Nadaan Parindey 27th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Nadaan Parindey 27th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Iqbal scolding Purab for blaming Meher. He says he will find Minty and bring her here, and she will say is Meher responsible or not. Iqbal finds a way to get out and not do the havan. Mama and pandit stop him. Iqbal says he did a son’s duty always, he has to do husband’s duty today. He says Purab can sit in the havan, as Bebe regards him more than her son. He says he will prove his wife’s innocence. Iqbal looks at Bebe and thinks she wanted to make me do havan, Lord is helping me. They come to the Gurudwara and she thanks him for supporting her. He says thank me later, lets find her first. She says Balli and Minty came here, he came to take me, and when I went inside, she was not there. He thinks of Purab’s words and says Purab heard you talking to Balli, he has trapped you, lets go home.

She says you should not agree you told this. She says we were joking, how can I lie. He says then bear it, he insulted you, and made this plan to trap you, Minty is involved in this. She says what are you saying. He says she will come home. She says I love Minty and she can’t do this. He says truth is infront of you, one day you will know it. She says Minty loves me. He says now she is in Purab’s control, her truth will come out, lets go home. Purab says poor Minty is getting punished, don’t know where is she. Nimmi cries and says Mangal to see what Meher has done.

Mangal gets angry. Mama says let them come back, then we will know the truth. Nimmi asks Mama to trust Purab. Bebe says she trusts Meher. Mangal says no, Nimmi is right, its Meher’s fault. Mama says lets wait for some time. Purab says yes, lets wait. Meher comes back with Iqbal. Purab sees them. Nimmi asks where is Minty. Meher tells Mangal its not her mistake, she does not know where is Minty. Mangal slaps her. Nimmi cries and asks where is my Minty, if she does not come back on one hour, she will not leave Meher and do police complaint. They leave. Purab smiles.

Iqbal’s dad thinks about Sameer’s words that he is Sameer, not Iqbal. He says what happened to my Iqbal, they have tortured him and did this state. He gets a file. Bebe gets a book. Iqbal’s dad is Bebe’s husband, and is father of Iqbal and Sameer. Bebe sees the pics in which there are twins. Even Mehtaab sees the twin pics. Bebe says he took her son and he run away, but he died in bomb blast and her son also died. Mehtaab says he survived in the blast and came across the border with his son. Iqbal was named Ameer before. She says she loves him a lot and hugs the pic.

She says your father was a traitor. My heart is crying for your death on this day, not your father. Meher comes to the Dargah and prays to get Minty back, as her family is not trusting her. Purab comes to her and says you won’t get anything here. He says he is taking revenge of his insult, my turn starts. He says he won’t let her get respect. Minty scolds Purab. Purab says Nimmi is ready to handover you to police, and you are ordering me. He says it will be fun seeing your ego break. She asks where is Minty. He asks what will he get in return. He says show me how much you love your sister and asks her to apologize to him begging him, then he will say where is Minty. He asks her to admit her mistake that she did wrong with him. Meher is stunned.

Meher stops Purab and he smiles. She bends to apologize to him and cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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