Nadaan Parindey 11th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Nadaan Parindey 11th April 2014 Written Episode, Nadaan Parindey 11th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Mami telling Mama the qualities she is looking for in her bahu. Mama smiles and says bring 10-15 girls and make them one, then you will get the girl as you want, as all these qualities won’t be in one girl. The barber says I will bring such girl, you do the arrangements. Sameer comes asking for donations for the Lodhi. Mami asks him to do some work. Sameer says I m doing this work. Sameer jokes with Mami. Mami compares him with Purab and praises Purab. Sameer says yes, Purab can’t do this work, so I m doing this. Mama gives some donations. Sameer leaves.

Bebe is at the Dargah. Ya Maula…………..plays…………..She brings food for the old man. He sees her worried and asks what is the matter. She says Purab found a job for Sameer in Jalandar, my mind says let him go but my heart stops me.

He asks him to let Sameer go, if he does not learn how to walk, then how will he be on learn. He says maybe this job will make him learn walking alone. He says let him go. Meher is stitching and makes a new suit for Minty. Minty is very happy. Meher wishes to go Canada and says there is nothing bad to dream. Her dad asks her to go and meet Bebe as she is calling her. Maasi says I spoke to her then again she is calling her. He says let her go, how could I say no to Bebe. He asks Meher to go. Maasi asks Meher what is she doing. Meher tells her she has recycled the clothes. Maasi says fine, go and come back soon. Meher smiles and leaves.

Maasi asks Minty to do the work which Meher did on her clothes. Meher meets Purab on the way. Purab gives her lift. She says I have my scooty, I will go myself. He says you are rude. She leaves. He says I joked and she did not understand. Maasi sees Purab and talks to him. She says Bebe and Sameer are troubling me, don’t know what they taught Meher, she always go to them. Purab says he has kept Sameer on a job, he will go soon. He says Meher is ours too. Maasi is happy and says every parent want their child to be good.

She asks is Sameer really going. Purab says yes, he did this to help her. She says thanks, come to have sweets. He says that day did not come yet, I will come one day and have food. He leaves. The guy takes the photos of the soldier. Meher comes to meet Bebe and asks what is the work. Bebe says Sameer got a job in railways, Purab arranged it, make him ready to go. Meher is shocked and says great. Bebe says everyone are after him, I have to send him. Meher says she will convince Sameer. Bebe says really, sure, but how? Meher says only I can convince him. Bebe says go and talk to him now, I have to answer Purab in evening.

Meher says fine, did you become sure to send him, later you can deny. Bebe says my decision is firm. Meher says fine, pack his bag, I will convince him. Bebe gives her earrings. Meher smiles and hugs her. Bebe asks her what is she going to do. Meher leaves smiling. Sameer is asking for charity amounts. Meher comes to him and gives him Rs. 200. She says there is one condition. Sameer agrees. Meher says come with me. She says you have to come with me now. He says I don’t have time. Sameer’s friends looks at him.

Meher fools him about a movie show. Sameer agrees to go with her. His friends look at them and asks Meher to give them Rs. 500. Meher gives them. Malik is having lunch. His helper tells him that we are trying out best. Malik says everyone will die, we can’t wait further. Meher brings Sameer to watch the movie Bullet Raja and sees rush at the ticket counter. She fools everyone and buys tickets. Sameer is happy and says you are my best friend. She says you too, will you listen to what I say. He says yes, you say it once. They watch the movie.

Meher tells him about the Jalandar job and asking him to shift there. She says don’t worry about Bebe, now you are grown up, be a man. Sameer is focused on the film. Sameer cries seeing the film.

Meher asks Sameer to go for the job. Sameer says Bebe won’t send me away. Bebe asks Sameer to go, earn and eat on his own. Sameer is shocked.

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