Nadaan Parindey 8th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Nadaan Parindey 8th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with doctor telling everyone that Purab is fine now. Purab asks about Mama. Mangal says he is in jail. Channi says Sameer saved your life, he run with you like wind and brought you to hospital. Purab realizes his mistake. He says he did many mistakes. Channi says don’t talk now, we will talk later. Nimmi says we will have new mahurat for wedding when you get well. Purab says he will not marry. He says my dad did not shoot me in anger, but to make me a human, I was an animal before. He tells Mangal that now he will change for good. He says he does not deserve Minty. He says his sins have darkened his life and army will punish him too. He says I have to understand real meaning of life and I failed in it. I regret for this and will always regret.

He says my punishment is that I admit my mistake infront of you all. He says whatever Sameer told was true, I tried to kill him at the border. He says he has shot Sameer. Everyone is shocked. He says how can anyone fall so low. Mangal says how should I believe you, you did not do anything wrong till now. Purab says you did not see any mistake till now. He says I apologize to Minty and her family. Nimmi says you are going to become our son now, leave all this. Purab says no, I did not love you Minty, I was marrying you to take revenge from Meher. Minty cries. Minty says but I love you Purab. He says no, don’t fall in your eyes, look at me, I lost respect.

He says he lost the one he loved, and tried to ruin her life. He says he did not have any right on Meher, but he became selfish and mad, I can’t cheat you more, forgive me. Minty leaves crying. Purab says Meher, if I could then I would have fallen in your feet and apologized, I just want to say that I was blind in love and forgot difference between right and wrong. He says I accept your anger, but I will apologize to you daily, but don’t forgive me. Meher says don’t apologize Purab, when Sameer has forgiven you, who am I to forgive you. Purab asks where is Sameer and Bebe. Meher says she will call them. She leaves.

Meher comes to Minty. Minty stops her and cries. She apologizes to Meher and Meher hugs her asking her to forget as bad dream. She says lets go home, Balli would be alone crying at home. She says even Sameer did not call reaching home, don’t know what happened, don’t worry, now everything will be fine. Iqbal sprinkles water on Bebe and wakes her up. He makes her drink water. Bebe looks at him. He asks are you fine Bebe, you scared me, I felt I m unlucky and lost my mother again. Bebe hugs him crying.

She says she is unlucky as she did not identify him being his mother. She prayed for his soul peace and did not know he is her son. He says make me a good human being now. He says forgive me. He swears that his dad was not a bad human being. He hugs her. He asks her to forgive his Abbu. She says I can’t believe you came back to me, how can anyone go leaving his mum. He says yes, I came. I will give you a lot of happiness. He says he will not let her cry again and he has to regret for his sins, and then he will ask for her love. She says you are right, you have to do many things now.

She says you have to get back your brother from across the border. He asks what, how can I leave you and go, its very risky, if you stay alone all your life then. She is shocked and says you can’t leave me, but you can leave your brother alone, he needs you, he is waiting for you. She says you have to get Sameer back. He says I got you from much difficulty, how to get back my brother. He sees Meher and stops. Bebe asks what happened. She turns and sees Meher. Meher asks whom are you bringing home? Bebe looks at Iqbal.

Bebe says one son is infront of me, how to leave other in pain. Meher says you are talking about Purab. Bebe says yes. She says what Purab did is wrong, but he is like my son, every son is equal to a mother. Meher says Purab got conscious, he accepted his mistake and apologized, he broke his relation with Minty, how can anyone love so much that he can kill too. Iqbal says this happened with me too, the difference was Sameer has risked his life for you. Meher says yes and smiles seeing him. Meher hugs him. Iqbal and Bebe are shocked. Iqbal looks at Bebe. Iqbal leaves. Meher says what happened, he got annoyed. Bebe says what will he do, all problems cropping him, don’t know whats going on. We have to free Mama and wait for Purab to return home.

Meher says yes, don’t know how I will manage. She says he came back after all this but did not trap Purab, but he did not do this, he told this only to save Minty, else he would have never told us. She says yes, only your son can do this. Meher asks Bebe can she forgive Purab, he did such a big mistake, if that bullet killed Sameer. Bebe says no Meher, pray that Sameer is always safe, Purab did a favor on me, I m seeing this day because of him. Meher says what are you saying. Bebe says sometimes goodness is hidden in evil too. Meher says I don’t understand this. Meher says now everything is fine, happiness will be back in this house, I will make tea for you. Bebe says you take rest, I will make. Meher says she has to make food too for Channi and Mama. She leaves. Bebe thinks what will happen with Meher, Sameer loves Meher and Meher loves Iqbal, they both are my sons, what will Meger go through when she comes to know the truth.

Meher walks to Iqbal while he is praying. He offers Namaz and she is shocked seeing him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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