Nach Baliye 7 2nd July 2015 Written Episode Update

Nach Baliye 7 2nd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Amruta apologizes to Upen saying she didn’t want to take any bad memory home. They hug and make up. Karishma comes and says she likes Upen’s all the things. She says he always motivates me and inclined towards positivity. She suggests him to relax his mind and go with the flow to make her life simpler. Upen says he will think about it.

Rithvik calls Amruta next. Dipesh says Amruta is very caring and amazing. He says she is not letting us go on a boys’ trip, me and Himanshu. Sana says Amruta is very lovely, sister like, and I always know Amruta for the rest of my life. She says she can let things go being emotional. Karishma says Amruta is very clean hearted girl. She says she is impulse talker and should correct it. Upen says I didn’t see Amruta talking angrily with anyone. Nandish comes and says there are lots of good things in her, and I can see lot of turmoil in her. He asks her to forget it and wishes her to calm down. Rashmi says Himanshu is very lucky to have her. Himanshu smiles. Rashmi says I want her to change her childish nature. Mayuresh says I really loves when she calls me Maya. Amruta says she gives pet name to everyone. Himanshu comes and says Amruta transform herself for me. I think this is enough for me. Rithvik says he understands Amruta well. Amruta thanks everyone.

Rithvik calls Karishma next. Ajisha says she is very helpful, and I talked to her with gujrati. She says I felt bad about her walk, and asks her to walk properly with her feet straight. Amruta says I love Karishma and her everything. She says there is a kid inside her, and she asks him to stay inside. She asks her to never change her relation with her mum. Rashmi says Karishma is very matured, and shop less. Dipesh says she is very sweet, and stays the way you are. Himanshu says she is a wonderful person, and needs to improve being impulsive talker. Sana says she didn’t like her height, and asks not to wear heels. Nandish says you have to more careful about your things. Upen says she is natural, talented girl. I wish she work harder. Rithvik says very very well played. He says this is not love challenge, but just an activity. I wanted you all to take good memory from her, and hopes you have learnt something today.

Rithvik tells that they have reached the finale week, and asks about their favorite love challenge. Karishma says I like donut love challenge. She says I was laughing and couldn’t eat. Upen tells that he liked the love challenge when he confessed about his dislike. Rithik says you had a fight during a love challenge. Upen says we have no choice, but to communicate with my partner. Karishma says this love challenge have definitely brought us together, as our relation is new. I didn’t regret to do this show.

Sana, Dipesh, Himanshu, Rashmi and others tell about their experience.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Interesting. Rithvik does a very good job as MC for this show.

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