Excuse Me Madam 24th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Sanam tries to use Addu to scare madam

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Scene 1
Sanam is working with madam. She says what song will MS Dhoni sing for his wife? He says what? She says Shaksi.. Sanam says you have good voice. Madam sees the news of a psycho killer who takes woman’s avatar and kill women. Madam says I am scared and grabs Sanam’s arm. He says I am with you. She says I get lonely at night. Sanam says I will come to your house every night to protect you. Madam says who will work at the office now? He says I can do both. She says you can’t be a guard and work here, so should I resign you? He says no no.. Madam’s eye twitches and she acts like a thief. Sanam pinches and she comes back to her senses.

Kranti tells Bhaisa that I am feeling guilty. Bhaisa thinks that Sanam fools you and you don’t understand that, he is a cheap man. Kranti says I worry for Sanam, you love him so much, I will cook for him.

Addu is leaving to his house. He is in the saree and calls Sanam, Addu says your work is done. Sanam thanks him. Addu says save me from my wife, I will take off my saree now. Sanam says you want to enjoy Madam? Madam is scared of a psycho killer who dresses up as a woman, you can come here and scare her, she will hug me then and you can enjoy. Addu says she will you, not me. Sanam says please come here, he ends the call. Amar comes home so Addu hides. Amar calls her commissioner and says we will find the killer. She sees someone hiding in the bushes and thinks it’s a killer.

Scene 2

Chatterjee taunts Sanam and says you are smart. Sanam sits on his chair and Chatterjee thinks how he had applied glue on his chair. Madam calls Sanam. Sanam tries to leave but he is stuck. Madam says get up and come. He says I can’t get up even if I want to. Madam says the killer is here. Chatterjee hides but Sanam can’t move from his seat.. Madam says I am impressed, it was a test only and Chatterjee hid but Sanam was ready to sacrifice and didn’t hide. Sanam says I am a brave man. Madam asks Sanam to come to her office and leaves. Sanam tries to get up but is stuck. He takes off his belt and tries to zip down his jeans but screams and says it’s stuck. The peon comes there and asks what happened? Sanam says nothing. Peon leaves. Sanam takes off his pants and says I can’t go like this. He tries to leave but Addu comes there dressed in a saree. Sanam doesn’t recognize him. Addu says it’s me, why are you without pants? Sanam says let’s enjoy with madam but I have to get my pants.

Sanam finds spare pants but they are small in size. He forces it on himself and tells Addu that come to madam’s office, I will beat you and madam will hug me. Addu says am I fool to you? Sanam says I did a lot as well. Amar rejected you so I went to eve-tease her and you saved her. Addu says fine, but I want madam to hug me also, I haven’t hugged a woman in so long, when Amar hugs me, she breaks my bones.

PRECAP – Madam acts like a psycho killer so Sanam and Addu hide from her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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