Kumkum Bhagya 21st August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 21st August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with daadi’s asking all guest to dance. Cousin daadi says Aaliya should dance first and asks if she knows to dance. Aaliya says dance is in her blood and she has won many prizes. Cousin daadi says she cannot dance better than Pragya and challenges her dance with Purab and prove herself. Aaliya holds Purab’s hand and takes him to stage while Bulbul sees that and gets sad. Aaliya dances sensuously with Purab on sensual item song. Bulbul gets even sadder seeing that and Tanya smirks. Purab hesitantly dances though. Abhi and Pragya then start dancing on kuch khaas hai… song while everyone enjoy their performance.

Sarla gets happy seeing them dancing romantically. Tanu gets irked seeing their dance. She thinks from where did sun rise today. He says from where it usually rises. She says he did not drop her even once. He asks her not to be happy, else he will ruin it. Sarla gets happy that Abhi taught Pragya dancing.

Aaliya gets into kitches and tries to add chill powder in mamaji’s prepared dishes, but Purab holds her hand on time. She says she heard mamaji telling there are less spices in food. He asks from when she is worried about spices and says he knows what is she trying to do. He says he is trying to insult Pragya and her family and asks why is she doing this when he is marrying her. He warns her not to do that again, else he will not forgive her and asks to choose between her revenge and himself. Aaliya tries to add spices again, but stops remembering his words.

Tanu asks Aaliya if she did her work. She says Purab stopped him from doing it. Abhi goes into stage and invites everyone for a couple dance. His friend suggests him to exchange partners while dances. Abhi announces the same. Pragya asks what is he trying to do. He says he already said he will ruin her happiness. Pragya’s cousin gets happy hearing Abhi’s announcement and invites Tanu to dance with him.

She agrees and he gets even happier hearing that. All couples start dancing on Dil sambhalja zara… song. Mamaji gets angry seeing Puneet dancing with Tanu

Purbi drags Bulbul to dance with her. Bulbul starts dancing with Purab. Abhi and Tanu dance then. Everyone claps for them after the dance. Bulbul and Purab sadly walk away reminiscing their dance together. Teri galiyaan…song plays in the background. The both reminisces their happier times together. Purab then meets her and says she does not have to worry about her family as he spoke to Aaliya and asked her not to harm your family. Bulbul thanks him and leaves.

Aaliya tells her plan to Tanu. Tanu likes it and says now Pragya’s family will be insulted. Aaliya sees Puneet and says Tanu is mad behind you and wants to meet you. Puneet is happy hearing that and goes in search of Tanu.

Abhi takes Tanu to a room and says he was hurt with her words and hugs her. She asks if he loves her still. He says yes. Puneet takes flower and happily thinks that model Tanu wants to talk to him and rehearsals what to speak to him. He peeps into the keyhole and sees a man with Tanu. He is shocked to see Abhi kissing Tanu and falls on the ground. Abhi hears the sound, opens the door and is shocked to see him. He asks what was he doing here. He says Tanu called him. Tanu says he did not. Abhi drags him from there.

Precap: Abhi beats Pragya’s cousin and says he was misbehaving with Tanu.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. fassssssssssssst

  2. Jeez…..how long is this ‘bad treatment’ scenarios going to last? this is really getting boring.

  3. i love abhiya dance ….awesome….i hate the precap and tanu….

  4. Here we are back to the BullS%$#. Tanu is a witch and if Abhi wants her just go be with her…BUT why does Purab and Bulbul think the answer is for him to marry Aaliya when – all along – they have bee saying after the wedding Pragya will be put out???? So “why”Marry Aaliya????

  5. I think Abhi seriously do not deserve Pragya and should better be with Tanu. When he will see her real motives like fame, money etc, it will be better

  6. They are really dragging this “torture” thing out. Why hasn’t it already been revealed that Pragya is NOT at fault and doesn’t love Purab!?!??! It is about time that this happens!!!!

  7. seriously., the plot was boring., yaar kuch tho intresting hona chahiye na.? Very disappointed from the last few episodes

  8. hey guys !!!!!!!!!!! check it out bulbul meet with accident and abhi gets information as pragya meet with accident , he rushes to hosp then abhi gaves blood to bulbul thinking as pragya


  10. So what’s this double dealing? Abhi loves Tanu, cares for Pragya? I understand that he won’t fall in love with Pragya that easily, but still it is hard to watch that he still loves Tanu. Purab, you run fast man….this brother sister will ruin your life too.

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