Nairan’s everlasting love life (episode 22)

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Episode 22

Kunal had taken meghna to a private beach.

Meghna: This place is so isolated !

Kunal: Ya…. It is a private beach… I mean my private beach…

Meghna glared at him.

Kunal: ok.. ok… It is dad’s…

Meghna smiled and kunal frowned. Then kunal took her to a beautifully decorated place with balloons, roses, etc.

Meghna was astonished. Then she found kunal sitting on his knees with a roses in his hand.

Kunal: Meghna I LOVE YOU

She was very happy. She took the rose and kissed it.

Meghna: I LOVE YOU TOO Mr.Wrong number !

Then they both spent time together.

Here, nairan were returning home by car. They both were glancing at each other. Then karan slowly kept his hands on her shoulder and caressed it. Naina was blushing. She looked up to find him looking at her intensely and they shared an eyelock. They broke the eyelock.

Karan then turned towards the front to find a truck speeding towards them. Naina saw this and panicked. As the truck was about to hit them, karan turned the car to the otherside. Luckily, they didn’t hit the truck but the car hit a tree.

Naina: Karannnn…

Karan: Nainaaaa….

They both jerked and naina’s head got hurt.

Naina: Ahhhh…

Karan saw it.

Karan: Naina r…r… u o..o…okay ?

Naina nodded. Karan turned her head towards him and looked on guilty. He gently caressed her head.

Karan was in tears to see naina like this bcz of him.

Karan: I am sorry Naina !

Naina: It’s okay but nothing happened to u right ?

Karan nodded in a no.

Naina: Karan,  Be carefull from next time…

Karan: I know but we were in the right track… The truck was in the wrong track…

Naina: We will see that later… But now.. Ahh..

Karan: Naina what happened? Is it hurting too much ? It was all my fault… I sm sorry naina… I know it is paining… let us go to the doctor !

He was continuously talking. Naina smiled seeing him so caring for her. She wanted to stop him but he was not stopping his talks. He was about to take her to hospital but the car was broken. So, he decided to call the ambulance.

Naina: No karan… It’s okay… I am fine..

Karan: Just stop naina… U r not fine…

Naina: But…

Karan: No but… Ur head has got hurt and we will go to the doctor…

Naina tried to make him understand but he didn’t.

Here, Meghnal were driving back home.

Meghna: See kunal, it is our car. A bharat industries car…

She pointed towards a place.

Kunal: Ya… U r right… And it seems like that car has been in an accident. Hope it is not our family member and the people r safe. Let’s go there.

They both reached near the car to find naina and karan inside it.They were shocked.

Kunal: Karan, Naina u both ! What happened?  U both r well right ?

Karan and looked up to see meghnal. Karan was happy that now in their car they can take naina to doctor. They both got down. Meghnal saw naina’s head hurt.

Meghna: Chiku. What happened? R u okay ? How did all this happen ??

Karan explained everything. Meghna became angry.

Meghna: karan ! R u mad ? Don’t u know how to drive ? If anything would have happened to her then ? How could u risk her life haan ?

Karan was guilty.

Karan: Bhabi wo… I…

Meghna: U what ? U r so carele…

Before she could speak further, naina held her hand.

Naina: Di…

Naina nodded no.

Naina: I am okay now…

Meghna: But Cheeku… If anything..

Naina stopped her and smiled.

Naina: Nothing will happen to me till how much u all r there with me….

Kunal: Are ! My saali is very brave….Now let’s go to the doctor… We will talk about this later… How the truck came in the wrong way…

They all went to the doctor and after bandaging naina’s head, they all returned home.

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