Kriyam ff chapter: Love in Trip (Episode 6)

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Its morning time

Everyone is ready to go back.

Yuvani – Mumma you know na how we are going to sit

Suhani – Yes baba the same like we sat while coming

Everyone sits and starts on their way back to home.

Krishna is looking out of the window thinking about Sayyam’s last night behavior. Sayyam is thinking about how to hide his secret. They soon reach home.

One month’s leap

Krishna has been noticing Sayyam from a few days. He is not talking much to anyone. The only person he talks is Krishna but whenever they are having a long conversation he stammers a lot. He is facing nausea, some times his eyes become so red that Krishna gets scared. Due to all this Krishna gets suspicious and often tries to ask him but he always changes the topic.

It’s morning

Sayyam is leaving for work in a hurry and Krishna is watching him from her couch. He opens his cupboard (which he keeps locked all the time) and a small packet falls down, but he doesn’t notice it and takes his tie, locks the cupboard and leaves.

Krishna quickly gets up and goes and picks up the packet

Krishna – What is this? I even saw this in Sayyam’s bag during the trip but that time he shouted and took it away. What is it that Sayyam is hiding from me and I have to find it out. I will first find out what is this.

(She goes and quickly gets ready)

Suhani comes to Kriyam’s room

Suhani – Krishna I wanted to ask you something

Krishna – Yes aunty ask na

Suhani – Is everything thing fine with Sayyam.

Krishna (understands the matter) – Yes aunty but why are you asking me this.

Suhani – Actually beta I have been noticing Sayyam from many days and he is acting quite weird.

Krishna – Aunty your son is only a big weirdo. (They both laugh). Actually aunty Sayyam is working on a private project due to this he has become very busy and that’s why is not able to spend time with everyone.

Suhani – Are you speaking the truth beta?

Krishna – Yes Aunty  believe me it’s just this matter. And I promise you aunty I won’t let anything bad happen.

Suhani – I trust you beta now I don’t have to worry about anything. Really Sayyam is very lucky to have you in his life. (She leaves)

(Krishna thinks “Sorry aunty I lied to you for the first time but first I have to find out the problem with Sayyam. And whatever happens I will handle it, you have already went through so much in your life”)

Krishna takes the packet and goes to a doctor, the doctor is Krishna’s bestie. They hug each other.

Priya (Doctor) – Krishna I am feeling so happy to see you after so long.

Krishna – Me too.

Priya – But Krishna you are here, is there any problem.

Krishna – No actually I wanted to know what is this (She shows the packet to Priya)

Priya – By looking at it I can tell you but it’s a very big thing so I would like to do some tests to make sure and then tell you.

Krishna – Okay so when will you tell me.

Priya – I will tell you tomorrow morning.

Krishna – Okay thanks, now I must leave I will come back tomorrow.

Priya – Bye

Krishna leaves.

It’s night

Sayyam – Krishna did you found something near my cupboard

Krishna (composes herself for lying) – No Sayyam why, have you lost something

Sayyam – No, nothing. He takes something from cupboard and goes to washroom.

Krishna goes to her couch and sleeps. After sometime Sayyam comes from the washroom and goes to sleep on bed. He is not able to sleep and keeps turning. (He thinks ” Why I choosed that path today it has became problematic for me. What if someone finds out about it, no Sayyam think positive”) He closes his eyes and tries to sleep.

It’s morning

Sayyam – Krishna I am going today I will be late.

Krishna – Wait Sayyam I want to ask you something.

Sayyam – What?

Krishna – Is there something which you are hiding from me.

Sayyam (gets tensed) – n… Krishna.

Krishna – (she holds his hand) Listen Sayyam if ever there is anything you want to say to me no matter what it is I will always be there for you. (They both smile at each other and Sayyam leaves)

As soon as Sayyam leaves Krishna gets ready to go to Priya.

In Priya’s cabin

Priya (looks tensed) – Krish from where you got this packet.

Krishna – Why what it is?

Priya – Krish these are drugs

(Krishna gets shocked and she feels like her whole world has been turned upside down. She is feeling as if someone is continously stabbing her with knives)

Krishna – Wh….What…aaa…..rr….are you….. sss….. sure.

Priya – Yes I am 1000% sure, now tell me from where did you get it

Krishna – Actually  the washer man delivered all our clothes but one pant was there which was not from our home so in that pants pocket I found it. I will quickly give it back to him now.

Priya – Yes you should, hey if you are free today can we go for a movie

(Krishna is now feeling difficult to control herself)

Krishna – I am sorry but I have some important work to do, we will go later now I have to leave.

(She leaves quickly from there)

She is constantly crying while going back to home. She soon reaches and quietly goes in her room without anyone noticing her.

In her room she is sitting on the floor and her head is in her knees and she is sobbing very badly. After some time she gets up and washes her face and quickly goes down to help the ladies in preparing dinner.

Time skips to late night

Krishna is walking to and fro in her room waiting for Sayyam. After 5-10 minutes he comes to the room. The room is in total darkness, he switch on the light and finds Krishna standing in front of him.

Sayyam – What happened why haven’t you slept.

Krishna gives him a tight slap. Sayyam is  so shocked that he is unable to utter a word.

Krishna (angrily)  – You deserve it. You must be hungry na? So what will you eat food or drugs?

Sayyam  gets shocked

Krishna is now unable to control, she breaks down and sits on the floor.

Krishna (still crying) – I considered you as my friend and thought that you all also consider me as your friend. But I was wrong. What made you take such a drastic step Sayyam.

Sayyam – I will tell you everything but first you stop crying (she stops crying). Krishna from my childhood I was all alone, when I became a teenager there was no one to guide me to the right path. The man for whom I used to work lead me to this path. From past 10 years I am consuming drugs.

Krishna – I can understand that at that time you were alone but now you have your whole family then why don’t you leave it.

Sayyam – I am a drug addict and it’s not easy to leave an addiction of 10 years.

Krishna – I know it’s not easy but it not even impossible. We will together do it.

Sayyam – How will you do it, it’s the work of the professional.

Krishna – Though I don’t have a degree but I am trained. During my college I was trained by the best professional so I can help you.

Sayyam- Thanks Krishna but there’s one request. Please don’t tell anyone about it

Krishna – okay but you should feel that you want to leave it

Sayyam – Yes I want to leave it.

Krishna – Great now give me all the drug packets which you have.

He gives her all the drugs and she starts burning them

Sayyam – Are you mad what have you done.

Krishna – You will soon understand now just go and sleep.

He goes and sleeps, Krishna also goes (she thinks “I will bring you out of this hell and once you are out then….”) she sleeps on her couch

Precap – Sayyam wants to have drugs. Krishna gets hurt due to him.


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  1. It is superb. It reminds me of KJ’s drug deal episode from yeh hai aashiqui. I always wanted these type of scenes. So, I am enjoying it very much. Please update daily. Waiting eagarly

    1. Iyat

      Thanks a lot and yes I saw that episode a few days back so just thought of taking this idea and I will try to update soon

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