Nach Baliye 6 10th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Nach Baliye 6 10th November 2013 Written Episode, Nach Baliye 6 10th November 2013 Written Update

Yesterday, started weekend entertainment of the year Nach Baliye season 6. 5 jodis have already showcase their talent through their dance moves. Let’s join the entertainment and romance treat with this dance show. Judges comes on the stage and says this platform gave a new recognisation, where romance got a new platform, which have become India’s honour, reputation and grandeur. The name is Nach Baliye 6, co-sponsored by CERA.

Gautam Rode and Karan wahi does the Mohabbatein act and Gautam plays the violin in Shahrukh style. Karan introduces the 6th jodi of Nach Baliye.

6. Amrapali Gupta and her husband Yash Sinha.

They performs romantically on the song Main Rang Sharbaton Ka Tu… Tu Meethe Ghaat Ka Paani…from the film Phata Poster Nikla Hero and also on the song Tum Jo Aaye Zindagi Me….Baat Bangayi… from the film Once Upon A Time In Mumbai.

Karan asks the judges to comment about their dance.

Terence says to Amrapali that I watch you serial and you look different, you look good while dancing. He says to Yash that his performance is a star performance and he likes to see them.

Shilpa says you are very graceful and dances gracefully. I want to see your graph. You are a good couple and dance really well. Shilpa says you both are very cute.

Sajid says your entry is good and my mom watches your serial.H e asks them to repeat a step and they does. Sajid jokes and says never say No just says Yash. Sajid likes it and says welcome and good luck.

Karan tells that they have two TV vamps, Amrapali and Kanika and asks Sajid to give voiceover for them. Sajid asks Amrapali to do the act with the voice over, she does the act gracefully and everyone laughs. Kanika also performs on the voice over. Everyone laughs on their performance.

Karan shows the photos of Amrapali and Yash. Yash says they have dated for 4 years and married last year. He says her behavior is extreme Amrapali says she is full of energy and temperamental. She says only Yash can handle her. She says that she is happy to get Yash as her husband.

Gautam presents the next heavy jodi…

7. Kiku Sharda and Priyanka Sharda.

They dances on the song Ram Ji Ki Chaal Dekho…Aankhon Ki Majaal DekhoTattad Tattad…. from the film Ram Leela, and also dance on the song Ladke O Re Ladke Kahaan Se Aaya Hai Re Tu…. Ghagra from the film Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani.

All the judges gives them a standing ovation. Gautam says their performance is like earthquake coming up.

Terence says he used to watch his comic shows but he didn’t know that he is a good dancer too. It is surprising for him. He says, he is bowled by them. Terence says this performance is more than super.

Sajid says you make very good TV and we can’t keep our eyes off you. He welcomes them on the show.

Shilpa says she didn’t expect them to do wonderful dance. She says what a energy. She praises their chemistry.

Terence asks Kiku’s children about their parents performance. The kids says that they like their parents performance. Terence asks them to dance and they dances with their parents on the song Disco Deewani.

Gautam shows their journey of love in the photos. Kiku says their marriage is an arranged one. Priyanka says they are happy with each other. She says Kiku gives time to children and less time to her.

Terence says this complain is of every Indian woman whose husband is busy in work. And says Kiku loves you very much. This season of Nach Baliye is filled with romance. Shilpa says wife used to wait for her husband. She asks Kiku to spend quality time with Priyanka.

Gautam and Karan introduces the next jodi.

8. Bruna Abdullah and Omar Herror.

They dances on the song Subah Hone Na de Raat ….Saath Khone Na De…..
Ek Dusre Ko Sone Na De…. from the film Desi Boyz.

Everyone applauds for their blistering performance. After the performance Bruna says that her lover is very good looking, caring and her life.

Shilpa says both of you are beautiful, vivacious and with loads of energy you have performed. She says she is looking forward to their future performance and welcomes them.

Terence says, we know you are from Brazil and says he saw a section of Samba in her dance. He says you are very hot and you looks hotter while dancing.

Sajid says Samba is from bollywood, India and jokes. He asks them to keep smiling and keep the spirit. He welcomes them.

Bruna and Omar does the skit on Terence, Sajid and Shilpa. Raju says he is Indian’s Sambar, if Bruna is Brazil’s Samba. Raju shakes a leg with Bruna. Sajid jokes with Omar that Bruna’s new partner is Raju.

Masterchef India Judges presents the next Jodi.

9. Ripudaman Handa and Shivangi.

They dances on the song Party All Night from the film Boss and also dances on the song Besharam from the film Besharam.

Sajid says, you are a winner of Masterchef India. You cook well. You dances well. He praises them and wishes them all the best.

Terence says he was surprised with their performance. And says you became Chef by mistake and you should become a star.

Shilpa says she is impressed and says their performance is superb. Sajid says he is like Akshay Kumar, Superb dancing Chef.

Ripudaman says he met Shilpa on the sets of star award function. And says you came to me and said you have done a good job. Sajid jokes whether Shilpa slapped Ripudaman. Karan asks for a slap from Shilpa. Ripudaman gifts Rasgulla bouquet to Shilpa.

Gautam and Karan presents the surprise performance by Terence. Terence dances on the song Sunn Raha Hai Na Tu from the film Aashiqui 2 and also dances on song Sadda Dil Vi Tu from the film ABCD anybody can dance. He plays Shank after the performance. Shilpa praises his performance. Sajid also praises his worth watching performance.

Akshara (Hina Khan) comes on the stage and prays infront of Tulsi plant. Gautam falls in love with her and thinks to propose her. Karan talks with her and says they didn’t want anything in dowry. Just then Naitak comes and calls her mum. Gautam is heart broken while the song Sun Raha Haina Tu plays.

Akshara says she came to introduce the lovely onscreen and offscreen couple,

10. Sanjeev Seth and his wife Lata Seth.

They dances on the song Sajda Tera Sajda… Din Reain Karoon Na Hi Chain Karoon from the film My Name Is Khan.

Shilpa says, welcome to the show. She says it was a difficult act to execute with the water but you did it. You both enjoyed well. You both are graceful and she is looking forward to see them.

Terence says he can’t believe to see their performance. He says the dance is graceful. You are on par with my expectation. I am very happy and asks them to keep on doing.

Sajid says, you did good and can do better without water. You expressions were covered by the water droplets. He wishes them all the best.

Gautam invites Akshara on the stage. Akshara says she liked their performance and asks the viewers to give votes to her onscreen parents.

Gautam shows their journey of love through the photos. Sanjeev says he was a divorcee with two childrens and later met Lata. He felt that he got another chance and didn’t want to lose the chance. Lata says that she got security and protection from him. Lata says she became mother after the marriage. She says she wants to erase the word step mom. She says she became mother of her own baby. Sanjeev says he is very much happy than before.

Terence says he prays for their jodi to be united always.

Gautam and Karan introduces the last jodi and sings Ilu Ilu.

11. Raqkesh Vashisth and Riddhi Dogra.

They dances sensationally and steam up the floor with their performance on the song Saans Me Tere Saans Mili Toh Mujhe Saans Aayi…… from the film Jab Tak Hai Jaan.

Shilpa compliments Riddhi and says you are beautiful. You both have dances passionately with sizzling hot chemistry.

Terence says, your dance is perfect. He praises their lifts during the dance. Your chemistry is reflecting in your dance.

Sajid jokes and asks her to lose weight. He says very well presented package and welcomes them. He says Wow.

Terence asks Gautam to learn from them. He gives a scene to Raqkesh and Riddhi and asks Gautam to enacts them. He asks Gautam to perform the romantic scene with Karan. They does the Dostana act and kisses each other. Everyone laughs.

Rithvik with other male participant requests Shilpa to perform with them. Shilpa dances on the song Dilwalon Ke Dilon Ka Kharar Lootne…with the participants.

Sajid tells Good luck to all the contestants and asks them to work hard and not disappoints the viewers. Gautam and Karan says you saw entertainment and will see competition. Here, will have dance which will enhance the romance and sign off.

Stylish moment of the week is Bruna and Omar’s sizzling samba style dance.

Next Week:
All the Jodis giving the sizzling performance on the hot numbers.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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