Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 2nd October 2020 Written *Last* Episode Update: Ram unites Arjun and Pinky for forever

Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 2nd October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pinky sitting in an auto and announcing to the people using loudspeaker that today is Arjun Venkataram and Paro ji’s marriage. Arjun hears her. She comes to the mandap and asks Sunny to hurry up with the decorations. Sunny says my heart is not big as you, I can’t do this. Pinky says we both love him a lot, you know that Arjun ji is dependent on you so much. Sunny agrees to do. Antra brings the safa. Pinky says it is good that you brought. Antra asks why are you doing this. Pinky tells that she wants to see her Papa and maa happy and wants her support. Ram and Nalini come there with their family. Pinky asks Ram to sit and tell her if he needs anything. She comes to Arjun’s room and tells that he is getting late for haldi rasam. Arjun is crying and says I will do what I want, till now others have taken decision of my life, please don’t force me. Pinky says you only wanted this and asks him to come for her. She brings him out.

Arjun sits for his haldi ritual. Pinky asks Nalini and others to apply haldi. Nalini applies haldi. Asha couldn’t apply haldi to Arjun and cries, tells Nalini that she couldn’t do. Lakshman asks what happened to your Amma. Sarthak says she has become good. Pinky asks her not to cry and apply haldi. Asha touches Pinky’s face and says your height must be less, but you have a big role. She says Bhai Saheb is lucky as you are his daughter. Antra sees haldi on Pinky’s face and says you have done the rasam. She says you have applied Arjun’s haldi to Pinky, I used to say that their Jodi is made in heaven, but few people are not ready to listen. Arjun is about to get up, but Pinky stops him and applies haldi to him. Antra tells Ram that he must be feeling proud today as not only his daughter, but Arjun is giving sacrifice for him. She asks why don’t you see this, give your blessings and let them unite. Ram looks at them. Pinky applies haldi to Arjun with tears in her eyes, recalling their marriage. Arjun also gets tears in his eyes. He gets up and goes.

Nalini says I will help you (to clean the haldi from her face. Pinky says I will do it, as you have already helped me so much. Antra says you got your daughter, but empty. Pinky comes to Paro and asks if someone from her family haven’t come. Paro says no. Pinky says I am your family and brings her out. She gives her kamarband gifted by Arjun. Arjun recalls giving it. Pandit ji asks Arjun and Paro to sit. Pinky ties brooch/safa to his turban, as he sits. He apologizes to her. Pinky says you didn’t do anything wrong, my luck is bad and says marriage mahurat is going on. Pandit ji asks her to tie the ghatbandhan. Pinky ties the knot. Pandit ji asks who is from bride’s side. Pinky says I..Pandit ji asks who is from groom’s side and signs at Revati. Revati comes. Arjun looks at her. Pinky says she is your mother, you exist because of her and asks him to forgive his mother. She says I have forgiven my mother too. Revati asks Arjun not to marry Paro, but marry Pinky instead. Arjun says how to marry her, as her parents are not ready to bless us. Nandu prays to God to do Pinky and Arjun’s marriage.

Pandit ji asks Pinky to give thaali. Pinky bends down and gets the thaali. Her dupatta catches fire. Arjun bends down to set off the fire and the thaali falls in air. The garland falls on Pinky’s shoulders making her wear it and sindoor also falls on her forehead. Arjun and others are surprised.

Arjun says sorry to Paro and tells that he can’t do this marriage. He can live alone, but can’t become of anyone else. Ram says you will not stay alone and tells that he has never seen connection and love in anyone like him. He says Antra was right, your Jodi is made by God and apologizes to them. He says I am sure that Pinky can’t get good life partner like Arjun. Paro says you said right, Arjun is just of Pinky. Nalini apologizes to Arjun. Arjun says you can ask anything from me being a mother. Antra says let’s start the rounds. Arjun says I have a condition, Pinky shall do a stand up act before marriage. Pinky starts comedy and tells that one thing doesn’t happen in marriage, that is rest. She says my marriage will be different and tells that one thing shall not happen, serious like Arjun ji and my Papa. She tells that I will ask Chacha ji to come and he will come. She talks about blessings which gets by destiny and tells that few people are like blessings who make others life blessed. She says few people makes others destiny big like Arjun. Everyone laughs…

Arjun and Pinky take the rounds and sit for sindoor dan. He applies sindoor in her hairline and makes her wear mangalsutra. Everyone smiles and claps. Pandit ji blesses them. Arjun lifts Pinky and tells that for the world, she might be incomplete, but for him she is complete and completed this incomplete Arjun Venkataram. He says this Naati Pinky’s story will go on for 7 births with this Arjun Venkaratam. Arjun and Pinky smiles. Their happy life begins….The show ended on a happy note.

The show ended on a happy note with Arjun and Pinky’s union.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Nice story. Nice serial. I miss this show forever

  2. ShraddhaSharma392

    Nice show.. i like this type of show which end with when their motive is end… Otherwise other shows keep on dragging.. though i am not regular watcher of this show, rather my mother use to watch it.. b

  3. Wow!! Such a nice ending!
    I liked the structure of this show, I’ll miss it

  4. It was a good show with something different. I liked how Pinky was always portrayed as a happy go lucky girl who always found weird solutions to problems. Arjun was also quite different from the typical filthy rich, arrogant, casanova/bad guy that we get to usually see on TV.

  5. I’m going to miss this serial plus arjun ,pinky and sunny. This show shouldn’t go off air. Thanks to the kindest person who had given us wriiten updates for this serial. Thank You.

  6. This show went off air as it wasn’t Ekta’s show even when the show was doing quite better than Ekta’s Pavitra Bhagya on the same channel. Nepotism still exist despite of all the tall claims about it’s non existence. Anyway this was a good show with good leads. This will be missed greatly.
    Thank you so much for everything, Team Naati Pinky❤

    1. Shesha485

      No, Pavitra Bhagya too gets axed yesterday night despite having 12 more episodes.

  7. Shesha485

    Will miss the show. Didn’t expect it will end like this. It started very realistically with beautiful subplots, but Pinky’s love story is not long as they mentioned in the title. Maybe they might have shown some more romantic sequences, although I like the way they end it. It is rare where the female lead is shown progressive and the male lead is clever, a father and he is mainly from MIDDLE CLASS not filthy rich Casanovas. The actors are new but their performance is just great. Even it performed well but after lockdown, the show has gone too fast with different plots (still stuck to main plot) so that many could not understand what is going on, and ratings got dipped. And also for the past one month, it is not aired in its original slot. Anyways, all the best for Riya and Puneet.
    Special Mention: Pinky’s father and Dadi are characterized well and their performance is at top-notch

  8. It was an unusual love story loved it the actor is handsome and the actress has potential I have seen her in movies and she did justice to her role good luck to both of them in all their future endeavors.

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