Beyhadh 2 17th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Rudra Gets Disheartened

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Beyhadh 2 17th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

MJ warns Maya to inform truth to Rudra and see if her love or hatred is immense. Rudra enters room and calls Maya, hearing shower sound stop. Maya sobs holding torn red dress gifted by Rudra. Rudra hears her sound and asks if she is fine. She says she is fine and is getting ready. He asks when they married together, if he can come in and help her get ready. Maya says some work should be done alone, he should go and get ready and let her get ready as world is coming to see Mrs. Rudra Roy. Rudra hearing her sob asks if she is fine. She says yes and continues sobbing. Party starts. Rudra asks Antara if she saw Maya. Antara says no and tells MJ that Maya ran away. MJ says Manvi will not escape and she must be planning something. Rudra calls Maya, but she doesn’t pick call and enters delivering one-liner. Rudra gets disheartened seeing her wearing black dress instead of his gifted red and cutting her hair short. She addresses people that she is the one they were eagerly waiting for Roy family’s daughter-in-law/bahu Maya Rudra Roy, etc. Rudra disheartened asks Maya if she didn’t like his gift and his praise for her long hair, she should have directly told instead of cutting hair and rejecting his gift. She says they both are one and their love is immense, they are one, then why is he searching love in her hair and dress. He says he broke his alliance for her as he loves only her and only she has right to break his heart, she broke his heart today. She continues trying to convince him. He walks away.

MJ holds Maya and congratulates her for the first fight with Rudra and hopes she separates with Rudra soon and get out of this house. Maya walks away shivering. Diya confronts him and says truth is he doesn’t want Maya to go. MJ says its his wish and he can do whatever he wants, he didn’t give her any right to confront him and he can shut her mouth easily as she is not his wife. Diya stands shocked.

Rudra feels guilty for speaking rude with Maya. Anu walks to him, and he gets happy seeing her and asks if she forgave him. Maya walks in and says she called Ananya. Ananya says Maya gets what she wants and anyways she came not for Maya or Rudra. Rudra asks her to relax. Ananya says he lost right to command her and she got gift for them, hands over document. Rudra reads it and asks if she is leaving Ruan Publications, don’t do that as its their dream. Ananya says only he doesn’t have right to break heart, she already took decision and best of luck to them. She walks away while Rudra sheds tears. Maya angrily picks fork fuming that Ananya should not have made Rudra cry. She walks behind Ananya and is about to stab her when Rudra holds her hand and she drops fork down. Ananya gets into lift and leaves. Rudra thinks Maya came to convince Ananya and says enough of trying to convince Ananya, he will not let her do that. Maya says he cannot see tears in his eyes. He says he knows her immense love, but he doesn’t want her to know how much he loves her and she should respect his feeling, etc.. MJ hears their conversation hiding and thinks Maya’s weakness is immense love from before and he will use it against her.

Precap: MJ calls Amir who brings Maya’s mother. Diya taunts Maya that she shouldn’t have hidden such a big fact from her mother. Maya strangulates Diya and and that she will kill her first.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. this weak maya is really irritating me but i liked the precap hope she kills that diya anyways thanks for the update MA

  2. Ok Rudra is really creeping me out. I think he is trying to protect Ananya as well from Maya’s wrath. Maya is all about destruction and she is beyond care who gets hurt in the process. Either Rudra is really cheating Maya or trying to protect her from self destruction and his family. Do you think it was Rudra who saved her 10 yrs back? Because I think Rudra immense hatred for his father over one incident seemed quick over the top. N always said MJ played with others life and feeling.could he know about Manvi?

    1. I think it was Rajeev who saved her

  3. I loved how maya was about to hit Ananya with the fork. It reminded of the season 1 maya who could do anything for her beyhadh love ❤️❤️
    Liked the precap. She should kill diya. Rudra will anyways understand maya n no more be upset for her hair n dress

  4. Precap gave a little smile to my face also.Actually,we are fed up with this weak Maya.There’s nothing except getting afraid,shivering,crying…I want to see revenge instead of love.
    Thank you MA for updating day by day.It’s very important to foreign fans.

  5. Sanjay Kumar Bhattacharya

    Rudra is over reacting over a dress and hair. I think afterwards, we will see a strong Maya. Hope’s Rudra’s love is true and at least Rudra will not cheat Maya.

  6. The only thing i liked was mj showing diya her true place. Diya seems to be harbouring the false belief that she has a special place in mj’s life. As if all the other girls are replaceable but only she will stay on. I know everyone wants maya to kill diya. But i hope maya makes the situation such that it is mj who kills diya. That should be the right ending for diya. Killed by the man for whom she sold her soul
    I am really getting vibes that soon mj will want to have maya for himself again. When maya entered the party mj immediately thought of manvi from past. He will not be satisfied with simply throwing her away from rudra’s life.
    I understand rudra’s hurt feelings. He is not upset because maya cut her hair. He is upset because maya cut her hair after rudra spent a long time right in the morning telling her how much he loved them. How will anybody feel if they tell their wife i like this about you and the wife goes and removes that thing entirely? I know maya did not do it, but obviously rudra feels snubbed. Also he is not upset about just the dress. Even in the morning he told maya its okay if she doesnt wear it. But maya promised she would. So essentially from rudra’s pov either maya does not care about her promises or she is just playing with his feelings. What i dont understand is maya went to the parlour to make her hair look presentable. She could have also got a similar red dress so that rudra wouldnt be that hurt
    I dont know what is ananya’s problem. Rudra was not even expecting her. She first sought him out in the party then went all passive aggressive on him. ‘I dont care about u or maya’ then why are you here? Why did you say ‘now you will always take maya’s name only’. And rudra broke the marriage cause he did not love her. Ananya left the company explicitly to hurt rudra. To break his dream. What kind of mean, selfish, b*t*hy person is she? When it comes to trapping maya she will come running to mj uncle cause she ‘cares’ for rudra. Her care is nothing but the hope of getting rudra single again. I dont know if rudra stopped maya to protect ananya. But i hope he really meant it when he said there is no need to try and convince ananya anymore, they have done enough already

    1. Amazing explanation dhara 👍👍
      Whatever u said, I totally agree with all of it
      U write really nice 👌👌

      1. hi shanaya, thank you 🙂

    2. Ananyas a shame in the name of friendship. Forger the actual reality if Maya, but as rudras’s friend, has she ever trusted n supported rudra? She didn’t mind getting married to rudra forcibly, although she knew he doesn’t love her but loved Maya instead. Any true friend would sacrifice for their love/friend for his happiness. I dunno in which angle is she rudras friend

      1. hi tamanna, totally agree. even when Maya was not in rudra’s life, ananya was more like MJ’s sidekick rather than Rudra’s friend. instead of trying to understand him she rather always tried to convince him that he should listen to her and mend his relations with MJ. Just so that she can be the golden daughter-in-law of that house

    3. Same here I think MJ wants Maya back even
      I have a feeling. The way he looks at her

    4. Don’t know who is psycho whether MJ or Maya but I really miss Maya Mehrotra want to see Maya in that avataar
      Taking everyone case.

      1. Hi Safna, i miss Maya Mehrotra so much as well. I am tired of seeing this Maya so scared and shivering and completely submissive to everything MJ does. she has no spunk in front of him which is really disheartening. Now, if it is later revealed that she was acting to mislead MJ then it will be all right. But it does not look like she is acting

      2. Yes Dhara completely agree I hope it works out . I don’t want the season to end like first one want happy ending

  7. Sanjay Kumar Bhattacharya

    The way MJ getting passionate about Maya after few days MJ will definitely kill Diya and Antra for Maya.

  8. love the spicing of how Maya is playing her character. it will keep us in suspense….

    1. love the recap and pls give us English substitute.

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