Naamkaran: The Perfect Ending – Introduction Plot

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Naamkaran: The Perfect Ending

I was thinking about what I could write about then I thought about Naamkaran’s ending. To be honest I hated the ten year leap. This is a small introduction to what my FF is about. As for the title I hope I can do a little bit justice to it. This is my imagination of how the show should have ended but I would love to hear yours too.

In my FF everything before the ten year leap in the show is same. The leap will only be of one year.

There is no Sayesha but only sweet little Mishti who still calls Avni as “Angel”.

Avni becomes Neilanjana and opens an orphanage called “Sukoon House”

The orphanage kids are the same as in the show. All the kids love their jaan didi just like in the show.

Samrat is 18 years old, Pinky and Daisy are 12 while Mowgli, Jeetu and Mishti are 6. They are all like real brothers and sisters. Samrat is like an older brother who is very protective of his siblings.

Avni left her family and faked her death to save Prakash and her family. She knew if she told them they would breakdown. She would not have been able to handle them.

As for Neil, he never quit his job. For the world and for his family Avni maybe dead but for him she isn’t. That’s why he never left his job because he knew that his Avni wouldn’t want this.

And finally the two things most of you will be happy to know:
• Firstly, Vidhyut is dead. He died a few months after he was jailed. As shown in the show, he was jailed for Avni’s murder. But after some time the police also found evidence for his earlier crimes like Juhi’s murder.
• Secondly, Mitali, Neil’s best friend, is married to Ali. She only loves Neil like a friend. The same way Ali loves Avni as a friend. Ali and Mitali got settled in America after Ali shut down Chamko café. Just imagine them married before Avni’s death drama.

Precap: Chapter One

Sorry in advance if I am not able to do justice to the plot. I thought of doing a few shots FF but when I started writing I felt confident that I can write more.

I will update soon. Please forgive me for any mistakes, spelling or grammatical errors. I hope you all enjoy the FF. Although I’m not greedy but I would love to know your thoughts through your comments.

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  1. It’s a nice idea and it would be a nice Ff

    1. Avneil_adiza_fan

      Thank you so much ?

  2. 8B4756

    The plot of the story seems interesting ,and update soon.?

    1. Avneil_adiza_fan

      I hope so… I will update soon ?

  3. Kira

    Its cool never stop writing , Ol d best ???

    1. Avneil_adiza_fan

      Thank you so much ?

  4. Interesting plot. Don’t stop writing ✍️..

  5. keep going . i want to ask a thing. mogli isn’t avneil’s child right! just need a confirmation

  6. nice idea. keep going
    i just need a final confirmation that mogli isn’t avneil’s child! right

    1. Avneil_adiza_fan

      Thanks…and yes Mowgli isn’t avneil’s child…he is just one of the orphans but he loves Avni just like in the show

  7. Ayesha_malhotra

    Very good dear. Keep writing


    1. Avneil_adiza_fan

      Thank you so much Ayesha ?

    2. Dear Ayesha where is meri zindagi part 21. I know u r traveling.. pls don’t stop that ff.

      1. Ayesha_malhotra

        I’m not stopping it. I’ll post only on 29th

  8. Manya0001

    Wonderful dear…Plzz continue it as soon as it is possible…..

    1. Avneil_adiza_fan

      Thank you ? I will update as soon as I can

  9. Hey.. Its a nice idea.. Plot seems interesting and I’m eagerly waiting for chapter 1.

    Plz post soon.. And I also wanted to know one thing.. Mowgli is avneil’s child. Righ?? Actually, I stopped watching NK in middle only. So, I’m just trying to get a clear idea..

    Btw, All the best and do share the link??

    1. Avneil_adiza_fan

      Thanks… I will try to update soon
      In the show Mowgli was avneil’s son but in my FF he isn’t. He is just one of the orphans.

  10. Seems there are so many new twists to see.. waiting for your FF Yaar. All the best.. Happy writing ???

    1. Avneil_adiza_fan

      Thank you so much ?

  11. Somya13

    Awesome……Plzzz continue it as soon as possible…… Dying to read it…….Can’t wait…..Lots of love….

    1. Avneil_adiza_fan

      Thank you so much somya ?

  12. ImRagela

    Hey ..I just loved the plot. …It so interesting year ..Eagerly waiting for the next ..Post soon ..Lots of love to u ❤❤???

    1. Avneil_adiza_fan

      Thank you so much regi ? I will try updating soon

  13. TUFriendsForever

    The plot seems interesting And the bits I hated in NK is not in the FF keep writing and I am sure your story would be good
    It was so neat simple and to the point

    1. Avneil_adiza_fan

      Thank you so much ?

  14. Priyu

    Great idea dear ? plot is awesome. Hope you will add more twists ? introduction is well written ? good luck

    1. Avneil_adiza_fan

      Thanks… I hope I can live up to your expectations ?

  15. Niyati

    Plot is very different …loved ur idea..Intro is awesome …Looking forward next chapter…Update soon ? ?

    1. Avneil_adiza_fan

      Thank you so much ? I will try updating soon

  16. It’s really sounds interesting dear plz update soon ….. I m really excited for NK different ending …….

  17. Update next episode soon plssss

    1. Avneil_adiza_fan

      Will try to update as soon as I’m done

  18. Pavithra1616

    Wow! Its so superb! I liked the concept a lot.. This should have been the real story of nk.. Pls pls update soon.. U write really well.. Luv u avneil??

    1. Avneil_adiza_fan

      Thank you so much Pavithra ? It really means a lot

  19. Awesome introduction ma’am
    Hope you will start writing soon
    Good Night

  20. Your plot is quite better than the original,it seems to be much interesting in fact I luvd it.
    I am a die heart fan of naamkaran…..and I’ll surely be waiting for ur next update…????

    1. Avneil_adiza_fan

      Thanks ? I’ll update soon

  21. Nice intro…..ALL THE BEST for your new FF
    All of us will be there for your support
    TAKE care

    1. Avneil_adiza_fan

      Thank you so much ?

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