Nach Baliye 6 9th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Nach Baliye 6 9th November 2013 Written Episode, Nach Baliye 6 9th November 2013 Written Update

This season of Nach Baliye 6 starts with 11 sizzling celebrities performing with their respective Baliye’s to win the competitive title. The competition will be tough as all the jodis are extremely talented and it will be fun to watch their dance moves and fantastic chemistry with their partner’s.

The show is hosted by famous Karan Wahi and Gautam Rode (Saras) with their act. Gautam asks when he will get married and says he is jealous of the jodis performing with their baliye’s. Karan says one day you will get love. They performs on the song Chalgayo re phisal gayon re….

They welcomes the guests and says Nach is the excuse, to call the judges and the performers.

Gautam and Karan introduces the judges Terence Lewis, Sajid Khan and Shilpa Shetty Kundra.

Shipra Shetty performs on the song Halla machaye re..Gautam welcomes her on stage. Karan compliments her and says you are looking cute. Shilpa asks, who are you? Gautam and Karan gets shirtless. Shilpa recognises them and asks them to stop flirting.

Terence lewis enters on the stage shirtless. Karan jokes they are shirtless as they didn’t have talent. Karan, Gautam and Terence performs on the song Besharam. Shilpa asks them to wear shirts. Terence says he is happy to be back on Nach Baliye 6.

Sajid Khan makes an entry with the girls dancers in a judge’s attire. Gautam and Karan welcomes him.

Karan and Gautam introduces the first jodi.

1. Gurmeet and his wife Debina.

Gurmeet and Debina dances on the song DHATING NAACH from the movie Phata poster nikla hero and plays Shank during the performance.

After the performance, Debina tells that they became television actor’s just to take part in Nach baliye.

Shipra appreciates their performance and says it is like breaking the stage. She says she is amazed with their starter.

Sajid jokes that after the nach baliye, may be you will leave television.

Terence says, I can’t believe the compliment you gave that you joined acting only to be a part of nach baliye, its great.By far this is the best compliment nach baliye got. Gurmeet and Debina thanks him.

2. Rithwik Dhanjani and Asha Negi.

They performs on the song Teri jhuki nazar…chaahe kuch na kehna…Bhale chup tu rehna from the film Murder 3.

Terence asks, did you took the dance training. Ritwik says no, I just love dance. Asha says no, I just performed with ritwik in dance functions. Terence says it was very good. Terence says you will be tough competition.

Shilpa says you are super talented and says she will not be surprised if they reach to the finals.

Sajid says he liked their perfiormance. He jokes and says I m not giving the marks today. He tells Gurmeet that Ritwik and Asha are better than him and Debina

Rithwik and Asha thanks him. Asha says she tried to reach to Rithwik levels and used to drink energy drinks. Terence says he will help every jodis.

3. Raju Shrivastav and his wife Shikha.

They dances on the song 1 2 3 4 and Lungi dance from the movie Chennai Express.

Sajid says you dance so well and tells Shikha that you both have enjoyed the dance amidst the nervousness. He appreciates them and says Indians got their dose of laughter by Raju srivastav

Karan says Shikha was nervous and they show some photos of Raju and his wife Shikha.

Shilpa says, I can understand that this decision would have been tough for you as you are a housewife, hats off to you for your efforts. She says I want to see more of you because your journey on this show will be interesting and inspirational for others. It is commendable.

Terence says don’t be nervous Shikha, learn from Raju, support him and I want the whole audience to clap for you.

Shikha says after getting the comments, she feels confident.
Shilpa asks what did your family react when you decided to come on this show.
Raju says my mum asked us to do anything we want, but asked my wife to wear sarees and hold their values.

4. Kanika Maheshwari and Ankur Ghai

Bhabho gives blessings to Kanika aka Meena of Diya aur Baati hum. Bhabho requests the viewers to give love and support to Kanika and her husband Ankur.

Kanika and Ankur dances on the song Koi yahan nache nacha… sare haseen yahan nache nache…. awwa awwa…..from the movie Disco dancer.

Sajid says to Kanika that Ankur is better than her. He asks why he is nervous. Ankur says he performed for the first time on stage. Ankur says he is a construction builder. Sajid jokes can you pay us. He says you have unusual quality which you take you very far.

Terence says he is superb. And says we will not compare you with other. He asks him to enjoy the journey of love and romance.

Shilpa praises him and says you came here to support your wife and applaudes for him. She tells Kanika that she is graceful and their love reflects in their dance. She asks them to keep the love and strength going.

Gautam asks Neelu aka Bhabho about Kanika’s performance. Neelu says she likes their performance. She pulls Ankur’s nose as a ritual. Gautam asks for Arvind ji. Neelu says Arvind send love to you all.

Gautam shows their journey of love and shows the photos. Ankur says he is giving importance to her dreams as she used to take care of his dreams. Kanika gets teary eyed and says it is tough to handle the relation because of their long distance relationship.

Shilpa says it is beautiful platform and you will feel happy performing. She welcomes them. Sajid asks him not to get nervous.

5. Vinod Thakur and Raksha Thakur

Sajid introduces Vinod and Raksha and says it is extreme honour to present this special couple who believes love happens by heart.

Raksha performs on the song Ban ke titli dil uda, uda, uda hai kahin door,chalke khushbu se juda, juda hai kahin door from the film Chennai Express.

Vinod performs on the song Kar Ja Re Ya Mar Ja Re Tu from the film Dhoom 3 with Raksha.

Everyone applauded for their mind blowing performance.

Sajid says you are a Tv star and we can’t keep an eye off your performance. Vinod hopes for their bright future.

Shilpa says your act was incredible and she was surprised. She says you are definitely blessed and compliments his smile. She tells Raksha that she hats off to them and says their performance is superb.

Terence says he is amazed with their performance. He says I am feeling my hairs are rising up and says it is unreal. He is lucky to have seen their performance. He says this performance is historic. He asks Raksha whether it is arranged or love marriage. Raksha replies love marriage. She says he is the man who can make her happy all her life. Vinod says she is beautiful and God made her for me. Raksha says their relation is like shadow and body which can’t be seperated. Vinod says he is married and have talent.

Raksha requests Terence to dance with her. Terence happily agrees and they dances on the song titli dil uda, uda, uda hai kahin door… Terence says you deserves a salute. He says whenever I will be sad, I will remember your face.

Gautam and Karan tells the viewers that they will introduce the remaining jodis tomorrow and tells good bye.

Rest of the jodi’s performing on the stage.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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