Sadda Haq 11th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 11th April 2014 Written Episode, Sadda Haq 11th April 2014 Written Update

Investors tell Sanyukta’s dad if they don’t get their money back within 2 weeks, then they will choose legal ways. Ankit says it’s their loss in that, it will take 10 years then. Ankit’s dad asks him to stay quiet. Investors further say it will hurt their reputation and then talk about Sanyukta’s alliance with Sameer’s family as well. Sanyukta’s dad now gets mad and asks them not to drag his daughter in all this. They argue. Sanyukta’s dad asks them to leave. Ankit blames Sanyukta, but his dad scolds him for blaming Sanyukta for everything. Sanyukta hears everything and then hangs the phone. She says she will help out her dad, no matter what. It’s nearly 6pm. She runs.

She comes to Randhir and requests him to help her. She accepts all his

conditions as he is the only one who can help her. Randhir reminds her words that she spoke. She asks can’t they forget all that? He’s better than all their classmates and even he knows it. She requests him. Randhir says he would help her, but she’s little late. He starts walking. Sanyukta holds his hand and stops him. He says she’s so desperate. She says she came before 6 as per he said. He says even if doesn’t want to help, he will have to because of his promise. He asks her to curl her hair, wear dress like girls, wear accessories. From now on, he’s her master and she’s his slave. He leaves. Sanyukta says what she got stuck into.

Next day, Sanyukta takes out Indian dress. Kastuki asks why not her regular clothes. They are more comfortable. She says, she doesn’t need to be comfortable, she has to look like a girl. Kastuki helps Sanyukta in getting ready. She says she is doing this for her dad and won’t spare Randhir. Kastuki tells her, she should be thankful to him, she is looking so much different. She puts the bangles, payals, and all other accessories. Sanyukta says she didn’t know she would spend so much time in choosing a lipstick. She tells her she will see her in lab.

Later, Sanyukta is walking in the college. Boys can’t stop looking at her. YoYo says she never said that she got such a pretty sister.

Randhir is working with other students in the lab. Jiggy messes up something. Randhir tells him, he will blow up the college one day. He hears payal’s noise and turns back and is clean bowled seeing Sanyukta. He has a little smile on his face while everyone else is shocked. Sanyukta goes to Randhir and he’s staring at her. She asks him where he’s lost. She asks him if he’s happy, she came like the way he wanted, so now can they work on her design after the class? Randhir laughs off and says done. She asks him why he’s laughing. Randhir says no matter how much effort you make, coal can’t become a diamond. Sanyukta says she doesn’t want to become diamond either. She walks away. Kastuki tells Sanyukta she is looking so hot. Jiggy also tells Randhir, she is looking so cute. Randhir again looks at her. Kastuki tells her, she saw Randhir glaring at her. Sanyukta says it was just because so he can show her faults. She says and what is all this. If I try to adjust my hair, then bangles get stuck. If I adjust the bangles, then dupatta starts falling down. Kastuki says it’s okay, its just for some time.

All boys are looking in the lab. Kastuki shows it to Sanyukta. Sanyukta asks why they are looking like this. Kastuki says they also saw the girl in you. Sanyukta says, please, it’s all because of Randhir. I am so uncomfortable, if I didn’t need Randhir’s help, then I would have never done that. Kastuki says, she is still looking very beautiful. Sanyukta doesn’t like boys staring at her. She says she will go to Parth, at least he won’t stare at her.

She comes to Parth and he doesn’t give any attention at first. She says in her mind, he’s not even looking at me. Parth now turns and sees her and is surprised. She tells him to say whatever came in his mind, clown, joker, or whatever. Everyone has made her half unconscious anyway by staring at her since morning. He tells her they are looking at you because you’re looking very pretty, it’s not their mistake. He tells her to get used to as their eyes won’t come off her. Sanyukta smiles. He asks her about the model. She says she is working, she will ask him if she needs help.

Vardhan sees the students looking in the class. He asks them what’s going on. They all run away. Vardhan comes in and asks why they were looking in. Vidushi gives a taught about Sanyukta and Vardhan notices her. He says, anyway he came to tell them that they are getting into level 2 of Dream Team. It’s not going to be easy. Vidushi comments to Sahil like it was easy before. Vardhan continues, this time they will have to repair real bikes. Sanyukta is uncomfortable and keeps making bangles noise and drops her earring. Vardhan scolds her and asks if she’s trying to distract. Randhir smiles. Vardhan tells Sanyukta, she is spoiling this college and asks her to get married, if she wants to do all this. Randhir says he’s saying from the start, girls don’t deserve to be in college. Vardhan asks him if he asked him anything. Have some respect when professor is talking. He tells all, they all were looking at a girl instead doing their work. He asks them to have some shame and he doesn’t want them to lose their focus because of a girl. Vardhan leaves. Sanyukta feels bad while Randhir is all smiling. Parth comforts Sanyukta and asks her to relax. Randhir’s smile disappears.

Later, YoYo comes to Randhir and says, his Sanyukta was looking stunning. He asks “my”? YoYo says he means his classmate. Sanyukta comes there and asks YoYo to shut. Randhir says even Vardhan said good about Sanyukta today. She says it’s all because of him, people are laughing at her. She hopes that he remembers his promise and will fulfill it like a man. He tells her, she’s forgetting her promise. He not only asked her to become a girl, but also behave like one. He tells her to behave from now and asks her to follow him. YoYo still can’t believe this is Sanyukta.

They are working on the model. He tells her it’s his job and asks her not to disturb him. She asks if he does all the work, then what she will do? Entertain him? He likes that idea. He tells her she will cook for him now. Sanyukta asks if he’s blackmailing her. He says he will now and asks if she cares about her father or no. She has no option, but to agree with it. She says she will get tea and snacks for him from somewhere. Randhir looks at her. She says, she means, she will make it and bring it. Randhir says, better. He now thinks of something else. He tells her as he has already started her transition, why not help her to become an ideal lady. So he asks her to prepare full meal, so she understands car engines don’t look good in girls’ hands.

He asks her to get to work, bring vegetables and other required stuff. He says he wants soup first and asks her to prepare it in front of him. She says it’s not allowed her. He says she knows how to break the rules very well. Sanyukta complains him for what he’s making her do. He says, she’s learning all things that a daughter should know and her dad will be so happy. Sanyukta leaves frustrated. Randhir is all smiling.

She comes back and is cutting vegetables. Randhir is laughing. He tells her, for the first time, she is doing girls’ work. Carry on. Vardhan comes there and he smells it. He asks what the hell is this? What’s happening here. Randhir’s laugh disappears. Him and Sanyukta both look at Vardhan.

Precap: OMG. Randhir tells Sanyukta, she will propose to the guy who comes first from the corridor. If she gets rejected, then she knows what he will do. It’s Parth who comes. Randhir gets serious now. Sanyukta walks towards Parth. Randhir says to himself, she won’t do this. Sanyukta loses her balance and Parth catches her in his arms. Sanyukta goes on and says, “I LOVE YOU”. Randhir is stunned!!!!

Update Credit to: Tina

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