Nadaan Parindey 10th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Nadaan Parindey 10th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Meher telling Purab that this is their Sameer and it is proved now. Purab thinks why is Sameer doing this, did he lost his partial memory or is acting to expose me. Sameer says get ready, we have to go to panchayat. Purab says you go, I m busy. Sameer says they want to honor me, but you have to come, as they have to know the story which only you know. He asks Purab to come and leaves. Purab says it happened which I m afraid of, he will tell the whole Pind what I did with him. The panchayat starts.

The sarpanch honors Sameer and praises him. Everyone clap for Sameer. Purab looks at angrily. The sarpanch says we did a big mistake, we are ashamed for that, we apologize to him, this is the place where Bebe and Sameer were insulted and we will respect them at this same place. Bebe is happy being honored. Mama says it’s the fruit of your patience. Bebe speaks up and says what sarpanch told about Sameer is right, I m proud of my son. Everyone looks on. Bebe says I just want to say, when Sameer went, my breath stopped but Lord exists as my son came back.

She says thanks to Lord and your prayers are connected to me, always bless my son Sameer. Everyone clap. The sarpanch asks Sameer to say some words, and tell them the journey of his six months. He says he is our hero Sameer Atwal. Purab gets up to leave. Sameer says Purab…….. Veer ji, sit. I can’t tell anything in your absence. Sameer says when I went on war with Bebe’s blessings, I just wanted to do my duty, I got wounded and got caught by them. I have bear a lot of torture there.

He says I did not know what is pain, I broke down many times, then a miracle happened that I m here back. He says you all are respecting me. Purab thinks what is he saying. Mama says I can’t believe Sameer is saying this. Bebe says I did not know this, he will be so mature. Sameer says someone was behind all this. Purab gets tensed. Sameer says I want you all to know who is that man, I will bring his face. Purab thinks he will lose his job and life. Sameer gives the credit to Purab.

Purab is shocked. Everyone clap. Sameer says he has put me in army, showed me right way, if he was not here, I would have not got this respect, so I m thankful to him. Purab smiles. Sameer asks him to come up and hugs him. Purab thinks its good you are forgetting it, you should forget the bullet which I shot on you, now I m not afraid. Sameer smiles. Purab talks to his senior and says my doubt on Sameer was wrong, he was looking changed but is normal now. He says he has to report on headquarters tomorrow.

Meher brings lassi for Sameer. He says thankyou. She says what did you say, thankyou. She says I can’t tell you Pyjama Singh now. He gets dressed in his uniform. She says enough, you are looking very smart. She says you went through a lot and you did not tell me, am I not your friend. He says what do you want to know. She says you can share your pain, I will feel good, else I will understand myself. He says tell Bebe I m going to headquarters. She says all the best. He leaves. She says what to do about him, so much attitude. She smiles.

Sameer answers to the army man and Purab looks at him. He gets tensed thinking what will Sameer say. Sameer says my enemy shot me, I was unconscious and don’t know anything, I was in their hospital then, I was much tortured there, they wanted to know the army secrets, which I did not know. I was new and did not know. Sameer answers well and says my family is of army. I can die for my country. They think Sameer is clean. Sameer asks why is this briefing happening. The man says we have many people in that country, why did they leave you in six months.

Sameer says more 4 people were also left with me. Purab thinks it can’t be answered. Sameer says maybe my mum’s prayers saved me. He leaves. The formality is over as Sameer is from a good family. Nimmi comes to Mangal and scolds him for seeing too much cricket. Balli answers her. Nimmi shuts off the tv. She asks Mangal to do the real work. He asks what. She asks what about Meher. Mangal says now Sameer has come, so lets bring her back. She says why, talk to Bebe about marriage and fix the date. He says fine, but we have to bring her back.

He says I will talk to Bebe. Balli asks Mangal why did he marry Nimmi. Sameer hears the Azaan and looks around. He removes his shoes and watch. He makes Wazu and wears a cap to offer Namaz. He starts offering Namaaz in his room. Meher comes to Bebe and asks what is she making special. Bebe says I m making this for Sameer. Meher says I will keep food for him. Bebe smiles and says why the hurry. She says no, I was thinking its hot, so. Bebe says I will take it. Meher says no, I will come. Bebe says Mangal is right, marriage should happen first.

Meher says nothing like that. Bebe says my son is a diamond, not like you to hide things from me. Meher says yes, I m coal. Meher walks towards Sameer’s room while he is offering Namaaz.

Malik meets Sameer/Iqbal and says your face meets with Sameer and so we have sent you in his place.

Update Credit to: Amena

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