Nadaan Parindey 21st August 2014 Written Episode Update

Nadaan Parindey 21st August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bebe praying to get her son back. Meher comes and says Sameer is at the Dargah, being upset and crying, why did you beat him, you gave him birth, why did you treat him like this, I don’t want to see this, it would have been good if I died with my mum. Rabba……………..plays……………. Meher says you don’t have any feelings now. She says you can treat me badly like a mum in law, but you are beating your son, and hurting me too. She says you will realize your mistake one day and will see Purab’s truth. She asks what are they hiding, tell me once, I will bear everything. Bebe asks her to go and treat Sameer’s wounds. Meher says she is begging her to tell the truth. She says fine, don’t tell me, I will not ask again, but you don’t complain that I did not ask you.

Meher says she will take care of Sameer and leaves. Bebe talks to Lord and says I m afraid to think what will happen with Meher when she knows the truth. Meher treats Iqbal’s wounds. She asks why do you bear the pain if its not your mistake. She says why did Bebe do this, how can she beat you so badly. She says she went to get answer, and she did not say. She says Bebe says Purab is right, I want to save Minty’s life, how to tell everyone. She cries and says she is doing other’s duties. She says she did not get mum’s love, and did not get happiness from in laws too. Bebe is annoyed with me, dad does not want to see me. And you, who don’t understand my feelings. O Rabba……………..plays………………..

She says she is not weak, I will bear everything. She says she will bear everything if he is with her, don’t get angry on me, I don’t have anyone except you. She holds his hand and he takes it back. She asks him to say something. She runs crying. Bebe hears Meher crying and feels hurt. Bebe comes and sees her. She says your pain reaches my heart, and kills me like poison. She says I can’t see you dying like this daily. She says till when will this go on. She says she can’t let Meher break. She says Sameer, wherever you are, in any state, you will ask me to take care of Meher.

She says Lord will safe Sameer, but Meher is alive and in pain infront of her eyes, she will fight for her. She says Meher, you paid a lot for loving Sameer, now its enough, I will not let you cry now. Rabba……………plays…………… Bebe comes to Iqbal and blames him for playing games with Meher. She says if Meher cried now, she will kill him. Iqbal asks what will she do. Bebe says I will tell your truth to Meher, that you are not Sameer, but a traitor. Iqbal asks her to be quiet.

He says you won’t do this. She says as you have Sameer and I have to be quiet for his safety. She says do anything, he is a true army man and is ready to give his life, and I have given my son to Lord, let fate take him anywhere, he loved Meher and left her with me, I can risk Sameer’s life, but can’t bear to see Meher crying, I won’t be quiet, take your mobile and do anything you want. Iqbal is shocked. Iqbal says fine, tell Meher that I m not Sameer, but tell her you knew everything before her marriage, even then you got her married to me, a traitor Iqbal. He says Meher will hate you, you sacrificed her for saving your son. She will hate you for giving her in a stranger’s arms.

He laughs and asks her to go and tell her how she has cheated her, he cheated her fine, but she is the bigger cheater than him. She says what will Meher feel knowing this, she will be shocked, she regards you her friend, sister and mother. Her heart will break, Sameer is not here, Bebe is not hers, she will leave you, and will hang herself. She says of she stays alive, she will hate you, go now and tell her the truth. He challenges Bebe. Bebe says you don’t know my and Meher’s relation, I have courage to tell the truth now and I won’t back off. Iqbal gets tensed.

Bebe comes to Meher and asks her to listen to her carefully. She says actually Sameer…………..She thinks about Iqbal’s words. Meher says tell me, what is it. Bebe says nothing and leaves. Meher gets puzzled and asks her to say it, swear on her. Bebe asks her to go. Meher says fine and cries. She says everyone has gone far from me, you also beat me. Rabba……………….plays………………..Meher leaves. Bebe cries in her room and prays.

Meher says she will kidnap Minty so that her marriage can’t happen. Purab hears this.

Update Credit to: Amena

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