Pairs are Made in heaven..episode 7

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Now start
Screen start from sanlak in one car and swaragini in one car ..
In swaragini car swara is driving.something strike on her mind .
Swa: ragu hw u knw laksh .ragini who was busy in cell saw her and blushed.
Rag: o shona ..
Swa: ragu stop blushing and tell I knw u r hiding something from me .
Rag: ok madam ..I knw laksh bcz he was senior in my CLG and I told na senior was ragging me and one boy came and helped me ..he is laksh only I knw him from that time …
Swa: bt u he is Calling u miss raizhada.
Rag: even I’m confuse ..wait got day I was talking to him and Bhai came there so I think he got confused.
Swa: ok…again their silence bt our swara is on her detective duty .
Swa: ragu is something else there. Ragini who was took relief bt again her voice stuck after listings this
Rag(stammering):what…nothing ..what it talking abt ..
Swa: ragu u very well u can’t tell lie speak up.
Rag: ok I’m defeated ..yes actually I like laksh ..even we r in contact bt we dnt knw abt each other family ..
Swa: oye hoye ..I think love is blooming ..
Rag: stop teasing shona..
Swa: ok when ur gng to tell ur feeling.
Rag: shona I dnt knw if he have same feeling or not..
Swa: ragu u try ..abt result we will see later .
Ragu: ok bt u have help me.
Swa: I ll be always beside u ..chill.
Rag: Thank u shona ur best
Swa: I knw.both laughed
Here in sanlak car ..sanskar was driving and laksh is busy in FM he is listing music he is shocked bcz the great sm is humming the song .
Lak: sanskar r u k.
San: ya Lucky y
Lak: the great sm is humming song ..what’s the matter.
San: nothing ..y I should not listen song or what is their any rule..
Lak: no no u can I saw u r stealing some ones glance ..sanskar who was humming song ..suddenly stop and saw laksh ..laksh given him naughty smile his smoke faded after seeing sanskar smirk.
San: even ur doing that only ..laksh saw outside to avoid sanskar bcz he knw if he messed with sanskar means he ll make him Cry..after 1 hr travelled both car reached the resort
.sanskar car was front followed by swara car ..sanskar parked car and steps down soon he stepped out car ..swara car came like strome…Both boys are shocked for sudden drift ..soon swaragini stepped down and went near boys who are still in shock ..both swaragini got seeing there shock face ..
Laksh: what was that
Swa: what .
Lak: are u participated in f1 race … Both swaragini got the reason of their shock and went from there shouting.
Swaragini: r u guys are coming or wanted ti stay here ..both boys came to sense and went behind the girls..
Screen shift to Kolkata university
Where we can see boys are sitting there and ragging juniors ..
Soon a girl enter in gate she is wearing shalwar suit..bouts called her .
Boy1: hello come her ..girl saw them get scared
Boy2: are u deaf or what come here.she went there taking baby step ..she stood their front seeing floor and playing with her duppata ..
Boy1: u knw we r u senior ..dnt have manner wish us.
Girl: good mrng
Boy3: not like this us sir ..wish once again.
Girl:good mrng sir .
Boy 1: yhays better ..what is ur name.
Girl: uttra.
Boy 1: ok nw kiss me ..
Uttra was crying there were teasing her ..
Boy1: hello madam havnt listen what I said ..common kiss me..
Uttra was not moving this made boy angry he went near her holded her hand ..uttra was struggling to free her hand bt his grip was tight ..tears are coming on her eyes .boy leaned ti kiss her bt some one pulled uttra back ..uttra saw girl pulled her she hided behind her ..boy is abt to slap that girl by he got tight pounch on his face ..
All saw toward direction a by was standing there with red shot eyes all boys got scared seeing him.all boys stand in line ..
Boy: I already warned u guys dnt misbehave with girls bt u ll not listen ..nw come to dean office saying this he holded boy collar and drag him to dean office ..all CLG is seeing this even lectures they knw nw that boys gone ..both uttra and girl also followed boys ..boy entere in dean office and made all boys stand in line ..dean who saw them asked.
Dean: manik what happened and y u brought this boys.( yes the boy who punched is manik)
Manik: sir they were ragging junior..
Dean:manik u r Union leader u have right ti give them punishment ..then y u brought here ..dean saw towards boys and told
Dean: all are detained from ur parents .all punishment all went out.. Manik call boys.
Man: hello my dear brother wait ..all stood there ..manik went them.
Manik to uttra who is holding girl hand and fearing.
Man: ask her sry ..all boys went near her and said.
Boys: I’m sorry ..uttra forgives them..after boys left only uttra manik and girl is present there.
Girl: are fine.
Uttra: thank u .
Girl: offo no need to thanks if u face any problem then u can come to me or u can go to manik he is like ur brother..uttra smiled .manik saw are and smiled as she will never change ..
Manik:shall we leave ..
Girl: ok ..wait ..I forgot to introduce our self ..what’s ur name ..
Uttra: hi I’m uttra
Girl: hi uttra ..I’m nandini and he is manik ..(yes the girl who puuled uttra is nandini)
Manik: nandu shall we leave we r getting late ..
Nan:o han..ok bye uttra see u soon..saying this both left to their call and uttra to went to her class.

Precape: arrangements

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