Ek Boond Ishq 19th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
laado goes from there. tara holds mj’s hand, mj frees it, he says you are drenched in rain, you will feel cold, come i will take you to your room, he wipes cake from his face and says ma’am please come, tara cries and looks at him, main tainu samjahwan ki female version plays, mj and tara starts walking, tara keep looking at him, they come in home, tara wipes her tears, mj looks at her, they walk down till her room.
laado comes back to her house, she recalls how she saw mj and tara together, she shouts no, she is frustrated and breaks everything in house, she says no, she finds a box and looks at it, she opens it and finds kalawati’s clothes in it, she finds her jewelry and one picture of mj and tara together, she throws it away.
mj brings tara to her room, tara sadly looks at him, he slowly closes door, tara sadly sits on bed and cries.
outside mj is also restless, he is in thoughts.
laado comes dressed as kalawati, she looks at tara and mj’s pic. she says that I killed one of them(tara) and made other my servant(mj) but now is alive and other is not following my order so I have to become kala, she burns the photo and says kala will ruin her enemies.. laado cant do this but kala knows it.
outside tara’s room, mj is palying with a toy, tara comes and looks at him smilingly, she says this may be toy but it comes in your control when mind is on it, your mind is distracted that’s why its not playing, mj says you here? tara says we will talk in low tone, all are sleeping, mj says go from here, try to sleep, tara says why you didn’t sleep till now? she says i told you once you start listening your heart then your mind wont be in control, then this toy wont be played by you, why don’t you say what is in your heart, i saw love in your eyes and eyes don’t lie, wha don’t you say that you love me mj, mj gets angry and holds tara tightly, he says shut up, tara smiles as he holds her, he leaves her hand, mj says this all is wrong, i am attracted to you, this is wrong, i feel pain in your pain, i feel happiness in your happiness, i feel that i have relation with you but all this is wrong, this is not truth, i don’t know who am i, mj or balli, truth is that i love someone who is of someone else wife, tara says no, you loved me from start, you remembered it today so said it, you always loved me, mj says for you this maybe truth but i have to find my truth to find my love so till then i can just give you my friendship, he extend his hand, tara shakes hand and says i will wait for you till then friends, mj says friends, tara says now go to sleep, mj says 1st you, she nods and says don’t play with toy now, she leaves. mj thinks that if she is tara then where is sia, i have to solve this mystery, if i have find mysteries of this house then i will get the truth too.

Scene 2
mj wakes pari up, he says you have to become kahna today, pari looks at him and ask where is your moustache, he says you will become kahna so i removed my moustache for a change.
laado calls mannat, mannat says i don’t want you in my house so i wont do anything fro you, laado says you are in my custody and you will do what i want, she has kidnapped vaibhav, she hurts him, vaibhav shouts, mannat recognize him. mannat says vaibhav are you fine, she says to laado that don’t you dare to hurt him, laado says seem like its a great love story, vaibhav says to mannat to take him out from here, laado gives tight slaps to vaibhav, mannat ask laado to stop, laado says what will you do? will you send police to me, i will tell them how you asked me to kill your sister in law, remember your earlier sins? she ends call while mannat is tensed.
mannat goes out of her room, mj comes in her room, he thinks that it was mannat who wanted to kill sia then there must be something in her room, he tries to find.
mannat comes to her mother and ask what happened, mother says i wanted to call priest here but he has gone on pilgrimage, mannat thinks and says i know one priest, he is very good, mother says ok call him.mj finds some locket in mannat’s room and thinks why this locket seems known to me, he puts in his pocket, mannat calls laado and says i have done your work, now release vaibhav. tara is going, tara sees mj is mannat’s room, she thinks what mj is finding in mannat’s room, she sees mannat coming to her room, she is tensed.

PRECAP- rudra comes in om’s house disguised as priest, his servant chants that jai rudra kal ji, all turns and looks at rudra.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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