Nairan’s everlasting love life (episode 19)

Hey friends ! I am back again…. So let’s start the chapter without further talks.. This episode has some romantic scenes which might be mature for some. So I’d you want to skip it, I will tell u from where to.

Episode 19

Karan was in the room blushing and then he went for playing the guitar. Naina took meghna out and they went to the kitchen where meghna teased naina and then they made the food.

In the dining table, the bahus were serving. After serving, they all sat down.

Kunal: Acha hum log kaha ja rahe hain picnic ke liye ?

Dadu: Beta tum log Jahan chaho wahan..

Nk: Yes.. Ur wish..

Kunal: Thik hai hum log xyz place Ko jayenge… ( P.S- Not getting any place in mind but just imagine a kind of guest house and restaurant and near the woods and jungle and all )

Meghna: Maaza ayega

Naina: Ya..

Dadu: Par karan lush hi lag raha picnic Par jane ke liye… Thik hai karan tum yahi rehe jao aur wo ghumne Chale jaenge…

All looked towards karan. Karan was shocked.

Karan: No Dadu… I am very happy… I will go.. I want to go.. I won’t stay here with naina…

All were silent for a moment and then burst out laughing.

Nirmala: Sorry I can’t keep it anymore… Awe my karan now can’t even stay without his wife..haan

Nairan were blushing.

Kunal: Haan.. Ab iska guru to main hoon na to mere jailed romantic ban raha he.

Nairan blushed.

Karan: Bhai !

Meghna hit kunal.

Meghna: Shut up…

Meghna: Par karan hi nahi naina bhi about waise hai…

Naina blushingly: Di…

Nk: Ab bas bas… In dono ki aur kitni taang khichoge…

All were smiling, laughing and enjoying.

Here sandhya was not speaking a word. She was burning with anger.

Sandhya ( in mind ): Haaslo jitna haasna hai… kyunki ap ki hasi ab bahut kaam time ki hai.. Iske baad aap ki zindagi mein surf sadness hi sadness hoga.. Aur naina tujhe to main nahi chodungi… Karan and naina are coming closer day by day.. I have to do something to separate them…Sandhya u can’t be silent u have to do something….

She was smirking which was noticed by naina but she ignored it.

After dinner,

In Meghnal’s room,

Kunal: Hey topper ! What r u thinking ?

Meghna: Nothing..

Kunal teasingly: Oh com’on don’t lie from ur husband u r thinking about my valentine’s surprise or about or marriage night or our upcoming picnic…

Meghna: Shut up Kunal…

She blushed a bit…

Kunal pulled her closer to him by her waist.

Kunal: Oh really !

They both were nearing each other. They could fell their breathe. And then their lips touched and they shared a passionate kiss. They fell on the bed while doing so. They opened their eyes and had an eyelock. Then they both got up.


Kunal picked up meghna in bridal style and kept her on the bed. He took out his shirt. And went on top of her. And kissed her face. And then pulled the blanket over them.

( Rest is your imagination I won’t stop you. Actually I thought meghnal r also important so thought to add meghnal rough romance too. And I am sure in nairan romance gonna add more )

In nairan’s room,

Naina was setting the bed while karan was playing the guitar.

Naina: Karan nowadays u don’t tell me about ur music classes and Ur kids…

Karan: Sorry… I actually forgot but now come I will teach you guitar….

Naina: But karan… Idk anything about guitar..

Karan: Then what is ur guitarist husband for ?

Naina smiled.

Karan: Now come..

Naina went near him. Karan indicated naina to sit on his lap. Naina blushed.

Naina: What r u telling !

Karan: Are yaar… Come na… please.. After all I am ur husband.

Naina: But..

Karan: Now come..

Naina nodded and hesitantly sat on his lap. Karan gave her the striker of the guitar and held her soft hands caressing it with his touch to which naina closed her eyes to feel the moment.Then karan held her left hand and placed it bear the neck of the guitar to hold it. He placed his chin on her shoulder and started to strike the guitar. After one musical sound came, naina was overjoyed. Karan was very happy seeing the happiness in her eyes.

Naina then looked over to karan to find him intensely looking at her. They had an eyelock. They stayed like that for a long time feeling each other’s love, care, affection and passion.

Then their eyelock broke due to a call on naina’s phone. Naina got up from karan’s lap and went to pick up the call.

I am sure it is very short as u all expected but I am a bit busy these days. Please keep supporting me.

What is Sandhya’s real motive ?                           Will she try to harm naina again ?                       What will she do next ?                                    Who called naina ?


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