Nadaan Parindey 15th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Nadaan Parindey 15th April 2014 Written Episode, Nadaan Parindey 15th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Purab proposing Meher. His mum comes there and looks at them. Purab asks Meher her answer and she gives the dupatta to his mum. She says give it to his wife. Meher smiles and leaves. Purab talks to his mum and says you came on wrong time, its fine, you give it to her, you asked me who is that girl, she is my choice, talk to her mum, I will marry her soon. He leaves. Purab’s mum is shocked. Purab gets his commander’s call and he says thanks so much, I will leave from here now. He stops everyone’s dance and says there is a good news, as I got promoted, now I m Captain Purab. Everyone clap for him. Purab looks at Meher. Bebe is very happy. Purab greets everyone. Purab asks his mum to give his happiness soon. She says till you come back, I will make everything done. Purab says he is going for new posting.

Bebe is tensed. Purab asks what happened. Bebe cares for him and blesses him. Sameer looks on and says it means both of us are going, as I m going tomorrow to Jalandar. The spy guy hears this and leaves. Purab asks Sameer to do his duty well. Sameer says I will do my packing. Bebe is sad. Sameer says he is miss Purab a lot, and looks at Bebe. Purab says when I get holiday, I will come to meet you. He says you can go to Jalandar in Army truck in morning. Purab hugs Sameer. The spy calls Malik and informs him that Sameer is going Jalandar tomorrow. Malik says its good chance to kidnap him tomorrow. Sameer tells Bebe that he is packing his bag and talks to Bebe. He makes her emotional trying to make her change her decision.

Bebe comes to him and scolds him. Sameer says I know you can’t stay without me, come with me. She says I would have been here if I had to be with you. Sameer says fine, I will go alone. He says I have grown up and fed up, don’t come to stop me, now I will be on my own. He says from tomorrow you will be alone. Bebe cries. Sameer goes to his room and shuts bthe door. He cries and says I won’t stop even if you stop me, now I will go. Bebe sees him through the window.

Its morning, Bebe comes to wake up Sameer. She says get ready, the truck will leave now. Sameer says let me sleep. Meher comes to them and sees him sleeping. She taunts him and he gets up. He says I will go fast, I won’t have breakfast here. Bebe feels sad and cries saying did we do any mistake. Meher pacifies her and asks her to let Sameer go. Bebe says what should I do now. Meher smiles. Purab’s mum thinks about Purab choosing Meher. Sameer asks Bebe to be happy and taunts Meher. The truck comes and Sameer has to leave. Bebe cries. Sameer leaves greeting everyone.

Meher says you can’t leave without meeting me. She hugs him. Bebe smiles. Meher cries. Sameer too holds her after long time. He too becomes upset as he is going far from Meher.

Sameer says move, don’t be senti, don’t miss me. She smiles. He leaves waving bye. The spy tells Malik that Sameer did not go by bus, but by army truck. Malik asks him to stop the goons. Sameer thinks about Bebe’s words. He cries. He sees a mum and son and thinks of Bebe. He says I will stay alone and talks to the army men. He says I will become responsible, I m strong. He misses Bebe a lot. Bebe cries at home missing Sameer looking for him in his room. Meher comes to her. Meher pacifies her. Bebe says he said he will call us. Meher says we should have given him mobile. Bebe says I did not think this. Meher acts like Sameer and tells how he would be working. Bebe and Meher have a laugh. Meher and Bebe hear a sound and think did Sameer come back.

Bebe tells Meher that she will not send her. Malik tells his men to get Sameer. Bebe gets a bad dream and shouts..

Update Credit to: Amena_hasan

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