared of i challenged him..if he was not then go to ur room nd give this flower…so..he came
Sanskar:that means he lied to me
Ragini:ha..sorry by be half of him…he did it for me..i only asked not to tell this to anyone..dont punish him..plzzz
Sanskar:so much of concern for him..
Ragini looks at him with puppy face…
Sanskar:k i will forgive him..say i love u
Sanskar:Say i love u
Ragini:i dont lov…
Before she completed(guess what..)
He kissed her lips…but this time he was expressing his fellings,how much he loves her..ragini too lost..after a while he brks d kiss..nd says dont dare to say no..u have to love me only…goid night saying he leaves..ragini looks on..

Parth was in ragini home..
Ragini:i think he really loves me
Parth:how u got it
Ragini:he kissed me last night..i felt it..
Parth(teases her):ohhh..u felt it u r enjoying his kisses..
Ragini glares at him…jst then they sees sanskar was going in his car..they both looked at eo nd they followed his car…
Ragini:i think he was going to his office..we should go to our clg..
Parth: ha i also thinking same..they r going to return but stopped seeing sanskar car stopping..they stood there nd watches him..sanskar gt down frm car nd went to buy flower bouquet..nd he got a beautiful bouquet..after he placing it in car..he droves off..
Parth:may be he was going to mewt someone…see he bought bouquet..
Ragini:ha..chalo..i want to knw who was that
Parth nodded nd starts his bike..but it was not started..
Ragini:chalo duffer
Parth:petrol got over
Ragini(glares at him):cant u check once before u started…stupid
Parth:sorry yaar..
They went to get petrol..nd made tank full..nd started but sanskar was no where to be seen.. they missed sanskar car..both r helpless nd goes to college…

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  18. Awesome.Ehem ehem so Rago started liking Sanku’s kissing torture??So sweet 😉
    Why really wanna know why Sanku acts boldly everytime

  19. Awesome.Ehem ehem so Rago started liking Sanku’s sweet kissing torture??So cute 😉
    Why really wanna know why Sanku acts boldly everytime

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