Nadaan Parindey 13th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Nadaan Parindey 13th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Purab meeting Meher on the way. He sees her crying and asks her what happened. She says Sameer refused to marry me. Purab is shocked. She says he said his life changed and he no longer loves me, did I go to marry him, he cares for no one. Purab thinks why is he doing this, what does he want to do, how can he refuse to marry Meher. Meher says now he has become a hero and he does not need you. Purab says shall I talk to him. Meher says no, even I won’t marry him now. Purab smiles and says don’t worry, everything will be fine. She says I m not so weak. Purab says you are right, he did not value you, he should have, maybe he does not deserve you. She says now I won’t agree if he comes on his knees. She leaves.

Purab thinks there is something fishy, he became an army man to marry Meher, and he refused to marry her, he did not remember that I shot him, but he remembers everything about his childhood. Purab comes to the place where they went on their mission. He thinks how he shot Sameer. He thinks I don’t understand, I shot him and still he came back, fine he got saved but why did he change, why does he want to join army so soon, there is something we don’t know about him.

Sameer sees Malik’s helper and sends Angrez to talk to him. Sameer talks to that man and stops seeing Purab. Purab comes to Sameer and asks who are you, what do you think we all are fools and we won’t know your games. Sameer asks what did I do, which game. Purab says you look innocent but you are not, now your true face will come infront of everyone. Smaeer asks what happened. Purab asks why did you break relation with Meher, why did you refuse to marry her, you would have asked me before doing this, what will people tell about her.

Sameer says I feel I can’t keep her happy, I m in my own questions, I can’t forget the torture, I can’t marry, why to make her wait for me. Purab says so this is the matter, you should have asked me, anyways, forget it now, are you sure about this. Sameer says I can’t marry Meher, as I have a major change in me, my mind and heart does not think the same. Sameer asks does your life also have this time. Purab asks him to confirm. Sameer says this is mu decision.

Purab asks what happened with you. Sameer says I have become a stone, the old Sameer won’t return now. Purab says I understand, don’t worry, don’t change your decision now. Purab leaves. The man calls Malikand gives him some important info. Meher packs her bag. Bebe comes to her and asks what is she doing and where is she going. Meher says my home, I m missing my dad. Bebe says go and meet him. Meher says I will stay with them for some days.

Bebe says its good, you can spend some time with them, then you will get busy after marriage. Meher says what marriage. Bebe says what. Meher changes her words. Bebe talks positive about the marriage and looks much happy. Meher hugs her and cries. Bebe asks her not to cry then she will be keeping her forever. Meher thinks how to tell you the truth Bebe, you can’t bear it.

Sameer gets Malik’s call. Malik asks what are you doing, you are going against my orders, don’t do anything that anyone doubts you. Sameer says I can’t marry. Malik says you have marry her anytime. Sameer says this won’t be right. Malik says go and change your decision, control the situation, the mission should not be in any risk. Sameer says fine and gets worrid.

Purab comes home and calls out Bebe. He asks Meher did you tell Bebe. She says no. He says I will tell her. She says Bebe’s heart will break. He says but we have to tell her. Meher stops him and says don’t do anything till I tell you. Purab agrees and leaves. Bebe asks where did Purab go. Meher says he went and said he will meet you later. Meher asks Bebe to take rest. Sameer thinks about Malik’s words that he should marry Meher. Sameer tells Angrez that he is going home for some important work.

Sameer comes home and apologizes to Meher. He sees her going and stops her asking her to come with him. He tells about his mind wandering and getting doubts and strange thoughts. He says I feel I won’t get normal again. He says something died in me by the torture. She shares his pain with her and asks will you able to stay with me. She says you should have tried it. He says I took you to border where it started between us, but I felt liked I loved you, what if I can’t love you, what if you can’t be happy with me, why to hurt you, why to tie you in this relation, if you think I m wrong you can go, else stay back here. Meher seems to be convinced by his words.

Sameer asks her to stay for Bebe. He says he worries about Bebe and her, but she won’t understand. Bebe comes and asks what happened, are you not going. Meher says no, changed my mind. Bebe says I told you not to fight with Sameer, as you have to do what he wants. Sameer says explain her Bebe, not to threaten this that she will go. Bebe says I know your big heart. She says come in, I will make lassi for you, hear songs and have a talk. Sameer says thanks and goes in. Meher asks will you be my friend. Sameer stops. Meher says solid one, to tell the truth without hiding anything.

She forwards her hand. Sameer thinks about Malik’s words and looks at her. He comes to her and holds her hand. Meher smiles.

Purab sees a bullet mark on Sameer’s chest and is shocked. Meher puts water on Sameer and he says Muslim words which shocks her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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