Nadaan Parindey 25th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Nadaan Parindey 25th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Meher asking Sameer when did he become a leftie. Sameer gets tensed and coughs. She gives him water and asks him to reply. He says I was hurt on right hand in war so I used to eat by left hand, so got habituated. She says it means you can eat by both hands, so you have beaten the goons, I heard such people are very sharp minded. She says I will bring more hot rotis. She leaves. Sameer says you are right, this mission is testing me a lot, where I have to pass through many things. Channi scolds Purab saying don’t take Meher’s name, she will be married to Sameer.

He says what did I say, I just said she cooked well, she is going to become your bhabhi. Purab says Sameer will not marry her, else he would have done by now, why should I forget her if Sameer is moving out of my way, and she is Sameer’s bhabhi, not mine. Channi makes a bad face. She says Sameer will not go against Bebe. Purab says Meher is changing, see she brought food for me. She says she has thrown your gift and went with Sameer, you got blind, till she is here, she will ruin your mind, I wish tp kick her out, don’t know why did Bebe keep her here, if she did Roka, then why not marriage. Purab says as my fate is linked to Meher, no one can separate us.

Iqbal comes to Malik. Malik says why are you so slow, who is stopping you. Sameer thinks about Bebe and says someone is coming, I will talk to you later. Meher comes with more rotis. They start arguing like always. She says you are hurt, take rest, I m not spying you. He says I m not feeling sleepy, I want to go for a walk. She asks shall I call Bebe, as she has to know you are going out. He asks what do you want. She says good for you, its good you are afraid of Bebe, good night. Sameer says it’s a tie of love with which Bebe bounds me, its strange her love entered my heart and gave me peace.

Meher comes to Bebe and says I will do the work. Bebe says no, let me do it, you both are not taking me to Dhaba too. Bebe asks did you give food to Sameer. Meher says yes, he does not like anything I do, he always scolds me. Bebe says everything will be fine. Meher says I want the old Sameer to be back. Bebe says no, you are more happy now, moving around him, ask your heart, my army man son is making you dance and you are dancing happily. Meher says yes, true, I asked him to rest and he said he wants to go out. She says when I stopped him, he got annoyed.

Bebe says he might be worried for today. Meher says so, ain’t I? If Sameer did not come then I….. Bebe says nothing will happen to you when Sameer is with you. If he is not feeling sleepy, take this, massage his head and make him sleep. Meher says will he agree. Bebe says yes. Meher smiles and says I will try. Meher says you sleep now. Sameer is working on his mission map again. He says I have to find security level and have to crack it.

He says how to free Sartaj, he has all the info of the chip. He thinks how to find out about him. He smiles and says I have to get friendly with an army man, time is passing, if I don’t do my mission, I will be in problem. Meher comes and says whats this, I asked you to rest. She says we will manage the Dhaba. He asks why did you come again. She says as I knew you won’t sleep, see this, Bebe have given this to massage your head, you will get sleep. He says I don’t want. She says why do you talk like you are doing a favor one me by coming back, I don’t want to be insulted by you, go to hell.

She thinks of Bebe’s words and stops. She asks shall I go, think again, you won’t get sleep, its Bebe’s formula. Sameer says if you stop, I mean its Bebe’s formula but will apply it. She smiles. Sameer says don’t look at me now. Kehte hai khuda ne………….Kuch to hai tujhse Raabta…………..plays……………. She smiles and holds his hand. He sits down and she sits on the bed and applies oil to his hair and massages. She thinks whats happening to me, this is not the first time Sameer is sitting close to me, why am I shaking, why do I feel like weather is changing, and I can’t control this.

Sameer asks what happened. She says nothing. She massages his hair. They look in the mirror sitting opposite to it. He says you don’t look fightercock in mirror. She asks then how do I cook. He says white wax. She asks then why do you get angry on me. He says don’t you know. She says but this anger has love, right. She says we both know the truth, even if you don’t say, I did not think ever that people lose heart like this, that I will also lose myself one day, for you. She smiles and says I don’t know when this happened, but now its there.

He holds her hand and smiles. She looks at him. Kuch to hai tujhse raabta……………plays…………. He says yes, I had this feeling, but got late to understand. She says but now I can’t live without you Sameer, promise me you will never leave me again, you will always be with me, with me, close to me, promise me.

Sameer and Meher have an eyelock. He holds her face and she closes her eyes. Raabta……………plays………………….. He draws her closer to him and she bends towards him. She says if you keep me this close, then we have to marry. She smiles and he draws her closer to kiss her.

Sameer is shocked to see his army camp friend and does not recognize him. Meher and Purab looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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