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Nadaan Parindey 19th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Purab taking Bebe in his words. Bebe blesses him and says she is proud of him. She asks him to take advantage of this chance given to him to become good. Purab promises her. She says Minty is very lucky, take care of her all her life. She says Meher is worried about you and Minty, I want you to explain Meher, that you are not against her, make her sure that you have changed and you will take care of her sister. Purab says sure, even if you did not tell this, I was going to Meher to say the truth and apologize. Bebe leaves. Purab smiles and says Meher will apologize to me all her life.

Bebe comes to Meher. Meher asks what did Purab say. Bebe says Purab is regretting, I gave many chances to Sameer too, Purab also did a mistake and we should forgive him and give him one chance, he promised me he will keep Minty very happy. Meher thinks Purab fooled Bebe, now I have to trap him to expose his true face. Its morning, Nimmi and Channi have a talk about marriage. Channi is annoyed and says you have trapped my son for Minty. Nimmi laughs and says you are mistaken, my Mintyis not after him, Purab proposed her. Nimmi leaves. Channi gets angry.

Nimmi sees Meher and makes face. She leaves. Meher says Channi does not like her, I can get some proof against Purab to show he does not love Minty but is taking revenge from me. She comes to Iqbal to do his dressing. He gets hurt and asks what are you doing, where is you focus, what are you thinking. She says sorry, I was thinking about Minty. He says stay away from this matter. She says Purab is ruining her life to take revenge from me, I can’t sleep thinking this, I get bad thoughts. She is my younger sister and I m feeling helpless. She says she told the truth to everyone, but they are not listening.

She says if Purab tells his truth himself then…………. Sameer think anything. He says don’t drag me in this. Meher says she is your sister in law and respects you, if she blames you later on for not saving her, what will you say. Iqbal says its her mistake. Meher says Sameer, its not her mistake, Purab is trapping her. She says love makes people blind. She gets an idea and asks him to help for Minty’s sake. He agrees and says just this time, else end it and don’t ask my help again. She says fine, this time Purab will be trapped in his plan. Iqbal asks what to do. Meher sees Purab coming and starts fighting with Iqbal.

Iqbal also gets angry on her. They argue a lot and Purab gets angry as Iqbal beats Meher. Iqbal holds her neck. Purab comes to her rescue. Meher runs. Purab stops her. She says leave me. He says tell me, what happened, why was Sameer angry on you. She says nothing, go from here. Purab says tell me, else I will tell Bebe. She cries and acts saying since Sameer got the bullet, he is getting angry on me and beating me. He has beaten me before too, I can’t believe it’s the same Sameer whom I loved and married. Purab says you told Sameer is not wrong. She says don’t know how he changed.

He says its fine, its good you got over him. She cries. He says if he beats you again then, I have seen blood in his eyes, I will talk to him. She says no, he will get more angry. He says I will talk. She says no, I will accept this as my fate. She says if he beats me again, then………. I can’t hide my wounds from Bebe. Purab says I will see him now. Meher says no, don’t do this. Purab comes to Iqbal and warns him not to beat Meher. Iqbal acts and says she is my wife, I will beat her, who are you. Purab says I m elder son of this house. Iqbal asks her to go out. Purab says yes, I m her protector, don’t beat her, else this time bullet will be on right place.

Iqbal sees Bebe listening. Iqbal asks Purab does he still love Meher. He says be ashamed, don’t see my Meher now. He scolds Meher for bringing Purab. Meher says what is he saying. Iqbal calls Meher characterless. Bebe is shocked. Bebe comes and scolds Sameer for saying this. Iqbal says I will catch you both red handed and then see you will get insulted. Meher asks Purab to leave. Purab says is this your love. Iqbal says Bebe, ask Meher. Meher cries. Purab says come Bebe, I will tell you.

Purab tells Bebe that her son is mad, talk to him before things go bad, see his mentality, he is talki g bad about me and Meher. Bebe asks him to calm down, and she will talk to Sameer. Meher comes to Iqbal and says Purab got caught, I knew this, now he will try to please me and take advantage of me, and he will tell his truth himself, and this thing will become proof against him. Iqbal says he is not a fool, don’t hurry up, what about Bebe, she saw this. Meher says we will tell Bebe this was a drama, I m waiting when will Purab talk to me. She leaves. Iqbal says you are doing mistake Meher, you did not understand Purab’s clever mind.

Purab comes in his room and says use your mind Purab, its Meher, how can she tell me about her fight with Sameer, that he has beaten her many times. He says no, Bebe was there and Sameer can’t do this in her presence. He says is she fooling me, Meher and Sameer can work this plan against me, she will ruin herself in trapping me, great. It will be great fun to play this game. Purab sees Meher crying. He comes to her. Meher smiles. He says enough now, how long will you cry. She says what to do, I have tears in my fate, I can’t complain anyone.

He asks her not to bear this and expose Sameer, as he will support her. She says its late, you can’t change my fate, go from here. He holds her hand and says its not late, I will support you to bring your life back on track, we are childhood friends and I will fight for you. She says I did so wrong with you and you are supporting me. He says yes, from heart, our relation is not selfish. He thinks he will show his real face later. Meher acts and says Bebe told me you changed, now I believe she was right. He says it would be late if I did not change. She asks what will he do. He smiles and says you question a lot. He says meet me in hall at night, when everyone sleeps. I will solve all problems. She nods yes and he holds her hand asking her to take care. He leaves. Purab stops and looks at her.

Purab tells the truth to Meher that he wants to take revenge form Minty. Iqbal records this and Bebe comes.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. what is this purab…dont fall into the trap yaar…this kali billi meher ko tu accha sabak sikha….plz…iski sari jawani utar de….blo*dy shameless girl….

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