Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 8th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 8th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Nandini is waiting for Dhruv and says that she hates fight but that these people don’t understand it. Manik coms from behind and say that did you saw Godzilla that is frowning. Nandini says that her smile is beautiful and he doesn’t deserve it. Manik says that he is waiting for her to smile. Nandini decides to leave when Manik holds her and says that he only did the fair game thing only because he wanted not because she wanted as she said to him last night. Nandini says that she knows that that he doesn’t even listens to what she says therefore he doesn’t need to explain. Manik says that he explains things to nobody and tells Nandini to stay away from Fab5.
The NH3 are going and Navya is talking about what the Fab5 said and Harshad says to himself that he won’t let them back off so quickly and will kill the Fab5 properly. Navya says that she going for rehersal and Nandini is texting Dhruv and he is just standing behind her with Manik. The leave the place without talking.
Raghav explains the timings to the students and says that all must be there. he sees the Fab5 laughing and says that I hope you have prepared something as interesting as the fun you are having now. He is almost about to leave when Cabir says hail hitler. Raghav says that when if I become a Hitler than you will not be in the college Cabir replies and says that he will come on MTV then. Raghav looks at Cabir’s girlfriend and says that I have not seen you before. Cabir says that she is very smart and that’s why didn’t come here. She introduces herself to Raghav and they get into a conversation.
Harshad says that this is ridiculous as they will not prepare anything in two hours. Navya tells Harshad to calm down as all will be like this and if they perform a little better than they can win. Navya says that they should perform a love song as love has a lot of pwer. Shahid says that once you say one thing than the other. Harshad mocks Navya and she doesn’t underatand it until he shakes hand with Shahid.
Muktii asks Cabir where their love story started and he says that at the dog park. Cabir says that they met at the dog park and their it all started. Aliya gets a text from Raghu who wants to meet her outside the college. Muktii asks Cabir that he doesn’t have a dog. Cabir says that he was just crossing by and he saw her and fell in love. He tells Muktii the rest of the story and gives big dialogues about love. Dhruv gets a text from Nandini and they start chatting on how to leave practice.
Navya takes the phone from Nandini and starts running with it. Nandini chases Navya and she throws it and the phone lands on the phone. Manik says go to the practice and Dhruv could not play it properly and says that he will be back in ten minutes after getting some fresh air. Harshad asks his guys for any ideas and Nandini says that she will play fusion. She also ditches the guys to meet Dhruv by saying that she will get the sitar.
Rose goes to the washroom and on her way she drops her stuff and Harshad is walking from the place talking to someone on the phone. He sees the situation and picks up Rose’s lipstick which she forgot. Nandini goes to Dhruv and they start chatting and she tells Dhruv that how she came here and tells him not to follow them in their song. Dhruv tells Nandini that he came here with the help of Manik as he knew what was going on but didn’t stop him. Nandini says that he will come after her and prays to god to help her.
Manik looks at the watch and then decides to call Dhruv but he remembers what happened last night and so stops. Dhruv tells Nandini that he will not come in their friendship as Manik has promised him that he will not come in their friendship. They shake hands and Nandini gives him his card and he says that he almost forgot. Nandini says that they should get going as their bands are waiting.
Cabir wants to go check on Rose and Dhruv has yet not came so Manik says that lets take a break as no one is in a mood today, Muktii agrees with Manik. Harshad is waiting outside the washroom and when Rose comes out they get into a conversation. Navya us looking at this from behind the wall but Cabir comes and tells Harshad to backm off. Their argument gets heated and Cabir leaves. Nandini is walking with Dhruv and Nandini on seeing Navya runs in a room. Navya on seeing Harshad runs in a room while Manik is checking his phone for Dhruv.

Precap: Nandini tells Dhruv to go in different directions and so they do and she hides in the store. Manik comes in the same room looking for Aliya and the guard locks them while they are inside.

Update Credit to: Sona

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