Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 24th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Pinky completes the ritual for Arjun’s life

Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 24th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pinky messaging Antra and tells Sorry. Antra comes to the window and calls Pinky. Pinky asks if she is not upset with her. Antra tells that she had said that intentionally so that Arjun can see her good side. She asks her to go and sleep, as tomorrow is the fast which a mother keeps for her children. Pinky says I had forgotten and tells that she has to fulfill wife’s duty first. She teaches mantra to Paro and makes her do the ritual. Paro chants Mrityunjay jaap and writes Om on the temple walls with the Kumkum. Pinky gives coffee to Paro to freshen up and tells that she has to continue again. Paro drinks coffee and sleeps. Pinky turns and sees her sleeping. She comes to her and asks her to wake up. She thinks she is sleeping, if the Jaap doesn’t complete then Arjun’s life will be in danger. She continues the Jaap and writes Om on the wall. She feels pain in her hand and thinks she has to complete the Jaap forgetting her pain. She continues to write Om on the wall. In the morning, Paro wakes up and finds Pinky writing Om on the walls. She sees Arjun coming there and makes Pinky move and writes Om on the wall. She acts and tells that her hand is paining much. Arjun brings water bowl and asks Paro to keep her hand in the bowl. Paro acts and keeps her hand in the bowl of water.

Arjun comes to Pinky and asks her to apply ointment on her hand. Pinky says I am still your wife, and will not apply ointment. She asks him to apply ointment to her hand. Arjun applies ointment to her hand. Revati comes there and asks why you are caring for her. Nandu wakes up and checks in the camera. She tells that Pinky has done everything and Paro was sleeping. Arjun asks Nandu to go. Paro says sorry to Arjun. Revati tells that Paro slept as Pinky had added medicine in her coffee. She asks Pinky to drink it and makes her drink drugged coffee. Pinky says she didn’t mix anything and faints. Revati recalls sleeping pill in Pinky’s coffee and smiles. She shows the sleeping pills bottle kept there. Arjun looks on. Paro calls Pinky as cheap. Arjun takes Pinky to room. Paro comes and says her sorry. Nandu comes and hugs Arjun. Antra comes there and asks about Pinky. Arjun says she is fine, be with her. He says whatever she said yesterday was to defend me. She needs you. Antra says she needs you and not us. She asks why are you doing this, you have accepted that you love her then why are you doing this, if someone is forcing you or blackmailing you. Arjun says he is doing what is right for her. Antra says Pinky’s heart is clear and she doesn’t play games like you.

Arjun comes to Revati and tells that he knows that she had mixed medicine in the coffee to frame Pinky. He asks did you ever think about Pinky? Pinky gains consciousness and says she didn’t do anything. Arjun asks Revati not to harm Pinky as she is already in pain because of him. Revati says whatever I am doing is for your betterment. Pinky hears him. Antra pushes Pinky on Arjun. Nandu comes and hugs them. She asks if he is not upset with Choti Mamma. Arjun says I need to go out for work.

Antra tells that clever fox’s face was shocked. Pinky asks her not to say this. Antra asks if she felt good. Pinky says yes, and says she is scared if she doesn’t get his support then. Antra says if someone is forcing him to do this. She then shows her pendant and chain for Paro and her. Antra asks why you want to give it to her. Pinky tells that even she is undergoing training with her to be a mother. She says she is feeling lucky to keep fast for Nandu. Antra says Nandu is very lucky. Nalini comes to Ram and asks him to have tea. Ram refuses. Nalini tells that she asked Arjun to leave Pinky soon. Ram tells that Pinky has betrayed me big and chosen Arjun than them. Nalini thinks she will bring back Pinky for her penance.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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