Naamkaran 8th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Neil and Avni recall past

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Naamkaran 8th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Neil saying I will drop you home, its not a safe place. They have an eyelock. They think of the old times. He says we should leave now. Mitali’s friends ask her about Neil. Neil and Avni see someone needing help. Neil says I will help you. Mitali says sorry, Neil couldn’t come. She cuts the cake. Her friends clap. She eats the cake. The guests leave. Avni also helps Neil and pulls out the cart from the pit. They push the cart together. The lady says please come with us to our house, we want to thank you. The man says we want you to give us a chance to serve you. Neil and Avni go. The man says our son works in city, our daughter got married in another city, we like to work in fields here.

The lady says there is nothing at home, shall I make poha. Neil sees Avni and says poha, you know she likes poha a lot. The lady makes poha. Avni says this has green chilli, Neil you can’t eat spicy food, keep water glass. Neil thanks her. They eat poha. Mitali thinks of Neil and cries. She says I was alone and loved you, I was happy to think about you before. Avni thanks the lady. The lady says you both look good together, just be together. The man says no problem can harm if you two stay together. Neil says we shall leave now. Lawyer says sorry, you had to wait for bail. Kamini says Avni, I just wanted to ruin you, but now I will ruin everyone around you, you will be helpless to see, then I will free you from the world. Avni sees a speeding car and shouts Neil. She pulls him back. They fall down. Neil sees her wearing the bracelet he gave her. They get up and leave in the car.

Mowgli says I don’t want to sleep till Avni comes. Sunehri hopes no problem comes in Avni’s life. Neil and Avni are on the way. He plays radio. Bolna mahi bolna….plays…… They worry for each other when the car gets a jerk. He asks are you fine. She says yes, we came ahead of my house. He says sorry, I will drive there. They come home. She thanks him. He says I just hope you are fine. She says yes, its final hearing in court. He says I promise you, I will ensure everything is fine. She says I know you fight for truth, I respect you a lot, good night, take care.

Sunehri asks Avni why didn’t she call. Avni says I wanted to spend time alone. Mowgli says Papa came to find you. Avni asks did you talk to him well. He says I scolded him and told him to find my mumma, else don’t talk to me ever, did he find you. She recalls Neil. She says I m tired, I m feeling sleepy. She goes.

Neil asks lawyer not to raise questions on Avni’s character, this case is about Mowgli’s custody, Avni is already much hurt, he doesn’t want her to get more hurt. Lawyer agrees. Mitali looks on. Neil turns and sees her. He apologizes to her. She argues. He says try to understand, whatever happened, Avni was broken. She says if you are going to do this after marriage, I will not tolerate it, lets not do this, its a commitment for it, tell me, I won’t get hurt, I can’t take this disappointment, you show hopes, you promised me you will come, I was waiting, you break promises. He hugs her and says relax. He promises to not hurt her again. Neil and Avni think of each other. Mere dil me jagah….. plays….. They cry.

Avni says yes, I m illegitimate, it doesn’t mean anyone points finger at my character, I want to appeal to court that I get my son’s custody.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Pavithra1616

    Loved the epi so so much, I mean the half portion.. Avneil scenes were really emotional yaar! Remembering old scenes and all.. Oh! But I didn’t cry.. And this mitali is quite irritating.. What does she think she is doing? Neil was becoming back to the old Neil khanna and u seems that u will turn him back to that ride Neil khanna with ur words against avni and his relationship… And at the last, Neil and avni remembers of each other and when he touched the bed..oh god! It was so sad yaar. That was when I cried the most.. We are u doing this? Neil,u love her and still letting her go again and again,leaving he again and again? Kyun? And u hugged that bad mitali.. I hated that.. But I still am thankful to Neil because he hasn’t ever said I love u to mitali even after mitali saying it a number of times..anyway, Waiting for twm’s epi.. Luv u avneil??
    What do u guys think?

  2. ShraddhaSharma392

    I hope team do not show hush hush ending… Only 8 episodes are left, better to show good ending…
    Otherwise as always happens, in last episode sab kuch ek dum se end kr k dikha dete hain…

  3. This episode was cute…I wish avneil to be united @ the end of the story

  4. Sana.

    Neil once again proved himself a womaniser.he is worst than Ashish mehta.neil is destroying both avni and mitali’s life but I must say mitali deserves it for loving someone husband who has even child too.don’t play sad music for that mitali.i want Neil to pay for his actions but it won’t happen at all.why don’t this CVS bring out the truth of neela’s murder now itself and let Neil pay for his actions for at least one week.but now I think they won’t bring the truth out even in the last episode itself.neil is worst than vidyut who doesn’t deserve anyone’s love in his life.the way he hugged mitali chichichi… tourniquet killer he is.his hobby is to spoil many girls lives such a f**k he is.i want nk not to go off air as I want to see Neil’s suffering.why CVS are always letting avni to suffer? Why not Neil?I hate you CVS.neil doesn’t deserve avni at all in every angle.neil hugged mitali and after that reminiscing about avni such a f**k he is.i want to vomit in his mouth.flying broken chappels for both mitali and Neil.avni didn’t even think about other man in her life but this Neil…f**k…his love is not true.he is not genuine.he is disloyal to avni mitali and mogli too.he doesn’t deserve a girl and child in his life.nk off air hone ke baath me sp ko unsubscribe karungi as I subscribed the channel only for nk.hate you Neil just get lost and go to hell.

    1. hey dey r friends so hug is not a big deal…..
      he was jst pacifying her….
      avni too hugged Ali man time…..

      1. That is different and this is different avni hugged her friend but neil hugged his fiancee and he also cupped her face and wants to make her his son’s mom. Such a womaniser he is.

  5. Lovely episode.. Bahut din baad avniel ka care for each other dekhne ko mila.. I loved mowgli… He’s so sweet… I fell in love with him… BTW yeh mitali hoti kaun hai neil ko avni se door rakhne wali… But if we see she us right on her way…afterall neil is playing wiyh mitali as well as avni’s emotions…once he gives hope to avni that he’ll forgive her and the next moment gives hope to mitali that he will forget avni and move on with her …truly sana di he is a womaniser

  6. Deepi

    Today’s episode is lovely☺The way he cared for avni is so cute.And too I am very happy for mitali ☺she deserve this…and again the Neil khanna is gone mad by apologizing to mitali…irritating scene damn and its to great that Neil has remind avni favourite. Last scene is cute…. Just missing each other?and precap is super……..avni ……..a strong & confident girl is back.Waiting for tomorrow’s episode.

  7. I didnt comment cause i was upset with three things — one, neil’s behaviour;2 ,everyones comment about neils character & 3, nk going off air…but now i thing every thing is happening for a good outcome, tht atleast nk will be there at everyones heart…. Just a last thing I’ll truly miss nk after it goes off air…and truly ill stop watching tv upto a great extent

  8. So finally after so many days got to see such sweet, mindblowing,excellent episode.
    The way avneil care for each other. Whole episode was hit and superb except that nagin mitali. Who is she to tolerate and interfere in their life.and that witch kamini .just like again trying to harm avni knowing she will never succeed .

  9. Epidode touched ….?????
    Love u Avneil
    Such an awesome end scenes & best bg too

  10. After many days I loved today’s episode except Neil hugging mitali today Neil literally proved himself a characterless person. Today he hugged mitali like before he used to hug avni and console her.Sry to say but I don’t want avneil reunion. I don’t want Neil to be part of avni’s life bcoz he doesn’t deserve her now also without questioning Neil she understood that Neil can’t insult any women and its all that lawyer’s fault but Neil even after knowing that avni did all for him and his family and even lost her everything is not ready to forgive and understand her. And hatred towards avni is different and spending time and touching and hugging mitali is different it looks so awkward to watch it on TV if he had really loved avni then how he can think of touching anyone else rather than avni. Even avni was angry on Neil when he sent her jail but she never thought of anyone else rather than Neil. But inside heart I only want avneil….And guys tomorrow is the last day for shooting so tomorrow guys continuously mail,tweet and call sp,productions and Mahesh bhatt and even can record messages and can send to Mahesh bhatt to extend nk with valid reason and also promise them to bring nk to top position within few months and ask them for last chance and most importantly watch nk only on TV and all its repeat telecasts and don’t lose hope and plz spread positivity.

    1. Sana.

      I also don’t want avneil’s reunion bcz Neil doesn’t deserve Avni as he is a womaniser.

  11. I love naamkaran. I am watching from Florida at 9 pm without fail. I hope it won’t go off air.

  12. WOW!! ?
    Why is it going off air? I’m watching from Fiji and I love the show. Please please please dont go off air ???

  13. Hey me too I am also watching it frm Fiji and now that it is confirmed that naamkaran will go off air then why not wait for season 2 with our favorite main leads aditi rathore and zain immam in it all my friends out here r hoping for the same to happen and me too???

  14. Only 8 episodes left?? Why ?? True?? No…wewant more episodes like old neil and avni fighting for love each other.. just stick into that. Please. .. directors.. its a very good serial.. very special one. ,.

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