Chaahatein (Kundali Bhagya ff) Maha Episode 11

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Everyone was in the hospital ….  Vikram and Nandini too came there…..


Rishabh was just broken…. He was consoling others but deep inside he was shaken ….


The doc came and informed about Karan’s critical situation… There is very less chance of him to regain consciousness…. 


Rishabh leaves from  there followed by preeta….. Nandini n vikram were consoling Luthras…


Rishabh went to a corner where there was no one and asked God to save his brother…. He tells how he n karan grown up together…. How he spent great moments together…


He can’t live without karan… His brother is his life…. He begged before God to save his brother…. 


Preeta saw him and was in tears….


She took her hand on his shoulder


Rishabh ji.. .


Rishabh broke in her arms…. He needs her..  Yah he really need her at this moment when his brother is in the ICU struggling for life.   


She hugs him back and ensure him ensure him about karan’s safety….


Nothing will happen to karan…. God is not so cruel…..please rishabh ji you can’t behave like this…. You have to stay strong…. Rakhi aunty … Mahesh uncle… Dadi….kareena ji… All need you …


Karan ko kuch nhi hoga na? Rishabh asked


Preeta cupped his face n ensure him about karan’s safety…. 


They both hug each other…. 


Preeta in mind:- Please maataraani save karan please…..


After some time 


Everyone was praying for Karan’s recovery….. Preeta wad enchanting Mantras and all….having Rishabh’s hand in her hand….. The doc came n give a good news…. The news of karan’s recovery…..


All were so happy….   They went to meet karan…..


Sameer gave this news to his fans who were gathered outside the hospital …m


Karan:- bhai…. Mom dad


Rakhi hugs karan and cried a lot….


Karan:- Pushpaaa … I hate tears.


Karan joked to change the tensed environment… M


So miss Kareli is also here…? Karan said


Preeta:- yes


So finally you admit you are kareli. 


Preeta:- no


Karan:- abhi to yes kaha…


Preeta:- its not the correct time of fighting…. BTW when you don’t know how to drive then hire a driver…. Hero banne ki kya zarurat hai…?


Karan:- what do you mean?


Mahesh:- she said right…. You are so irresponsible karan…. 


Kareena:- bhai stop it…he is injured badly n you are scolding him…. No one will scold my karan …


Rishabh:- jaan nikaaldi thi tune …


Rishabh hugs karan


At night


Karan was sleeping n Rishabh was sitting on the chair beside him … He gets a call n went outside to attend it


Preeta:- Rakhi aunty karan is fine now…. Now please eat something …. 


Rakhi:- nhi puttr ji…. I m not Hungry …


Preeta:- aunty you have to take care of karan…. N for that you have to stay fit…. 


Preeta make rakhi eat the food….


Rishabh saw all this n feels happy to see how Preeta take care of his mom…. 


Precap:- Rishabh mets Arnav


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  1. Awesome
    Loved it
    Thanks God karan is fine
    I am not a rishta fan, wished this ff to be preetan but loving rishta as well
    Loved how preeta consoled rishab
    Karan…still calling preeta kareli??
    Excited for next
    Post soon dear
    Love u loads❤❤

  2. Sweet chapter
    Preeta consoling rishabh was sweet
    Thankfully Karan is fine
    Karan’s jokes?pushpa I hate ters…kareli??Yeh nahi sudhrega… I don’t want him to change this nature of him .. it’s cute
    Same as cindy I am also not a rishta fan but this ff is sweet
    Keep smiling ?

  3. Jasminerahul

    preeta hugging and consoling the broken rishab was emotional.preeta chanting prayer holding rishab’s hand was nice.happy that karan is fine now. his funny talk is so cute.hope you read my comment on the previous part.I have asked a question regarding Arnav.please answer

  4. Mystery

    Actually now I m not sure that Barun will be Arnav or not….. Sorry for late reply

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