Nadaan Parindey 8th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Nadaan Parindey 8th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Meher scolding Minty and asking her to leave from Purab’s room. Meher says she will tell Mangal if Minty does not listen to her. Minty says how can I leave Purab alone like this. Meher gets angry and says get up, come on, leave. Minty is puzzled by Meher’s behavior. She wakes up Balli and asks him to take Minty home. Minty gets upset and says I will go myself. Purab understands Meher’s concern and smiles. Minty leaves. Meher warhs Purab to be away from his sister. Purab says I remember how Sameer has beaten up and how you have insulted me. I will take that revenge from Minty now. Meher is shocked.

She warns him again asking him not to hurt Minty, else she will not leave him. She is quiet as his parents and Bebe’s respect is linked with him. Meher says if you see towards my sister, I will not spare you, don’t dare. Purab smiles and thinks arrow has hit right target. Iwbal gets ready to leave for army office. He gets a gun in his cupboard and keeps it. Meher comes and asks what is he hiding. He says no, he is packing his bag. He says you go, I will pack and come. She says I will miss you a lot, when will you come back. He says never. She asks why are you saying this.

He says I will come when I get holiday. She says you will miss me. He says yes. She says I don’t think you will miss me. She hugs him and says don’t worry, we will talk on phone daily. She says Sameer I love you. She asks him to say her. Iqbal is quiet. She says say it. He says Bebe will come, go now. She says I won’t leave you till you say. He scolds her angrily. Meher leaves annoyed. Nimi meets Channi and Mama and talk in Purab’s favor. Nimmi tells Minty respects Purab a lot, and she is much worried for Purab. She says Minty brought coffee for Purab. Channi understands her signs. Mama asks Minty to go to Purab. Channi stops her and says I will give him.

Nimmi says you be with me, let the kids have it themselves. She praises Minty. Minty leaves smiling. Nimmi is happy as Mama is agreeing to her. Channi fumes. Meher is angry and Bebe asks what happened. Meher says your son has broken my heart, come and scold me. Bebe says no. Meher takes her to Iqbal and asks her to explain. Iqbal wears Sameer’s uniform. Bebe says he is different from old Sameer. Meher asks him to be with love. She holds his hand and asks him to get punished first. He asks what to do want. Iqbal says he will take her out for one day and get ready first. Meher gets happy and Bebe is tensed.

Meher leaves. Bebe says she is not exposing him, only for Meher, she asks him to bring Meher fine, and clean. Iqbal smiles. He says the more you scold and warn me, Meher and Sameer will be in anger, I will leave after my mission, till then be quiet. Bebe asks him to be afraid of Lord, as he will go in hell. Bebe and Iqbal argue. He gets angry and aoms his gun at her. She gets scared. He says now go and make Meher ready to go with me.

Minty comes to Purab and smiles. Purab shows interest in her too fool and use her against Sameer and Meher. He flirts and she smiles. Channi and Nimmi come there. Nimmii is happy seeing them, but Channi is annoyed and puzzled seeing Purab tending towards Minty. Nimmi asks Purab to go to doctor, and asks him to take Minty with him. Purab smiles and says lets go Minty. They leave. Bebe’s friend Sukhi comes and they have a talk.

Sukhi says she had one Roka of Baljeet, he will come in holidays and she will do his marriage. She gives her a letter for her son as Sameer is going tomorrow. Bebe says fine, I will tell him. Meher and Iqbal come to have chaat and she is shocked seeing Purab and Minty. She scolds Minty and Purab holds Meher’s hand. Iqbal holds Purab’s collar and they argue. Meher asks Sameer too leave him and they leave from there being angry. Meher sees Purab smiling and holding Minty.

Meher scolds Minty and asks her not to call Purab again. Purab misbehaves with Meher and says you will regret and cry now, as I won’t have any pity on you now.

Update Credit to: Amena

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