Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 30th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Meera Confesses Her Crimes

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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 30th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Aditya breaks Kanak Misthan Bhandar’s window glass and peeps in. Suman worriedly thinks if he sees her, he will inform Meera, who will not let Uma and Kanak remarry. Kanak disguised as Sunny baba waits for Meera and Bhabho in a fake ashram. Saras laughs hearing her joking mantras. Bhabho reaches with Meera and asks her to remove shoes first. She greets baba and pleads her to solve her problems, her granddaughter wants to marry a married man and she wants her to forget that man. Saras as Baba’s aide asks what is her granddaughter’s name. Kanak blows kumkum from thali and shows Kanak’s name in kumkum. Aditya on the other side sees Suman and thinks her as ghost. Saras tells if Bhabho applies this kumkum on her granddaughter, she will forget that man’s name and memories. Kanak Baba shows Uma’s name in kumkum. Bhabho acts as surprised and asks Meera to take some boon from baba, baba can see future and do anything.

Meera walks to Baba Kanak and requests to help her save her husband from other woman. Saras asks her to close her eyes. Uma hurriedly comes out, gives one more kumkum thali and hides again. Kanak Baba shows sin/paap written in kumkum. Saras asks what sin she did, she should accept all her sins. Bhabho also insists, else her husband will leave her. Meera accepts that her marriage is on the pillar of lie and pleads to stop this marriage. Saras says baba wants her to write all her sins on paper and write only truth.

Aditya realizes Suman is alive. Suman thinks to inform Saras about Aditya seeing her. Meera writes her sins on paper and informs Kanak baba. Saras asks to close her eyes and drop this paper in fire. Meera does some and is about to drop paper in fire when she gets Aditya’s call that Suman is alive. Uma snatches paper. Meera is shocked and asks when did he come. Kanak asks Uma to handover papers to police soon. Suman comes running and informs Kanak that Aditya saw her. Meera points knife on her neck and warns to return paper to her. Uma pushes her down. Meera gets up and shouts if she cannot get Uma, even Kanak cannot. She picks trishul and tries to stab Kanak when Uma keeps plate in between and catches Meera again. Saras and Suman tie her hands. Uma asks Kanak, Kanak says she is fine and tells Meera’s drama is finished now. Meera shouts she is Uma’s wife officially even now. Kana says she will submit this confession paper in court and proved that she forcefully married Uma, court does not consider forced marriages. Meera says she loves Uma. Suman says she forcefully detained Uma for 2 days. Kanak says she has already called police. Police enters. Kanak gives confession papers and asks inspector to arrest Meera. Meera shouts he cannot arrest her as he does not know who she is. Inspector says her attitude is describing who she is and drags her away. Whole family hugs each other in happiness.

Precap: Uma and Kanak remarry. Kana says it is a doule celebration, why he is tensed. He says he is very happy, but whenever happiness comes near him, problems creep him. A box is brought and someone peeps via door.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    Kuch jayda hi easily chapter end ho gya meera ka??? Something is fishy for sure….

  2. Today’s episode was hilarious ? I cant believe meera was not able to recognize Sara’s as she was easy to recognize kanak was a little bit difficult to recognize but Sara’s was not one thing is for sure any scene you give to Rhea Sharma she does it perfectly.? now a new beginning is about to start let see how cvs bring the story . Bye meera Mitali you will be miss but the story needs to move on ?

  3. Candiva007

    Oh lord, can we not see them happy for a couple of months before something bad enters into the picture?

  4. I think the one who is peeping through the hole would be Aditya…as after informing Meera he wasn’t shown at all…or it can also be Meera as well…she would have ran from jail…but whoever it is pls CVS don’t let that particular person spoil the marriage because after a long storm happiness have came to kanUm’s life… Totally enjoyed today’s episode…
    And I think that instead of telling Meera to write her sins in a paper they could have planned to tell Meera to admit the sins she have done..so Uma could have also recorded it along with video…it would be a stronger proof…but anyway plan was nice and greatly executed…hope nothing wrong happen at this point when they are all set to enter their officially married life…
    ??? LOTS OF LOVE??

    1. Krithi they recorded the entire events which took place and handed the video recording with confession statement to the police

  5. Waiting for next track..

    1. Marriage was not consummated so through a medical report itself uma can prove his innocence. A man living with a young lady without any physical attachments for 2 yrs ?.Really appreciatable. She provoked soo much. Great Uma????. But I have one doubt?…Does Kanak knows this????? Because one day Kanak saw their bed decorated with flowers and meera told her yesterday was their wedding anniversary night that’s y.

      1. Yes dear Uma is great..he have a great control over himself and now Kanak trusts uma…so it won’t that difficult to make Kanak believe that no physical attachments were there between those two….

  6. Partyyyyy times Guys let’s celebrate our enchanting show is back ???????our enticing couple KanUm reunited ???Great Meera Mittal chapter closed forever.??wow funny but a thrilling episode. Kanum ultimate checkmate to make Meera confess her crimes. Kanak as sani baba was hilarious. ??saras was so sweet and funny ??mad meera wrote all her sins she was about to burn as she was instructed. Just in time uma snatched the confession statement from her. Adithya called informed Suman is alive meera was shell-shocked she threatened uma to give back the paper otherwise she will kill Suman. Kanak smartly move threw the Diya on Meera and saved Suman from her clutches. Mentally obsessed meera violently attacked kanak aiming trishul on her uma warned not to harm kanak when meera was about to stab her uma brought a plate named uma on kanak sindoor from that plate landed on kanak maang. Bholenath Sanket sindoor from uma to kanak again ?? uma caught Meera tied her Meera shouted she won’t divorce uma at all kanak showed her confession letter and said there is no question of divorce at all because it’s a forced marriage she blackmailed uma to marry her and such marriage are not legally valid. ?so her marriage with uma will be proved as null and void kanak said uma always was her for now and forever no power in this world can separate them and she will become uma ‘s official wife soon ?? Meera Mittal was arrested and big end for her chapter kanum celebrated their victorious moments by sharing a hug with everyone. Tom kanUm shaadi. Mubarak Ho friends let’s get ready to dance for Baaarat ??and then the most expected exciting sensuous Suhagrat sequence ????

  7. Guys massisa entry soon be ready for another roller coaster ride in kanUm life but kanum will be together always. They will face any obstacles and come out successfully ???kanum ghatbandan destined by Bholenath which is unbreakable forever ???

    1. Yes dear it’s time to celebrate ????.I’m a big fan of your comments. Love your comments. I love the way you playing with words. Great writing??. Awaiting kaanum sensuous first night along with your sensuous comment…massisa is coming???. Hey cvs please don’t separate kaanum again. I will watch anything but won’t watch kaanum separation next time . That much am loving them ??.

      1. Thank u so much Malu glad u liking my comments ???kanUm na dear their magical chemistry makes me to write like that ???yeah everyone are waiting for sensuous Suhagrat sizzling moments na ??Avi knows I am craziest fan ??yday tweet to him he would have confirmed we fans are really gone crazy ??.kanum reunion is really a visual treat and big surprise for kanUm lovers.Massisa confirmed she is back .So again kanUm has to fight the enemies but from now on as Diya aur bhati. ?

  8. Rhea is ? as usual. But from uma I expected a little more. MM has ruined his 2 golden yrs by forced marriage, blackmailing…she separated his love from him and even tried for forceful ?…Now she accepted her crime…suman’s murder drama. why our strong man doesn’t want to say anything…atleast one slap?. Anyway the big headache end?…Thank God. So tomorrow marriage and day after tomorrow grand first night ?. Precap? what’s the new tension?

  9. Meera1

    I was a bit disappointed with the quality & content of today’s episode, it’s not a reflection of the cast because they all did a fab job, but I found just the quality of the storyline was a bit weak compared to the usual quality that tsmsp provides …It all felt a bit abrupt & rushed, but im still super happy that the Meera chapter has come to an end ?… although it feels a bit too good to be true… so we may have to wait see if Meera resurfaces again.

    After the precap I am so looking forward to tomorrow’s episode! finally Kanum are uniting & it looks like this time round the marriage will finally be complete!! ???

    1. Yes dear i know it’s because of the weak story line. Our cast does good job??

  10. Just happy ? to see MM out of their life however they planned Bravo to them all Thought Aditya shouldn’t have called MM but guess that’s the suspense Now the most waited marriage of KanUma ???Can’t wait

  11. I thought that too good to be true , how can this stubborn women just cave in.

    Anyway KanUm are together now , let them face all issues together.

    One last question how can they marry before court case , is marraige not invalid in eyes of the law?

    1. Guess this is TV land But guess is annulled as it is forced marriage without consent from both parties & also the marriage was not consummated So I guess it’s not valid or got an urgent settlement who knows all that matters is KanUma getting married finally Happiness for a short while till more evil appears ?

      1. Sometimes we’re forgetting this is a tv show. With a short period kaanum became one among us?.

  12. Mahadev Desai

    Precap showed a wedding gift package. Is there a bomb in it! Hope not! Tomorrow will tell!

  13. Mellu

    fantastic episode ,baba’s drama was really funny, today’s episode was treat to watch and finally kanuma did it

  14. That wedding gift is adithya. I’m scared of his planning ??. What he is doing inside the gift box…any new tension??

  15. Hem

    Waiting for today episode,kanak always look so preety

  16. Plz guys dont forget to vote for ur favorite show tsmsp n stars all deserve an award….I want avinesh Rekhi n rhea Sharma get lots of award for their performance. …plz star pariwar award this time dont do injustice like you did last time….I dnt think yeh hai mohobatein type serial deserve a so many award ..well I dnt like ekta kapoor serials why everytime our deserving stars suffer particiality. .

    1. Mavisboamah

      Definitely Cutie guys we need to vote when the times comes tell family and friends and if we can vote multiple times then we will do it. This time is not going to yhm,yrrk,isqbaaz tsmsp also deserves awards ? guys let make it happen ??

      1. Thanks mavisboamah??

  17. Very disappointed?? after watching today episode bcs they didn’t show the song…..in every serials they show some closeness n sweet romantic song then wts the wrong with this show….kuch jayada hi fast track pr chala diya show…..bad track ko itna strecth krte hai ki insaan budha ho jata aur jo good track ho tb fast speed pakad lete ho…..song toh banta tha..

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