Gulmohar Grand 10th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Gulmohar Grand 10th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Annie looking for the record room. She enters the record room. Neil sits for his work and finds Annie in the record room live feed. Annie thinks she needs the map and looks for some old records. She finds the map and smiles. Neil comes there and she hides. She leaves from there. Neil says this girl has something. Annie bumps into a hotel customer. She apologizes and he too says sorry. He looks a depressed patient with suicide ideas files. She says it was my mistake, I m sorry. He says you can leave.

She gets into his room and writes a letter to his wife, to use his insurance policy and free their loans, and apologizes for not being able to fulfill her hopes, and he has no way now than to die. Neil talks to Annie and asks what did she do in record room, what did she do what she gets tensed seeing him. She says what did I do. He confronts her. She says I wanted info about hotel and I like to know history. She says this building is old, its restored and could not explain the meaning.

He says no one is allowed to go there without permission. She sits on wet paint and he smiles. She asks what, can’t I sit here without permission. He says you got permission always. She says I said sorry, you are asking me as if I killed someone. He recalls the girl’s death. She says I m sorry, I was just getting info. He bends towards her and she moves back. He touches the wet paint and shows her. She is shocked and gets up. She sees her uniform spoiled. He says don’t give me this look, this eyes is yours and mistake is yours too. Annie complains to Teeshay. She says she stays away, her family is in Delhi.

Teeshay asks about her boyfriend. Annie says no, I will go as I have extra dress. She thinks they want to become my friends, I m lying, I m sorry, I don’t have any way. Gopal by heart apologizes to Sunita, and he has become a reason to die. He tries to commit suicide and tries to hand on the shower tap. It breaks and he falls down. He says its bad fate, Lord is punishing and not letting me die.

He gets Sunita’s call. She says she is worried for him as she is his wife, and asks him to come home. Gopal says I m fine, I came for work, will come soon, take care. He sees himself in mirror and gets scared. He calls reception and requests for room change. Jaitley thinks to find some solution, else all this will be gone. Annie brings food for him. Jaitley plays golf. Annie sees his and his daughter’s pic and asks him is she your…. He asks her to keep it down. She keeps it and it falls down, and breaks. She asks how dare she touch his belongings, and asks her to get out. Anirudh comes. Jaitley asks him to fire her.

Anirudh asks what happened and sees the broken frame. He says its fine, we will get it fix. He asks Annie to leave. Jaitley gets calls and disconnects. Anirudh asks him to relax, and says its new day, new things happening, how did photo frame come there, its her birthday, 26th. Jaitley cries and says he does not know. Anirudh asks him to call. A lady tells the staff about room cleaning and tips. They find the tap damaged and asks them to say house cleaning rules.

Annie comes to them and says I m sorry. She says you called me. The lady says I remember, you forgot the spoon when you took my plate at night. Annie says sorry. The lady asks her to stop doing mistakes. She says her salary will go if they find how many spoons are stolen from the hotel monthly. They ask Mrs. Verma to calm down. Mrs. Verma send Annie. Gopal sees his suicide ideas and thinks he lost with life, and not lose with death, he will eat sleeping tablets, and he will not survive.

He checks his bag and does not get his sleeping tablets, which he bought for this purpose. Annie bumps into him and says sorry. He thanks her for her help and asks for his medicines, he changed room and missed it. She asks why did he change room. He says bathroom shower rod was broken. She asks did you.. He says I did not do anything, don’t blame me. She says no Sir, I mean did you check your bag well. He says yes. She says the room is cleaned, we will check your new room. He keeps his things back and does not let her check the files.

She says she will talk to house keeping. He scolds her. She says its ok and calls Teeshay. She says his medicines are lost. Teeshay asks does he have BP, diabetics, heart problem, we have resident doctor, he will check. Gopal says he is not ill. Teeshay asks for prescription. They see it and laugh seeing its constipation. Shreya comes to Anirudh and he thanks her for all her help. She says I m your secretary and says she has booked his dinner date table and asks him to call Jasmine. He says thanks, its sorted, Pallavi likes it. She reminds his date with Jasmine.

Gopal complains about his medicine and Annie comes. Gopal says he does not need her help. The chemist says he can’t give him sleeping pills. Annie hears it and asks why does he need it. Gopal asks her to mind her own business. Sunita calls him again and cries, asking him to come home, she is scared. He cries and ends the call. He comes in the parking and says now no one can save me. He opens the car and theft alarm rings. The guards come. Gopal says sorry, don’t shoot me, this is not my car, I m guest in this hotel and shows his room login. Neil asks him to wait in lobby, his car will come. Gopal says I don’t need my car, and sits looking at a happy family. He thinks he does not have any option now. He gets sad and leaves. Annie gets his letter and reads it, being stunned.

Annie recalls everything and thinks of his suicide motive. She thinks whom to say, Anirudh, I m sorry, I have to tell someone. Gopal stops her and asks her not to say anyone. She says I m sorry, I have to say and confronts him. He says I won’t try to die now, I don’t know I m unlucky or lucky, I failed after 4 attempts. She says maybe you have reason to live, which you did not get till now. She asks is he sure he won’t try now. He says yes, the cloud of my head is moved, I saw kids playing and felt if I try, everything can be fine. She smiles and asks him ro promise. He says promise, and I will talk to my wife now, she I worried.

He gets coffee and says he did not ask for it. he asks her will she have soft drinks with her new friend. She says sure. Neil sees the live feeds and Annie comes. He argues with her and asks her to sleep. She says she came to talk about Gopal. He says security department does not take personal requests. She says its big matter. Its morning, Annie bumps into Tina. Tina says a man did suicide. Annie asks who. Tina says about Gopal. Annie says its not possible and thinks about him. She says this can’t happen and goes to see.

The police stops her and Annie goes inside. She sees Gopal and cries. Anirudh asks her to relax. The inspector says he took sleeping tablets overdose and asks what does she know. She says I spoke to him yesterday, this is not possible. She recalls and says he did not have sleeping tablets, his medical kit was lost, and he does not drink coffee after sunset, he was very happy, he said everything will be fine. Sunita cries and looks at her. The inspector says he will take Annie’s statement.

Jaitley asks about Annie, and Anirudh tells about Gopal, and police is taking her statement. Jaitley asks him to call Annie, he wants to talk. Annie cries sitting near the poolside. Anirudh talks to her. She asks why does Jaitley scold me always, he told you to fire me again. Anirudh pacifies her. She says I m sorry, I know I did a mistake, I broke that frame. He says about Jaitley’s daughter. He says about Gopal, he was murdered by his wife, people can do anything for money.

Neil says congrats for her talent. He says he has seen Gopal going to his room, and thought he will be happy seeing his wife, but she has killed him. Teeshay asks will Annie come for dinner. She says not today. Teeshay asks her not to refuse and insists. She says fine, drop me till bus stop. Teeshay asks Neil to come. Neil says I m on duty. Teeshay and Annie leave. Jaitley gets a call from a businessman. He says you will get your money. The man says he will buy his hotel soon in few months. Jaitley sits tensed thinking.

Jaitley comes to Neil and says he made this hotel, and has many memories. Annie sees the map and calls someone. She says she will manage, no one doubts on her till now. She ends the call and looks on.

Annie thinks this is the right key and takes it. Jaitley asks Shreya about the golden key bunch. Neil questions Annie about it. Anirudh says he knows everything what she did and she gets tensed.

Update Credit to: Amena

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