Woh Apna Sa 8th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Bini and Akash reunite

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Woh Apna Sa 8th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Jia says to Akash I am not mad at you. he says rano kept saying the same thing. Bini says you never trusted me. He says I am sorry. Bini says I am also sorry. They hug. Bini says thank you Jia. If you didn’t do all this we wont have been together. Jia says I wish I and Arjun get together too. Ambika comes in. Jia opens the gate. Bini is hidden. Ambika says why is house this way? She says we are cleaning the house. Bini is under a curtain. Jia says ma rest I will take for you. She sits on the sofa above Bini. Akash pretends to fall. Ambika picks her and goes to her room.

Akash says to Bini thank you for coming back to our house. we will start this chapter a new. They both sit and talk. Akash caresses her face. They come out and sneak Bini out of the house. Bini says thank you Jia and sorry. Jia says don’t worry. Bini leaves.
Jia says to Akash there is a video in this camera too. Lets delete it before Arjun sees.

Rano comes back home. Rano says in heart why is this jia on Akash’s side again. Whats in that camera. She comes in and says what are you seeing. she says Arjun it was fun in Agra right? He says let me go and get fresh. Jia says go and rest. Rano says let me shot you my shopping. pretends to fall down and takes the camera from Akash’s hand. she returns it back. Rano comes to her room. SHe says I replaced the camera and they couldn’t even see.

She says is Akash fooling me? She sees roses and says I will use them and ruin Jia’s life.
Rano gives Ambika gifts. Ambika says this necklace is so pretty. Rano says to Jia this taj mehel is for you. She says mai let me show you photos. Jia leaves. Rano says these flowers are for you. Jia takes them and a prick nibs on her hand.. Jia takes the flowers and faints. Rano smirks. Akash picks her up. Rano says let me call a doctor.
Doctor checks her. Akash says i can check too. rano says you get worried when it comes to Jia. Akash says why did you have to call a doctor? She says you shouldn’t treat someone you know. Doctor says to everyone she is better now. Congratulations. She is pregnant. Everyone is dazed. jia says what. It was all Rano’s plan. Ambika smiles. Doctor says its three months old pregnancy and you didn’t even know. Rano says thats not possible. Everyone is in a shock.

Precap-Ambika says to Jia you characterless woman get out of my house. You have ruined lives of both my sons.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. No comment yup no comment since yesterday I am the only one commenting wow amazing let me only write something good about jia and all hell will break loose am I the only one getting picked on? As usual the villain always wins but not for long Arjun needs to join hands with Jia well now we know whose side Akash is on so he will have to tell Arjun everything and get rid of psycho Rano.

  2. Well hello there Jayashree….its been almost over a year since I left this forum and it’s looks so entirely different now. I don’t know who the heck are some of these characters. Anyways…where is the witch Nisha…and her son, the fruit which fell far from the tree?? The last time I read this update, he was a decent young man. Out of curiosity, I read a few days ago updates on this serial and my goodness, there almost was a war brewing here, you know what I mean!! Interesting exchange I must add, it was entertaining to say the least …so how are you dear? Good on my side. BTW, is your Zeetv schedule for serials the same or have you been seeing Mehak, PA and kaleerein for 3 days like me for the week or are you getting all week’s episodes?? As its current format, I don’t have the zeal to watch these serials for 3 days and wait till the other week to continue watching, by that time, I’ve forgotten everything I saw the week before… I see kkb has a new chapter now, what’s your take on it ??? In not watching it but today I saw a glimpse of Aliya and she was looking grumpy, did she find a man as yet?? And where’s the vamp Tanu?

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