Dil Dosti Dance 27th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sharon shouts at Ishika that she can’t leave it in the middle. Ishika says she won’t be able to do it. Sharon makes her sit, says she dance well and asks her what is her problem. Ishika says she can’t tell her, and takes her leave. But Sharon stops her, and says she can’t show un-professional attitude; she has signed a contract with her and can’t leave it in the middle. She says she has already forwarded their name for Dance-mania. Sharon says she was recommended by Raghv and calls him. He gets worried listening to her tone.
Swayam says to Huma and Karma that this is their stamina building exercise. They have to see who closes the shutter better. Huma and Karma runs to it. Huma tries but can’t. Karma says she can’t do it, and asks for it. He pulls the lever, and closes the shutter. Swayam locks the shutter from outside. Karma boasts to Huma that he won. He tries to pull open the lever, but it doesn’t open. They both try. Huma calls Swayam if he is here. She asks why isn’t the shutter getting open. Swayam says he locked it, and it won’t open until they learn to live together. Swayam says they must leave the childish behavior; they won’t have any rehearsals. They both argue. Swayam comes and says to them that they have one hour to sort their differences, else he will take their lead positions and will find replacements for them too.
Huma knocks the shutter, Karma claps saying she must try a hammer too. Huma points her finger at him, they start the argument. Huma tries to slap Karma, who holds her hand.
Raghv enters Sharon’s room, watches Ishika and falls into Ishika’s feet. He says it wasn’t his mistake. Sharon shouts at him to get up, and tells him Ishika is leaving the academy because of her. Raghv says to her that she is a dancer and will remain one. He asks Sharon to make her understand.
Karma holds Huma’s hand back and pushes her. He pours his frustration that he had to leave St. Luois academy, and now will have to tolerate her to fulfil his dream. He says he brought his dream from a small city. Huma says he thinks there are other people as well who are striving hard daily to be dancer. She says that atleast his parents never stopped him from dancing. They both challenge each other, as Huma says that he will have to beat her to become the top dancer of the country.
Sharon asks Raghv not to be over-dramatic. She tells Ishika she can’t leave the academy and shouts at Raghv to leave to; they will meet at rehearsals. She thinks Dance-mania is so near, and the problems are never ending. She calls Swayam and asks if two people aren’t ready to be together. Swayam asks is she having any problem at his place. She asks about the students, he says they should be closed behind the shutter. He says that if there isn’t any chemistry between two people, the dance becomes mechanical. She says I love you.
Swayam opens the shutter, and says if they still haven’t sorted their differences he can’t take them into the team. Huma was about to leave, but Karma stops her and Huma also backs him hugging each other. They say that they have known about the chemistry needed for dancing together. Huma says that they are friends now, and you have the best couple. Swayam goes to prepare for rehearsals. Huma says she is ready to take the burden of this fake friendship.
A student comes to inform the test results are just coming. Karma tells him to be prepared for rubbing his nose on floor, as the marks are coming. Raghv recalls he changed the roll number. Ishika comes crying, Karma asks what is the problem. She says she had something in her eyes. The result marks are announced. The teacher announces Karma’s marks as 2/20. He is shocked. The professor says he is failed. He stands up and asks it is impossible. The professor says that he checked his paper well. Huma says that finally it is time to make him rub his nose on floor. Raghv says they were just joking. Raghv gets 20/20- highest in the class. Karma thinks his roll no. is 3 while Raghv’s is 8, and thinks he will be rubbing his nose as her will get his paper rechecked from admin.

PRECAP: Swayam says to Sharon that she has missed her smile which he loves. She smiles. They hug, and Swayam says I love you Sharon.

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