Pavitra Rishta 15th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 15th April 2014 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 15th April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Savita dragging neena towards the chawl common water tap and asks her to wait in que for water. She says she will get utensils until she stands in the que and goes. A small kid comes and overtakes Neena and they both start fighting to stand first in the que. Prashanth comes and asks Neena to let her sister stand first as she is a kid. He asks her not to shout. Pushti sees Neena standing in que, she gets excited and calls Gaurav to see the water que. Gaurav sees Prashanth fighting with Neena and comes down. Gaurav and Prashanth start fighting. Savita comes and sees them fighting. She asks Neena to let the kid stand in que first. She identifies Prashanth and says she saw him somewhere earlier. He says he is Ankita’s brother. They both start talking. Neena thinks Savita can mingle only with chawl people.

Mansi comes to meet Manav’s family. He says Ankita would have told her. She says she shifted to this chawl, so she came to meet them. She gives Manav sweet box. Inspector comes and informs he could not get Soham yesterday but bar owner told he used to come and drink in his bar usually and he told he is going to his hometown. Archana asks Manav to stop Soham going to Bihar again as she does not want to lose her son again. She says let us go to the same place where I saw Soham. Inspector says no need of that as he has assinged his team to search Soham. Savita asks Archana to calm down as police will find him soon. Sachin scolds Soham for being same as 18 years ago, drunkard, goon. Mansi says she will pray that they get their son soon and goes from there.

Ankita says Naren that she signed the papers and asks him to sign them. She asks him to sign as Naren Karmakar this time. He says he is Naren Karmakar but does not know why he signed as Aman Mathur. He signs the papers. She says she will send papers to Shekhar. She says in Shekhar’s office she met Pari, Arjun’s daughter. Naren jokes if she is Pari, then she must be having par/wings. He says Arjun did not inform about her any time.

Pari informs Archana about meeting Ankita and says she was ashtonished seeing her exactly same like Archana. Ankita says even she was ashtonished when she saw her. She says Arjun found her first. She says Ankita is married to Naren Karmakar and she did her kanyadaan.

Naren says he should meet Arjun soon. He says he will tell Pari that Arjun does not take care of himself. Ankita says even he eats unhealthy. Naren says he exercises though.

Pari says though she met Ankita for the first time, she felt like she is speaking to the dear one. Archana says even she thought the same thing, she made her married. She thought there are many problems in her life, but when she saw Ankita in temple, she felt she was happy and got relieved.

Shekhar calls Pari and informs he checked her papers and should do partnership with Indian company. Pari says his proposal is good but cannot trust anybody here. Shekhar says he should leave it to him and says Ankita has 2 companies and will keep partnership proposal with her. PAri says she met Ankita for the first time, but felt she knows her. Shekhar says he will fix a meeting with Ankita then.

Pushti is talking on phone. She sees Pani puri guy and stops him. She collides with Prashant and all the veggies falls on the ground. Pushti gets injury on her hand. Prashant says sorry and applies turmeric on her wound. Gaurav calls Pushti and sees her with Prashant. Prashant says sorry to Pushti. Pushti says sorry as well. Gaurav comes there and pushes Prashant for colliding with Pushti. Prashant says, I didn’t do anything. Prashant asks him to take her home. Gaurav says, you fight with my mom yesterday. I am watching you. He says bloody chawl people. Prashant gets angry. He starts fighting with Gaurav. Manav comes out and stops the fight. Prashant says, I didn’t do anything. He was badmouthing about chawl people. We are humans too. Although we are poor, but our hearts are big. Gaurav says, Pushti got wounded because of him. Prashant says, it was not my mistake.

Pushti says, I was running and collided with him. Manav tells to Gaurav that he was born and brought up in this chawl. He says, whatever you will be getting today is because of this chawl. He says, you are badmouthing about me. Prashant looks on. Manav says, I can understand that you are brought up in Canada but that doesn’t mean this chawl people are bad. He apologizes to Prashant on Gaurav’s behalf. Prashant says no Azooba. Pushti says sorry to Prashant. She says, shall I call you Prashant dada. Prashant says why not. You are like my younger sister. Manav smiles. Prashant looks at Gaurav.

Naren happily hugs Ahana and says he is happy as she will be getting a business woman of the year award soon. He says Shekhar has a proposal with the Canadian company and her partner would be Pari. He insists Ankita to do the project individually and has fixed a meeting. Ankita says she cannot do partnership with Pari as she is very experienced and asks him to help her. Naren says he will morally support her, but she has to it herself. He says it is her show and she should handle it. He takes her clothes from cupboard and says when he goes to important work, she gives him clothes, so he will give clothes to her. He keeps matching watch, purse, hairclip, etc. and asks her to get ready soon. Ankita says she gets nervous when she goes to meetings alone. He asks if PAri looks beautiful. She says she is beautiful. Naren says she should not take a risk as when Pari sees him, she will flew him away. He says his pari is Ankita and has set his life meeting with her. He asks her to get ready. Ankita goes.

Precap: Ankita asks Pari not to praise her much and says they should order food now. They both order cheese garlic bread. Ankita says their taste match. Pari says she used to prefer pizza before.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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