Nach Baliye 7 10th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Nach Baliye 7 10th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rithvik and Karan welcome the judges Marzi, Chetan and Preity on

Nach Baliye season 7

Rithvik tells that Karan got married this week and has great chemistry with his wife. Karan blushes and says let’s see jodis’ chemistry.

1. Sana Saeed and Dipesh Sharma:

They perform sensually on the song Bhare Mohe Naina………from the song RA.One. Everyone clap for them.

Judges comments:
Marzi says Sana is a good dancer and emotes well. He says song is not depended on Sana, as lyrics lipsing is done by Dipesh. Dipesh is commedable and showed that he is in love with Sana.

Preity says it is unbelievable and don’t know what to say. She praises their jodi.

Chetan says you have spunk and s*xy factor in you both, and you can do much better.

Scores: Marzi 10, Preity 10, Chetan 9 = Total 29

2. Shakti Arora and Neha Saxena:

They dance superbly as doll or puppet on the song Love is waste of time from the film PK.

Judges’ Comments:
Marzi says, your detailing is very very nice. Your custome, make up and everything is awesome. He says dance was disappointing and the reason was…..He gives standing ovation to them and says he wants Chetan to give too.

Preity says you both were fabulous. She says doll dance was very difficult, but you did it very well and rock tonight.

Chetan says he couldn’t keep his eyes off from them and Nach Baliye is for them.

Scores: Preity 10. Marzi 10, Chetan 10. Total 30.

Karan and Rithvik bring some humor in the show and ask everyone to illustrate the hindi proverb in english. They later give the translation dictionary to Marzi.

3. Aishwarya Sakuja and Rohit Nag:

They perform romanctically on the song Kuch Khaas Hain…………….. from the film FASHION.

Judges’ Comments:
Marzi says act was beautiful. Very good, commendable, cneanle and a great act

Priety gives standing ovation. She says your last act was bad, but today you performed like beautifully perfect couple.

Chetan says you can do much better.

Scores: Marzi 9, Preity 9, Chetan 7. Total 25.

4. Jai Soni and Pooja Shah:

They perform aerial act on the song Chali Karde Seena Mera………… from the film BADLAPUR.

Judges’ Comments:
Marzi says it is not an easy style to do. You have hold on the character (bull). It would have been more awesome. Great act.

Preity says Pooja was superb. Good act.

Chetan says nice act. Pooja did well and can do better.

Scores: Marzi 8, Chetan 8, Preity 10. Total 26.

5. Himanshu Malhotra and Amruta Khanvilkar:

They perform fabulously on the song Mannwa Laage Sawre………from the film HAPPY NEW YEAR. Amruta breaks down after the performance. Preity consoles her. Himanshu says she got tensed during lift moment. They do the lift moment again.

Judges’ Comments:
Priety says act was amazing and beautiful. He says best thing is your husband, he whispered something in your ear when you got tensed. Himanshu has really earned my respect.

Marzi says ‘Tango’ shall do on this song. You did very classy. I liked Himanshu’s spirit. He says I want you to make sky on your performance.

Chetan says it happens sometimes. He shows the video clipping of Amruta and Himanshu’s newspaper task. Everyone claps for them. They get emotional and hug each other. Amruta says she spent 10 years under Himanshu’s protective shelter. Himanshu says let’s move on. Chetan says you showed that your wife is equivalent to you. He hopes Indians mentality change about their better half.

Scores: Marzi 8, Chetan 10, Priety 10. Total 28.

Karan welcomes Akshay Kumar and says chopper is ready if you want to make an entry through it. Akshay Kumar promotes his film Gabbar and has come with Shruti Hasan. A movie clipping of the film is shown. Chetan asks what has inspired him to take up the film.

6. Karishma Tanna and Upen Patel:

They perform violently on the song Kise Poochun Hai Aisa, Kyunki Tumhi Ho, Meherbani (medley song)…………..from the film TRAIN.

Judges’ Comments:
Marzi says Upen and Karishma are becoming better day by day. He says it was a nice act, and great. He gives standing ovation.

Preity says it was different and voilent. Karishma says they tried to show love through agression.

Chetan says I really loved it. It has everything. He asks why do you want to prove to the world that you love each other. Upen says love can’t be proved as can be just feel. Preity asks them to get matching tattos to prove their love to Chetan.

Akshay says it was a real act. He tells you did very well and I am proud of you. Shruti says it was amazing and you did very well.

Scores: Preity 10, Marzi 10, Chetan 9. Total 29.

7. Sharad Tripathi and Mrunal Thakur:

They dance wonderfully on the song Rishton Ka Manja………..from the film KAI PO CHE.

Judges’ Comments:
Preity says it is inspired by real life. She asks if their families are opposing. Mrunal says yes. She says she wants to marry him as she loves him. Sharad says they just want to live together for now and will marry 2-3 years later.

Shruti says love is important, but needs to know each other.

Marzi says lovely moment. He says he will do their kanyadaan.

Chetan says he liked everything. Well done.

Scores: Preity 10, Chetan 8, Marzi 8. Total 26.

Mrunal gets emotional seeing their parents’ video message. Akshay says he will prove that they will get along well and asks for eggs. He breaks egg on Sharad’s head to bring laughter and says you will marry surely (but didn’t say whom he will marry in future after Nach Baliye gets over).

8. Payal Rohatgi and Sangram Singh:

They dance superbly on the medley songs……….Dance Basanti, Main Jat Yamla Pagla Deewana………….

Judges’ Comments:
Akshay says he had enough fun watching their performance and claps for Payal. He says you both did very well.

Preity says you guys are so cute. She says fun factor was 5 on 10.

Marzi asks Sangram to handle Payal with care. It was fully entertaining act.

Chetan says Sangram didn’t need gym when Payal is with him. He says act was cute and fun, but competition is tough. He asks them to bring grace and love in the performance.

Scores: Marzi 8, Preity 8, Chetan 8. Total 24.

Akshay says we will play games. He wins over Sangram and splashes water on his face. Next, Sangram wins and splashes water on Akshay’s face. Akshay throws water on Sangram’s face and vice versa. Marzi says he wants to play the game with Chetan. Marzi wins and splashes water on Chetan’s face.

Akshay thanks Nach Baliye judges and everyone, before leaving with Shruti.

9. Rashmi Sandhu and Nandish Sandhu:

Nandish is performing solo as Rashmi is hurt and is in the hospital. He gets emotional. Judges give him permission to perform solo. He performs with his choreographer though.

Nandish performs fantastically on the song Party All Night…………….from the film BOSS.

Judges’ Comments:
Marzi says he will tell Rashmi about his drinking and jokes. He says his performance is commendable and asks him to keep doing.

Preity says amazing, actually genuinely, very nice.

Chetan says missing Rashmi, great job.

Scores: Marzi 8, Priety 9, Chetan 9. Total 26

10. Arpit Ranka and Nidhi Ranka.

They dance comically on the song Gandi Baat……..from the film R… RAJKUMAR.

Judges’ Comments:
Preity says she doesn’t know what to say. She likes their jump, rope sequence etc. It was mind blowing.

Marzi says I liked horn ok please act. He says we will never let anyone come in between your love.

Chetan says he liked it and asks them to do the blast in next dance performance.

Scores: Chetan 8, Marzi 8, Preity 10. Total 26.

Rithvik says time has come for the elimination. He calls Payal and Sangram and says they will eliminate this week. Shakti says he wants to say something and comes on stage.

Shakti says he wants to leave the show because of some family emergency and asks them to let Payal and Sangram stay in the show. Neha cries and says she never thought that she can dance in her life, but thanks to Nach that she performed. Shakti and Neha hug others. Rithvik says there will be 9 jodis next week to compete for the title.

This Week Elimination: Shakti and Neha
Move of the week. Upen and Karishma act.

Week days task are shown. Contestants performing the task.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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