Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 20th December 2013 Written Episode Update

Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 20th December 2013 Written Episode, Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 20th December 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with shruti going to dadi at nisha and pravin’s house. She sees that nisha is shouting dadi that dadi is living such a peaceful life but they are so unlucky to take all her burden on their heads and then she says that shruti also has married and went to her in laws and living nicely but they dadi lives free at home and does not do any work. Dadi is crying. Then shruti shouts nisha and asks her does she have any shame and then nisha ignores and goes away. Then dadi tells shruti to sit and then tells that how is she and how are ami and khushboo? Then shruti tells dadi that why is she still so calm and that there is nothing good there and she is still asking her how they are? Then dadi tells that she just cares for them and that she will manage everything of hers there. Then shruti is crying and hugs her.

At home, ami hides a cage under her jacket in which there is a rat and then she goes in prabha’s room where she is sleeping and then she removes the rat and keeps it on the bed and goes out. She locks the door and stands out. Then riddhi sees her and asks what is going on? She tells that she is only going on and then tells that she was just walking. Then riddhi goes. Then suddenly prabha starts dancing in the room and jumping in the room and panicking as she sees the rat there. Then riddhi sees prabha and then she opens the door and then tells prabha to come out, prabha comes running out and then she takes prabha and makes her sit on the sofa. Then gives her water, dad on listening this sound comes out and tells what happened then riddhi tells him and dad starts laughing and ami and khushboo also, then he tells that even a child must not be scared of that rat. Then he teases her and goes. Then ami tells khushboo that this is what a person suffers if one talks panga from her. khushboo tells that did she do this? Then ami says yes and then they both go laughing. Then riddhi tells prabha that she had seen ami roaming about her room. Then prabha tells that she must only have done this. Then she tells riddhi a plan and then riddhi goes ami and khushboo’s room. She then tells them do they want ice cream. Ami says why? Riddhi tells that dad had brought a new flavor and that’s why she asked. Then she tells that if she wants then they can take and if not then its ok. Then khushboo says ok. After eating the ice cream they both come in the room but they see that all their pics of their family and their pics with their dad have been torn and everything has been thrown down. Then they both go running and then pick up their dad’s photos and hug them and cry and say “dad, dad” then ami gets angry and tells that she will not leave prabha for this ever.

In the kitchen riddhi tells that she has done what she needed and that it is so amazing to see ami and khushboo like this. Then prabha tells that this was just the start there is much. Then she tells that they still have to spark fire, riddhi says in between whom then prabha tells that not between anyone but really put fire. Then prabha turns on all the knobs of the gas and riddhi gets scared and tells that what I she doing then prabha tells nothing will happen, then she tells riddhi that just stop anyone from coming In the kitchen. Then riddhi goes out and then sanjay comes from office and then riddhi asks him that did he talk to yogesh, sanjay tells that he will today , then she asks him that can he smell anything then he says gas and then he runs with riddhi and then sees that prabha is going to ignite the match stick and then he stops her and asks her that cant she smell the gas, she tells that she cant as her nose has been blocked because she was crying yesterday. Then he turns off the knobs and then takes her out and riddhi gives her water. Then he tells who did this, then prabha tells that shruti had forgotten while going and turned all the knobs. Then shruti comes and then sanjay shouts her a lot and tells that because of her something would have happened to mom and the whole house would have blasted. Then shruti says sorry and tells that she did not turn on the knobs and then thinks of what all happened today and he is sad. In the room shruti is very sad and is crying because dadi was not happy there and is living a bad life. Then she cries for what happened today. Then ami and khushboo come and hug her and shruti also hugs them.

Precap: ami is telling khushboo that how much is she reading history and that does she want to enter the book. Khushboo tells that there are exams and she should also study. Ami tells that if one day khushboo will enter the world of history then we will never be able to find her because there so many people in history and then ami tells that khushboo will stay back in that world and experience al the historical fights.

Update Credit to: Vishwal

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