Naamkaran 30th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Mowgli lands in Neil’s house

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Naamkaran 30th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Avni calling out Mowgli. She finds him under the bed and gets him out. He says Neil is bad, he wants to take me away, I won’t go. She says he isn’t bad, if you go with him, I will get your fav Rajma chawal. He says fine, come with me. She says no, I have to take care of other kids, Papa will drop you back here. She asks him to stay well there, greet everyone, okay. Mowgli nods and hugs her. Neil hugs him and takes him along. Avni cries. Neil asks will you have icecream. Mowgli refuses and addresses him as uncle. Neil says I m your dad, not Neil uncle. He stops the car and gets some balloons for hom. Mowgli leaves the balloon threads and sits upset. Neil says it means you don’t like balloons, we will get a toy car for you. Avni cries. Sunehri asks her to have food, staying hungry won’t have any solution. Avni says don’t know how will Mowgli react there. Sunehri says he likes everyone there, have food please. Avni says no, situation changed now.

Prakash, Bebe and Shweta get excited. Neil gets Mowgli home. They hug Mowgli and welcome him. Mowgli greets them well and takes blessings. Neil says they are your…. Mowgli says I know, they are my Badi Dadi, Dada and Dadi. Neil asks him to see the toys. Bebe says I made many things. She feeds aloo paratha to Mowgli. Mowgli doesn’t eat and sits sad. He says I will have muesli, my mum likes it a lot. Bebe feeds him. Neil gets angry. Prakash says come on, we will race. Shweta asks shall we play bat ball. Neil shows tiger toy. Mowgli says I want to play with my mumma and friends.

Bebe and Prakash ask Neil to drop Mowgli at Avni’s house. Neil says we shouldn’t give up, we should try again. Shweta says he is right, we will do something to entertain him. Bebe says fine, we shall try. Avni cries and gets sad. Sunehri comes and says a couple has come to adopt Daisy, come and meet them. Avni says its so early, this never happened before. Sunehri says our fate is changing, come. Neil shows the toys room to Mowgli. He says this was my room in childhood, sit here, do you want such super room. He talks to Mowgli.

Avni asks about the man’s profession. Lawyer answers on their behalf. Kumar says you want us to be educated, but my wife is just 10th pass, she wants us to adopt a girl, so that we can educate her. Avni asks are you sure you want to adopt Daisy, I mean you should know her well. The lady says Daisy is really lovely. Avni says I will think and tell you, till then spend time with Daisy. Shweta asks Mowgli to have icecream. Mitali comes and asks Mowgli to have chocolate icecream. She insists. Mowgli throws the icecream on her. They get shocked. Neil shouts Mowgli, what did you do, do you behave such with elders. Mitali says its fine, he is a kid. Mowgli hides behind sofa and gets scared. Prakash hugs Mowgli. Neil says really sorry. Mowgli says I want to go home to my mumma. Neil says this is also your house. Neil comes to Mitali and says I hope you aren’t annoyed with Mowgli. Mitali says he will need time to adjust, its not easy for them.

Neil gets Mowgli back home. Mowgli says when you don’t love me, why do you want to take me away from mumma. He runs to Avni and hugs. Neil looks on. Shweta says I want to see Neil happy, if you don’t support him, how is this possible. Bebe says its not easy for us, explain Neil. Prakash says Mowgli was upset here, he stayed with mum till now, how will he change his life. Bebe says relations are getting complicated, what does Lord want from us. Prakash says breaking relations aren’t easy. Avni says I m scared, what happened there, why is Mowgli reacting like this. Sunehri says talk to him. Neil comes sand says we should talk. Sunehri goes. Neil says Mowgli used to call me superman, what did you tell him, you are teaching him that I m making him away from his mum.

Avni tells Mowgli’s likes and dislikes to Neil in court and questions him what does he know. She says I m sure to make him a good person.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Pavithra1616

    I love to see Neil lacking his son’s love.. But its actually really painful for a father.. But Neil deserves this.. I gave Mowgli a thumbs up each time he hurt Neil.. Mowgli is like us, he hates Neil.. Precap was the same.. Anyway, epi was really bad at the end when Neil said that filthy dialogue to avni.. Hats off to avni who suffers this much.. I am waiting for that moment when Neil begs in front of avni for forgiveness after knowing the truth.. That moment will be the happiest.. Nk never forgets to show its uniqueness.. U mist be think what I am talking about.. 1st uniqueness is- Neil was shown as a villain which any other shows do not show.. They make leads like heros..
    2nd uniqueness:- We don’t hate the lead characters in any show,especially the male lead.. But we all hate Neil.. But in today’s epi felt a little pitty for Neil.. But I say, he deserves this for his rudeness.. After this too, his rudeness has no end.. Waiting for next epi.. and Nk is going off-air or will get a time slot change.. And for sure, there will be one of them because Krishna chalk Lindon starts 21st May 9:00pm. Waiting for the best.. CVS, pls do something good pls.. Don’t make us the the perfect couple avneil which is the only ting nk is lacking.. We love avneil a lot so its the hatred we will have to avneil that nk is lacking.. It will be done very soon. An di hope u understood what I meant.. Luv u avneil??

  2. Ayesha_malhotra

    best part was when mowgli poured ice cream on mithali . And Neil doesn’t even have patience . Seriously Shweta is insane ! She’s like mowgli will adjust soon . After sometime mithali and Neil will take care of mowgli . Really ? Will she be able to take it if someone’s takes her dear son away from her ? She only thinks about Neil . Not about avni’s Emotions . I know their anger is justified but they should not try to separate a child from his or her mother . And as mowgli hates Neil now , Neil is blaming avni for this . I don’t know for how many days this track will continue .

  3. ShraddhaSharma392

    Bakwas drama….
    No more naamkaran show, just father-mother fight for child, then fight of child trafacking and show will end, without good note…
    Just hush hush running of show…. Iss se better to unite kro, or happy ending kr do show ki…

    1. Yes, you are right,if it’s going off air at least for some days why can’t they show some happiness which will be in our mind for ever.brilliant and beautiful actors

  4. Sana.

    Finally mogli taught a good lessons to neil that he can’t forget his mumma and can’t accept any other women as his sab hone he baath bhi agar ye neil mogli ko avni se alag karke mitali chudna chaktha he toh usse bada duffer is dhuniya me koi aur nehim hoga.ohh I forgot he is already a duffer na.he shouted at his own son just for that mitali you idiot go to hell you won’t deserve to be here.mogli doesn’t want to stay with him then why he is blaming avni? If son rises from west instead of east he would blame avni for that too.avni should not forgive neil but it won’t happen as its going off air na.and this swetha if the same thing happens to her means what she will think.gandhi aurat he vo.neil is comforting mitali gandhi aadmi ho tum more than that you are a tourniquet killer who is spoiling many girls life.mitali tumem sharam nei aati ye saadhi sudha admi se shaadi karne mein moreover he has a son too.flying broken chapels for neil and mitali.really neil thinks that avni poisons Mowgli’s mind no one duffer he is.neil doesn’t deserve avni so pls let that ass married another ass mitali and bring some new hero for avni who deserves Avni’s love than this womaniser neil.i don’t think they will bring out neela ma’s murder truth soon they will expose it only on the last episode of nk.disgusting seriel fed up of it.HATE NEIL TO CRORE.

    1. Sana.

      Mitali se * chudna

      1. Sana.

        Its sun and not son

  5. rockingangels

    Wow I just loved the way mowgli treated Neil.
    Neil is acting like a typical JERK
    Lmao he says avni thought mowgli that…what bukkshit. Wah neil I’m proud of ur so called ego. When did u become like this. I want the old Neil back
    He was bae…Oh god I miss him. I want Neil to suffer more. let him!!!

  6. Hmm so Mowgli should have the same emotions for Neil cause he only found out that both him n Avni are his parents..Dont see how he can love Avni more as she treated him like an orphan just like the other kids..yes she raised him but how can a mother let her son think that he was just like the other kids..Any child would take time to adjust to this kind of news..

  7. Mowgli you are amazing mowgli you should say to Neil that you hate him i m also satisfied to see Neil in pain he gives pain to avni mowgli return him. Neil shouted on mowgli for this mitali that time i want to slap neil. Mowgli really love her mom cute bonding between them i know Neil blamed avni for mowgli behaviour towards him. Nk going off air on 18 may. We miss you Avneil Adiza

  8. niel do whatever but I can’t hate him because I love avniel to infinity and I can tolerate that Niel too but please save our show, save our avniel and adiza

    1. Even I can tolerate Neil no matter how he is. Coz for me Neil is the best written character on Indian Television. I’ll ask u all one thing did anyone notice Neil wiping his tears the day he brought divorce and petition papers. He don’t want to do it but his mind is forcing him to take such decision. Tell me how anyone will react after u return from death and come back with your son. I’m not against avni. But even Neil isn’t wrong. The only wrong he did is to compare mitali with avni.

  9. TUFriendsForever

    I think I will get many comments not agreeing with me but my point of view n I have missed some episodes but this is what I feel first Neil has an idea of marrying Mitali n taking care of mowgli but it’s shit not at all good I don’t like that idea but see he hasnt known he had a child from his view Avni separated him from his son I think Neil deserves love from mowgli that was too much for a father to take up u try hard n your son doesn’t talk?? If I was Neil I woul have breaked a glass with my hand I can’t take up such situation how wrong u are u son not liking u that’s the worst for any father I don’t know why mowgli doesn’t like Neil as I said I missed few episodes but the show is wrapping up if u show Neil changes n a happy family suddenly it would be weird if u do that it need time then if Avni is alone gonna raise mowgli then what about Neil?? All make mistakes n it’s completely fine to forgive once really u guys are gonna wrap it out in a rush?? Zain is nailing his character n mowgli’s acting is a one which need much appreciation n in between all this chaos there is still adoption problem there is a problem with that too
    Say me one ting with all this u are gonna wrap?? Woww awesome
    The Neil left mowgli back to Avni that’s pretty good but the last dialogue I was like what the hell??? Such a mess I hated that part
    N the precap common yaar of u do such things add some logic into it
    Son was away from father for all these years n how will he know his favourites?? Will God come n say that in his dreams??
    N then Aditi’s acting was spot on
    The mom son relationship was so admirable but for that u should not hurt others feeling

    1. Agreed to you.all of a sudden Neil doesn’t deserve hate from fans and son

    2. Mellu

      agree what u said is right , even my point of view is same as he didn’t known that he has a son , and this reaction is obvious but one thing I hope Neil sab bhul kar avni ka sath de that’s all v can hope # reunite avneil

  10. and guys how can you all say that they should introduce some new men in Avni s life will you all will be OK without avniel and Adiza because I will be never . for me naamkaran means niel and avni our avniel and adiza

    1. I totally agree to you pallavi,I also want avani and Neil together

  11. I read that 10:30 slot is given to yhm don’t know what they are planning for our naamkaran. hope for the best. they can give any time slot but please don’t end it

  12. Hi guys. How are you guys.I missed commenting here.Today’s episode was interesting.i loved the part where Mowgli threw the icecream on Mithali’s Face she deserves it.I’m just waiting for Neil and Avni to re-unite.I heard that Saisha will die that her death will make Avni and Neil re-unite and i also heard that Naamkaran is going off air on May 18.Can somebody clear my doubts for me

  13. The episode was painful but I liked the behaviour of Mowgli towards Neil especially the scene when he throws ice-cream on mitali but for that chudail mitali he got angry with Mowgli and shouted him he never did anything like this for avni before when juhi shouted on avni and the way Neil shouted and blamed avni for Mowgli’s behaviour towards Neil was horrible its his mistake who leaves no chance to shout on avni and put all the blame on avni and happily engaged with mitali not avni’s mistake.Seriously Neil doesn’t deserve avni.Hate this Neil and want old Neil khanna back.And talking about rumours which came true now Krishna chale London is replacing nk from 21st May. I don’t know if nk is going off air or its time slot will change but feel ashamed of myself for not being able to save my adiza even after having such a huge fandom. I’m disappointed with star plus especially fans for hurting their beloved adiza by watching it online. Even after zain’s request ppl continued to watch nk online further reducing trp of nk. What was adiza’s mistake in all this? Why you fans are breaking zain’s heart by giving him worst birthday gift on his B-Day? If you guys are disappointed with this track then its makers mistake not avneil’s then why you guys are breaking their heart. I know this track is quite disappointing but plz continue to watch nk only on TV and do mails and contact star plus regarding extension and time slot change of nk. Plz guys if you are true adiza fans do this little contribution and save our show. Don’t lose hope and we have to fight till the end no matter whatever may be the result. Hope you guys understand the situation we are facing and will try ur 100% to save avneil. Let’s hope nk will not go off air

    1. Adi relax yaar we will help u but remember if this show trp doesn’t increase upto 2.0 this week it will end nd star plus has launched new two new shows mariyam nd Krishna chali london are replacing naamkaran nd yhm because of that yhm time slot has changed to 10:30pm on 21may nd i have no idea about naamkaran sorry guys one spoilers say it is changing time slot nd other it is going off air.dont know who to believe. Have u all signed the save naamkaran pitetion.if not plz sign.
      We all we know i think cvs nd sp decide d what they have to do if u want naamkaran survive bring the trp to 2.0

  14. I really don’t understand how people are hating Neil and supporting avni.mougli is a child ,he doesn’t know his father only bcoz of his you guys forgive Neil if he takes maugli for 10 years from avani.avani is the stupidest girl who never wins wit her stupid plan who doesn’t know the value of relationship,she just made everyone life miserable with her dare she is to ask those questions to neil.he doesn’t know bcoz he never met his son for 10 years.stupid heroin , always planning and plotting has no heart to leave Neil .neil is right she is deciding what is right accordingngo to her she is right.i hate you avani for asking all those questions to Neil after never allowing him to meet his son for 10 years..avani deserve all this hate from Neil but I don’t want them to separate more esp he doesn’t need to marry mithali.Neil supported avani a lot before their separation and really loves her , just got angry bocz avani took his from guys should not forget Neil’s love towards avani before separation, don’t say he deserves all hatings from mougly,I really feel bad,I always loved this serial why they are showing only saddness I don’t understand,why can’t they show some happiness.please don’t scold me and Neil.

    1. Hey hello.its all because of Neil only.he overreacted and now meeting the consequences.he only shouted at avni so mogli heard it and understand him as rude.moreover Neil was not at all successful in his plan.he should think what avni had done for him and his family,she lost her neela ma because of that idiot.if neela‌ ma was here she would have felt bad for saving his rang Mahal track he failed to prove ragini pandit’s guilt even though avni gave him clues and got suspended.then he couldn’t even put vidyut behind bars even for one day.but avni was always successful in her plans unlike neil.she destroyed vidyut which Neil couldn’t do.moreover she supported him and his family by hiding her mumma’s murder truth from them and now also she thinks of them so she hide it easy for her to forget that pain and support the family who is responsible for her mumma’s murder?she is the one who knows it and she kept it in her heart,she can’t express it to has been pricking her heart since 10years.even then how can you blame avni .he is a memory loss patient who forgot what avni did for him.

      1. Neil always stood with avani before the leap even though their plans were failure.he helped and loved avani a lot when she only wanted to take revenge from dayawanti.ashis was a good lover and a good father in the beginning but they spoiled his character, everybody started hating himsame way they are spoiling Neil who was loved and respected by everyone.dont be thankless just bcoz he is saying some things to avani in anger of 10 years.separation esp making his son ignorant about father and father’s family.,she just made a decision to leave him and raised mougly as orphan,it’s not acceptable at any cost.if he is a memory lost patient why you all are getting angry on him

      2. Can we stop scolding both of them. Both r in their ego trip and mowgli is getting sandwiched between them. Stop scolding both of them. Both of them r right in their own way. Any normal person would have reacted in the same way when avni came back after 10 years with their son. And even avni didn’t do mistake. She was right. If she had not left Khanna family then Prakash would have committed suicide. So stop blaming both of them.

      3. Ok mansa.i love aveneil.i was angry but I really don’t hate her,I want some happiness in this story.

  15. Oo yes nk cant end ????????????????????????????????.
    but i will love adiza and kabir forever

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