Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 2nd July 2015 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 2nd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with,pandit is chit chating with tika and malkhan and comes vibhuti and anguri in a rickshaw and a man is announcing tat see wat vibhuti has to says and vibhuti announces tat they have started new cattering services named Sahi pakde hai u don’t have to cook food at home u will get home cooked food and u will get a roti,2vegetables,raita,rice,and sweet malkhan then asks wat is the rate and vibhuti tells its very less just 35rs and tika says its too costly and hapu singh says tat u shut up its very low rate and then pandit says tat even I will take the tiffin and hapu singh asks y u need he says I have to cook food at home and everyone laughs and then hapu singh says tat even I will take tiffin and and pandit says tat y don’t ur wife cook food and he says wats ur problem if I want to have it and vibhuti says tat first who gives order will get a sweet free and everyone gets in a line to give order and anguri is sitting to write the orders and saxena comes to vibhuti and says tat is there any job for him and vibhuti gives him the job to deliever tifins and then tika asks can we get non veg for 35rs and hapu singh gets angry and hits him and asks him to leave while anita sees all this from her terrace
Vibhuti goes home and anita is waiting and he is busy attending phone calls and after he finishes his phone cal anita asks where were u the whole day he tells her tat he has started a business catering business sahi pakde hai and anita says I heard tat in morning and he asks y were u asking then and anita says tat I wanted u to tell me and vibhuti gets a call and then after the call finishes anita asks vibhuti to go and wash the utencils and clothes and vibhuti says tat he is busy and he goes to attend phone and anita says now I have to do the work and leaves
Tiwari call anguri and says where r u u haven’t prepared nashta yet and comes vibhuti and he calls anguri and tells tat our catering services has got its first order of 50 tifins and he congratulates anguri and tiwari sees this and asks wat is this going on and vibhuti says tat its our business meeting and then they go in kitchen to decide the menu and tiwari wonders anguri is so busy and then saxena is seen counting tifins and anguri and vibhuti come out and ask have u checked the number of tifins and saxena says yes I have checked it and vibhuti gives him the list to whom the tifin should be delivered and saxena says tat I m very happy to see u working vibhuti brother and he cries and he then asks for advance and vibhuti slaps him and he says I like it and he leaves while tiwari comes out running and says to anguri tat wen will u give me lunch and vibhuti says to him u have hands go take it and anguri says tat ya u take it and feed ladu also and then vibhuti asks him to go in as they are doing business and comes anita and she calls vibhuti while vibhuti says tat he is busy in meeting and says tat ur looks don’t work on me now and anita gets upset and leaves
At night tiwari gets in a romantic mood and he applies perfume and awaits for anguri she comes talking on phone tell Mr. agarwal tat u give bad quality raw vegetables we will take it from other distributor and tiwari is waiting for her after she finishes her a call tiwari says tat today he wants to do romance and ball dance with her and she hands him 15000 rs and tells tat we have written the 10,000 rs I took from him and vibhuti asked me to give 5000 rs as interest and tiwari says tat it was not really essential and then he takes her hand in his hand and is about to start dance vibhuti calls her he is seen coming home and anita is waiting for him in gallery and he tells anguri tathe has checked with agarwal and the raw material is good and we will buy from him and then they decide the menu for next day and hungs up tiwari then starts going closer to anguri and then again Anguris phone rings and vibhuti asks u didn’t tell me about sweets and tiwari takes the phone and says wat kind of business is this tat u do till late night and vibhuti says tat we do a royal businesss not a business like u for undergarments and hangs up and tiwari goes to hug anguri and she is sleeping and he gets irritated vibhuti goes home and anita says tat I missed u I am happy tat u are working but u should give time to me and he says till today I have given time to life partner now its time for business and then he asks anita to close her eyes and she says is it a gift for me and he says yes and he gives her a gold ring and says tat it’s a 24 carrat gold and she then asks him tat she wants this ring to weared in her hand by rajaram and vibhuti gets a call and he leaves and then anita says thanx vibhu I love u.

Tiwari says to anita tat I cant see u upset we should find some solution on it and anita says there is no solution and tiwari says there is and he is then seen pouring a loose motion powder in hapu singhs tifin and says now when hapu singh will have food he will get ill and their business will be closed.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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