Nach Baliye 6 22nd December 2013 Written Episode Update

Nach Baliye 6 22nd December 2013 Written Episode, Nach Baliye 6 22nd December 2013 Written Update

Tonight on Nach Baliye will see Wild Card Entry of 2 jodis from the 4 eliminated jodis and 1 new jodi. The eliminated jodis will give the fabulous performance to enter through wild card. The 2 selected jodis will join in Super 8.

It starts with Gautam and Karan dancing wildly on the naagin tune. They welcome the judges Sajid, Shilpa and Terence. They welcome selected Super 6 jodi. Shilpa says it is a great opportunity for the eliminated jodis to enter in Super 8.

Wild Card jodis: Bruna-Omar, Yash- Amrapali, Raju and Shikha,and Ripu and Shivangi are invited on stage to compete and showcase their talent to enter Super 8.

Sajid says, this is a second chance for you all and you should perform wildly so that we take you back on show. Gautam says you will know about the 5th wild card entry jodi in sometime.

1. Yash Sinha and his wife Amrapali Gupta.

They dance sensuously on the song Ang Laga De Re…Mohe Rang Laga De Re…. from the film RAM LEELA.

Terence says, this song is very sensuous and it reflects the relation in a couple. He says, you did right somewhere. It was a beautiful act overall.

Shilpa says, you really give it your all. Yash was involved in the performance and says synchronisation and effort was good.

Sajid says, Good, your hard work is paid off. It was a most dedicated and appealing act of yours till now.

Gautam asks the judges to lock the scores and tell us at the episode ending. Yash says we got a second chance and we are praying to win. Yash shows off judges names written on his hands and promises if we enter wild card special then I will tatoo your names on my special places. Everyone laughs at his joke. He does shayeri/poetry for Shilpa, Terence and Sajid. Shilpa, Sajid and Terence does some laughter poetry.

2. Bruna Abdullah and Omar Herror.

They dance passionately on the song Le Le Le Re Le Le Maza Le…Raat Ka Jamake Maja Le…. from the film WANTED.

Sajid says, welcome back Bruna and tells Omar has become a dancer. We are happy with your well presented act.It was almost perfect act. Well done.

Shilpa says, Bruna is looking beautiful and tells I can see confidence in Omar. It was a difficult act and you did a lot of dancing in the act. She wishes them to make it to Super 8.

Terence says, this acts magical touch is Omar’s dancing confidently. It is a pleasure to watch Omar dancing. He tells Bruna that this was the best act of the floor of their performances.

Karan asks the judges to lock the scores for them. Ankur jokes with them. Bruna presents lamp to Sajid and asks him to make 2 wishes. Sajid says, my first wish is I want to see Ankur and Bruna dancing together. Ankur and Bruna dance on the song Delhi Wali Girlfriend Chod Chad Ke…from the film YEH JAWAANI HAI DEEWANI. Sajid tells his second wish, he asks Omar to give massage to Terence for 2 mins as he has his own spa. Omar massages Terence…

3. Ripudaman Handa and Shivangi.

They dance admirably on the song Dhundhla Jaayein Jo Manzilein….Ek Pal Ko Tu Nazar Jhuka…from the film ANJAANA ANJAANI. Shivangi was blind folded throughout the act.

Terence says, I was crying from inside to see this act. It was phenomenon. It was touching and beautiful. Both of you have acted very well. Superb.

Shilpa says, welcome back. This is a performance oriented act. You have tried a difficult act in this wild card entry episode. She says I am very proud of you. You should really get a second chance.

Sajid says, you have taken a big risk as this a do or die situation for you. I think you are brave person and this is the best act of yours until now.

Karan asks the judges to lock the scores and sealed in the enveloped.

Junior Masterchef’s Soham and Manuel comes to support Ripu and Shivangi and gifts toys and greeting card to Shilpa’s son Viaan. Soham does arm wrestling with Terence and make him lose the game. Manuel says to Ripu that we are your biggest fan and will support you always. Manuel asks Shilpa to dance with them. Shilpa and the kids dance on the song Lungi Dance….from the film CHENNAI EXPRESS.

4. Raju Srivastav and his wife Shikha.

They dance wonderfully on the song I Hate You Like I Love You…Tere Pyaar Ne Kar Diya Deewana…from the film DELHI BELLY. After the performance, Sajid asks Raju to comment for his performance on judges behalf.

Raju says, on Shilpa’s behalf that this performance is superb from bottom. On Sajid’s behalf, he says you are my friend and have been doing well. You are coming from above to the bottom. On Terence’s behalf, he says that I am surprised, wonder and scared as there is nothing below zero.

Raju gives gifts to Terence (moustache oil), Sajid (girls photos) and Shilpa (blanket).

Karan and Gautam invites the new jodi Sara Khan and Paras Chabbra. Sara says, I am performing with my real life baliye Paras. It is tough to compete with the other jodis but are hopeful to win.

5. Sara Khan and Paras Chabbra.

They sizzle the stage with their mind blowing performance on the song Pyaar Ki Yeh Kahani Suno…Ek Ladka Tha…Ek Ladki Thi…. from the film HONEYMOON TRAVELS PVT LTD.

Shilpa says, first of all I want to welcome you. You both are good dancers and says lets hope you join the show if you go through. Well done.

Terence says, to Sara that you are the most lovable daughter of star plus network and tells Paras that your hardwork is really appreciating.

Sajid says, hopefully this is your first performance and not last. And says Paras beats Sara in dancing. Paras says I didn’t perform on stage before and was little scared. Sajid says, you danced better than Sara and wishes them all the best.

Gautam asks the judges to lock the scores and tell at the episode end.

Sara and Paras’s love story video clipping is shown. Sara says I saw Paras’s photo on social site. Paras says, we have chatted all night and in the morning our status changed. We started loving the same night. We comes from different religion but we love each and that matters us a lot. Sara says, we keep fighting all the time and hopes to increase the romance at Nach Baliye. Sara speaks about love.

Terence asks Priyanka and Ankur to come with their baliye and do a face off. Karan says Face off jodi winner will get a gift hamper from odonil and Spa vouchers.

Kanika-Ankur v/s Kiku-Priyanka.

Kanika and Ankur dance on the song Kya Lagti Hai Haye Rabba…Kya Dikhti Hai Haye Rabba…from the film DULHE RAJA.

Kiku and Priyanka dance on the song Aankhiyon Se Goli Maare…Ladki Kamaal Re…from the film DULHE RAJA.

Both of the jodis performs on the song Hum Na Chode Tode Phode…Jo Bhi Humse Panga Le…from the film BOSS.

Terence says, starting was good. Kiku was superb and says Priyanka was shy but she pick up watching Kiku’s energy. My votes goes to Kiku and Priyanka.

Sajid says, Ankur and Kiku are the best as a couple. He says my votes goes to Kiku and Priyanka.

Shilpa says, to Kiku that you started with mind boggling energy. Superb. She votes for Kiku and Priyanka.

Kiku and Priyanka wins face off competition.

Odonil Fresh Jodi is Kiku and Priyanka and they get a gift hamper from Odonil and Spa voucher.

Gautam asks the 5 jodis to come on the stage. Sajid declares that first jodi entering Super 8 with 33 marks is Ripudaman and Shivangi. Shilpa says, second jodi who entered Super 8 is Bruna and Omar.

Terence says, competition will be tough now and asks the jodis to choose the one jodi who they think are tough competitor for them for the top 4 spot. The chosen jodi have to perform dance or act whom they think would be difficult for them. They have to compete on the stage.

Gautam invites the chosen Super 8 jodis and says these jodis are ready for the blast. Next week we will meet with the Super 8 jodis. Voting lines are closed this week.

CERA Stylish Moment Of The Week is Shilpa, Soham and Manuel dancing on Lungi dance tune.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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