Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 17th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Arjun gives courage to Pinky to fight her war

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Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 17th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gagan coming home with Ram. He asks Ram to believe him and says he had gone there to make Megha understand that he is married now. Ram signs him to stop. Gita says last time also she misunderstood and left. Amma asks what? Ram says we have to be patient and tells that Gagan is their damad. Amma gets angry on Gagan and confronts Ram why is he not worried for Pinky. Ram says she is my daughter later, but Gagan’s wife first. Pinky gets on a bus to go to other city. Arjun calls Amma and tells that he will bring her back. Amma asks where you will search her? He recalls Pinky telling that she was happy in Kanpur and tells that he will bring her. He asks driver to take him to Kanpur. Pinky is in the bus and hears a woman asking her husband to take the girl so that she can have food. The husband scolds her and tells that he is busy talking to his boss. He then regrets to marry her and says he would have married his boss. Pinky gets angry on the man for marrying the girl for his house work and asks him to handle the responsibility of baby together. She wipes the lady’s tears and tells that she has a similar situation. She tells that her husband gave her jewellery etc, but is singing megha re megha song with someone else. Two ladies in the busy hears her and plans to steal, when the bus stops for sometime.

Pinky gets down at the restaurant and thinks she just have a change and orders Papad. The ladies sign the men in the restaurant and come to Pinky. They try to forcefeed her with chips, but Pinky refuses and goes to bathroom. Arjun asks the driver to stop at the dhaba or restaurant and also stop seeing the Kanpur bus. The ladies go behind Pinky and slap her. Arjun sees the Kanpur bus at the dhaba and calls Pinky. The ladies steal her necklace, bangles etc.

Arjun hears the man asking his wife to give the baby to her and tells that if the little girl sees again then will give lecture. His wife says she was right. Arjun hears them and asks if he saw her. They say yes. Pinky comes behind the ladies. The ladies and their helpers call her thief. Pinky says it is my jewellery. They start throwing stones on Pinky. Arjun comes there and catches the stone. He warns them to back off. Pinky tells him that the ladies have stolen her ornaments and also the jewellery given by Dadi and Maa.

Arjun asks her if she will stand as the helpless lady and asks her to go and teach them a lesson. She asks the ladies to call the police and hit them. The goons come there. Arjun asks her to teach them a lesson first. Pinky beats and kicks them. The ladies are about to run, Pinky walks towards them. A goon is about to hit glass bottle on Pinky, but Arjun comes and takes the glass bottle on his back. Arjun turns towards the goon and beats him. He beats the other goon too. Pinky goes to the ladies and asks if they wanted to take her advantage thinking her as weak. She says she is not weak. The ladies apologize to her and run way from there. Pinky opens the cloth and sees her jewellery. She cries.

Nalini asks Gita if Pinky is fine? Gita says we are not butchers that you are asking this? She says Pinky went with her wish. Amma gets a call from Arjun and goes to side to attend it. Arjun says he found Pinky. Amma asks him to bring her home. Gita says so they are planning this game, accusing and taunting my son and your daughter is with Arjun on the road and enjoying.

Precap: Pinky and Arjun go to Amma’s house. Gagan comes there. Arjun beats him. ram comes there and asks him to stop the fight. Arjun holds his hand.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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