Ek Boond Ishq 10th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
kala and nandu are seeing cctv, kala tells her that this juice has medicine, tara will be unconscious, door knocks, kala ask nandu to see, ts jairaj outside, he ask where is rudra, nandu says he out for some work, jairaj says i hadnt seen him going out, he says he went out along with tara and mj, do you have any work, he says yes i have to tell him some good news, she ask what, he says adi and meethi are going to parents, nandu is shocked, he goes.
meethi is doing some work, adi ask her to sit and says you will not do any work, will only watch tv and will eat only, meethi nods, nandu comes there and says you are very clever, she comes to adi and says i was fool that i thought you love, how i couldnt see that you love only meethi, adi shouts on her, nandu says by your shouting truth will not change, truth is that you played game, adi says you played gam with me, now go to your husband and be my tai, nandu says remember one thing that the women betrayed inlove is most dangerous, she is about to leave but says to meethi i will make garve of your child in your belly only. she leaves, meethi creis. adi ask her to not cry.

Scene 2
kala is watching cctv. PRECAP. mj points no to tara, tara thinks that there is something wrong with drink but if i dont drink it then kala will doubt on mj, tara says strange both glasses size are different, mj gives her one glass, she drinks and says this is bitter, mj ask her to drink, she drinks and feels dizzy, she says i feeling dizzy, she becmes unconscious, kala is happy, mj makes tara lie on bed, kala says bablu is passing all exams only last one is left, this is most difficult one and it will decide whether bablu wins or mj dies. waiter comes to mj and says now we have to go to kala, mj says what about tara, he says dont worry about her, waiter ties cloth on his eyes, mj thinks what kala is planning to do, 1st make tara unconscious and now taking me somewhere like this, waiter takes him to, waiter takes him to some place, rudra is there, rudra ask to take off cloth from his eyes, mj says this is my house, why you came here, did i do something wrong, rudra says no, i felt for you as you were missing suseela so i brought you here, but there is no one here as this house is not yours, suseela is nto here because she doesnt exist, she is character made by you, he points gun at mj and says i am not right mj? mj looks at him

Scene 3
nandu is at stable and says the kid who will kill my love, i will kill him 1st. some homely doctor comes, nandu has called her, nandu says i am not pragnant but someone else and i want to kill her child in belly only, doc say i cant do this, nandu gives her gold earrings, doc says its about innocent child, your earring cant buy motherly love, i cant kill the child but if you give me this gold necklace then i can think about it,nandu says you are a drama queen, okay i am fulfilling your wish, take this necklace as well as these bangles but tell me how will you kill chuld, she says i will give you a powder, make her eat it, she will have a miscarriage, nandu is happy.
rudra is pointing gun at mj, mj says kill me, I came in house on your insistance, i became mj and now you are killing me, wish my dada had allowed me to become actr, i did such a good acting and now you are killing me, rudra ask him to shut up and says if you are bablu then tell me where is suseela, mj cries and says i am afraid, you are dangerous, i sent her to her mother’s place being afraid of you, rudra says hosangabad is one hour away from here, i am giving you 2 hours, call her here otherwise i will kill you. mj says okay i will call, rudra says call her to bus stand.

meethi says i am tensed, nandu can harm our child, adi says dont worry, meethi says should i go somewhere, adis says nandu can stalk you anywhere, dont worry in a day or two kala’s truth will come out in open then our child will be safe, he gets mj’s call, mj calls him suseela and says come to bus stand, they are making me marry again so come here and save me suseela, adi understands it. mj ends call, rudra says why you lied that we are making you marry again, mj says she is my wife so i make her understand, if i hadnt told her that i am marryin then she would get busy in make-up. mj thinks i hope adi understands me. adi tells meethi that mj is in some problem, he wants that i send someone as suseela to him, meethi says how we will get suseela in 2 hours.

rudra has tied mj and says only 10 minutes are left from 2 hours and suseela hasnt come so this means there was no suseela, you are mj, now you understand that rudra cant be fooled, rudra can know anything, mj says i believe that you are great, you are too dangerous but i am not mj, i am bablu, rudra says you have decided to do this drama till your death then okay, he says now i will kill you, he points gun and start counting 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 … he is about to shot but some lady comes and says stop, they looks towrards her(face not shown).

PRECAP- rudra has tied tara and suseela to chairs, he gives mj a gun and says you have to decide now, if you dont shoot tara then i will shoot your suseela, now choice is yours.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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