Pavitra Bhagya 2nd October 2020 Written *LAST* Episode Update: Reyansh begins to acknowledge his feelings for Pranati

Pavitra Bhagya 2nd October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pranati repeats Dadi’s words at Reyansh. He affirms that his house is inauspicious. She asks him if something happened here. What happened, Reyansh? I have never seen you this irritated before and you have never been so negative about something before. Please tell me. You irritate people and trouble them but I like how you bring a smile on everyone’s face. That’s your talent. She helps him open the window. He asks her if she is praising him. She nods. Your daughter entered in this house today. Kids are auspicious and so will be this house. Don’t call this house inauspicious ever again. Reyansh says it might be because of the time. you are right. I can give you another chance. This house has memories of me and my mother. I can give this house another chance for my daughter. All 3 of us will stay here then. He smiles and starts cleaning.

Riya is cleaning her room when Armaan walks up to her. I unpacked everything. She asks him what she should do. He says I love you to her. She repeats her words at him. He tries to make small talk but she tells him not to irritate her. Jugnu looks on from the door. Armaan asks Riya where he should keep his 60 pair of shoes. Riya gets irritated. Jugnu suggests Armaan to hit himself with one pair every day. He calls himself nice but she says Chachi is working so hard. Help her. Armaan refuses. I am wearing a limited edition shirt. I wont do it. Jugnu reminds him that they have only 2 servants here. I am used to take care of my things. You better learn to do your own work too. He asks her what will happen otherwise. She rubs the duster on his limited edition shirt. This is how things will end up otherwise. She runs way. Armaan makes a face.

Reyansh comes to Dadi’s room. This is just like how your room is. Dadi says that room is the copy of this room actually. Reyansh says it is a good thing. I will come here if I miss that house ever. I will feel like I am still living there. She asks him till when will this continue. He reasons that things have taken a turn for the worse whenever she has tried to throw Pranati out of the house. We lost our house. What will happen if Pranati stays here? Dadi agrees sarcastically. We should postpone your deadline. There is someone else who we first need to take care of. I cannot stay in this house for long. We must arrange money to go back to our old house. I have a solution. Let’s get Maan married to someone. Armaan married because of a business deal but he is happy now. We will be on the road if we don’t use this option. Reyansh recalls Maan telling him that he loves Navya. He opposes Dadi and she questions him. He suggests her to speak to Maan once but she tells him that they are the elders. You have to make preps for this wedding too. I will give you the details the moment I find a girl for her. play house-house with Pranati and Jugnu but you will see the worse of me if they become an obstacle in my business. He nods. She tells him to get ready for tomorrow’s puja.

Next morning, there is a puja in Khurana House. Armaan holds Riya close. She still looks upset. Pranati is trying to fix Jugnu’s hair when Reyansh joins her. He tries as well but Jugnu tells them to leave them as it is. Pundit ji asks Armaan and Riya to sit in the puja. Trilok says puja should be done by the elder son and DIL. Why are Armaan and Riya doing it then? Dadi says you are right. I also think Reyansh and Pranati should do this puja. Pundit ji agrees. Jugnu says Bandar Papa is the elder son of this house but the elder DIL is still not the DIL of this house. Riya says it isn’t a big thing. Jugnu says I am their daughter but they aren’t married yet. Riya tells Pundit ji that Pranati is going to be the elder DIL of this house. Please let her do it. Trilok also asks Reyansh if this isn’t what should happen. Dadi also asks Reyansh to answer. He says she deserves to do this puja the most. She isn’t like the girls of today. She has the qualities which most of the girls don’t possess today. They are only selfish and have no interest in being someone’s DIL or daughter. They just want to challenge people and forget that DIL’s keep the family together. Dadi and Mallika look irked. Riya looks at Armaan who shrugs. Reyansh says they make the house a home and puts life in them. He walks up to Jugnu and pats at her cheeks. This is the reason why we have so many Godesses. Pranati is touched by his words. Jugnu wonder if this house is magical. It changed Bandar Papa. Don’t know what will happen next. She says Bandar Papa has become Desi Beats since he came here. She high fives with Armaan who says I don’t like it. Riya and Maan support her. She holds their hands and make a team. Armaan makes a face.

Everyone sits down for puja. Mallika takes Dadi to a corner. This is the consequence of breaking our deal. I feel pity for you! Reyansh, Jugnu and Pranati do the puja together. Pranati looks at Reyansh as Jugnu keeps Pranati’s hand over hers and Reyansh’s hand.

Dadi tells Mallika that her father has given her a better deal. How could I say no? Your Papa withdrew his money and so have the investors. We are here because of your Papa ji. Mallika is taken aback. Dadi tells her to ask him. I know it that you come here to meet Reyansh. Why has your Papa come here? Mallika says he came here upon my askance. I pushed him a little and he came here. do you understand what I mean? I don’t know why he stepped back from his deal but he wouldn’t want to keep a relation with anyone whose son is in jail. He still came here when I pushed him slightly. Think what will happen when I put pressure on him. he will agree for my marriage with Reyansh. Dadi murmurs that Pranati is in this house because of him only. Mallika asks her if she said anything. Dadi denies. It wont happen as Vardhan is in jail. Mallika says things would have been different if you wanted. Jugnu excuses herself for a minute and goes to drink water. Dadi tells her to convince her Papa for her marriage with Reyansh. I will ask Reyansh myself if that happens. They shake hands.

Reyansh looks at Pranati when he is asked to offer ghee to havan kund. She keeps her hand over his. He blows on her hand as she gets hurt. She nods that she is fine. He gestures her to keep her hand on his arm. She complies. Maan, Armaan and Riya talk about Reyansh and Pranati’s chemistry. Riya says it can be seen so clearly. What are they waiting for? Maan and Armaan get tensed. Maan says there is some past which we cannot tell you. It is true that Reyansh loves her but he wont accept it ever. Jugnu sits in Maan’s lap. What are you guys up to? Armaan gives her a laddoo. We are discussing when your Bandar Papa and Nayi Ma will become your parents officially. She nods at the realisation. Maan tells her to ask them as they are going to live together now. Reyansh notices them looking at him and Pranati. He looks at Pranati. For the first time I feel as if we are indeed a couple. Pranati thinks we do look like a couple. Reyansh thinks that he has fallen for Pranati. What if I ask you if you want to stay with me or not? She looks at him. He mentally coaxes her to answer again. She thinks what she should say. He thinks what if I propose that you and I should become we now. What about being a family? She thinks that this is a beautiful idea. They fold their hands. Epi ends on Reyansh, Jugnu and Pranati’s face.

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Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Plz update the precap

  2. Nice episode. The chemistry between reyansh and pranati was good.

  3. I checked… No precap was shown today….
    I guess this was the last episode…. Dear team please confirm….

  4. Shesha485

    The show has ended yesterday night despite having 12 episodes in the bank. They axed the show overnight for bigg boss. Anyways, Nice ending
    First 25 episodes were good and later it becomes montonous, but last two week episode ‘recaps’ were decent so I thought of watching it again from Monday but it has ended abruptly. The channel too didn’t telecast at time like it starts only at 10.50 (when aired in 10.30) or at 11.15(when aired in 11). Even they didn’t end Kawach2 despite having 3 more episodes. But thanks a lot @Pooja for the detailed update.

    1. Big Boss is airing at 10.30 on weekdays. Pinky ended for sure. What will come at 10pm? Strange if Colors show longer episodes of other shows.

    2. Mish

      Won’t they show it even on Voot???
      Such good show

    3. Shesha485

      @Janvi, agree with you. The problem with our strange channel Colors is, they won’t air their show on time, (despite the fact they bring good shows) thus spoils its ratings. The producers too were lethargic in this thing. Miss this show and Prayansh😐

    4. Tho 12 episodes are there atleast they can upload it in voot na??!!!!
      They can do this way right?!!

    5. Imani Philbert

      That’s a better idea. If not for telecasting the episodes on tv at least can be uploaded in internet.

  5. Is this show really ended

  6. Big Boss can die in a ditch, it’s worse than half these serials. Boo Colors Boooooo. This show had promise and cutting it for that thug SK’s crap reality show is poor taste, absolutely disgusting.

  7. The ending should off been them getting married.And jungu being officially their daughter…🙄

  8. Plz restart pavitry bhagya serial

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