Naagin Season 6 2nd July 2022 Written Episode Update: Pratha begins her revenge

Naagin Season 6 2nd July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Pratha coming to the hospital and she sees doctor asking a patient to pay the bill to get his child’s dead body. She goes inside. Pratha comes there as doctor and signs on the papers. The patient and her husband thanks her and leave. Doctor comes out and asks Nurse if they went? Nurse says you have signed and they have left. Doctor says I didn’t sign, I was not here. She sees her lookalike and asks who are you. Pratha takes her avatar. Doctor gets scared and asks who are you? Pratha reminds the doctor that a girl had come to deliver her baby here. The doctor recalls Mahek giving her money to poison Pratha to kill her baby. She says if you don’t do it then I will kill you. She goes. Pratha says you have sold yourself for some money. She says she came to settle scores with her, and today she will take revenge from her. She says she is Naagin of Naagins, shesh naagin. She says a woman had come to give birth to her child, and today Shesh Naagin has come to take revenge for her baby’s murder. She swears on Shiv ji that she will take revenge on everywhere, whoever is guilty. She says my revenge started. She kills the doctor, suffocating her with her tail. She recalls the trauma which she had after finding out about her baby’s death.

Urvashi comes to Mahek and throws lehenga on her. Mahek asks why did you throw it on me? Urvashi says Shakti is waiting for you. Mahek says I don’t want to meet him. Urvashi says you was singing song with him in the bath tub to fool Pratha. She says you have forgotten that we had a difficult time to cage him again. She says if he comes out then he will be jailed, and you know how important he is to us. She says if anyone comes to know that Shakti is alive, then it will be end of universe. She says only Seema could have handled him, but she is in coma. She says if Rishabh comes to know then he will throw us and don’t know what he will do with Shakti. Urvashi says she can kill him being Shesh Naagin. Urvashi says Shakti is important to her, until they get that salt factory for Zang. Pratha and Rajesh discuss that they need salt factory but for what? Rajesh says I will not give them. Pratha says you will give and says we shall find out why they need it. Rajesh calls Urvashi and calls her for the salt factory deal. Urvashi gets happy and informs Mahek. She asks Mahek to get ready to meet Shakti. Mahek goes to get ready. Urvashi calls Rehaan and tells that she is going to meet Rajesh Pratap for the land deal and asks him to talk to his sister Divya. He says ok. Ria asks if you betray me. He says no and hugs her.

Vihaan gambles with some goons and loses. The goons ask for money. Vihaan tells that he will get money from his brother. He calls him and asks him to bring money. Rehaan says who told that I have money. Vihaan insists. Rehaan says I will come. He asks Ria if she has any money. She says no. He says ok, and asks her to go home. He thinks he shall befriend rich girl Divya. Vihaan is walking on the road in drunk state. Pratha as snake surrounds him with her tail. He turns and looks at Samaira. Samaira says she is his bhabhi? Vihaan says how can this be possible, Rehaan had killed you. Pratha throws Vihaan on Rehaan’s car, and says I will take revenge from you all. Rehaan comes out of the car. Vihaan says he saw Samaira and a big snake. Rehaan says you are drunk. He tells him that Urvashi is meeting Rajesh tonight to crack the land deal and he will meet his sister Divya. Pratha hears him.

Mahek comes to Shakti wearing bridal lehenga. He holds her and pulls her closer. He says I will snatch happiness of Rishabh, says the girl whom he loves is mine. He says I will celebrate wedding night with you. Mahek says I am not that girl, I don’t love you and used you to separate Rishabh with his wife. She says Rishabh’s love was someone else. He laughs and says you would have told me before. He says you don’t know how much I hate Rishabh, I would have helped you. He asks where is that girl whom Rishabh loves? Mahek says she is dead. Shakti says you must have enjoyed when she died. He asks what Rishabh went though. He says very good you have done a good thing, asks her to go and says I have forgiven you today. Mahek runs from there.

Mahek asks Urvashi why zang needs this land, what is in it? Urvashi says I don’t know. Rajesh Pratap comes there and tells that he can’t sell this land to them. Mahek says we are ready to give any rate and ready to do anything. He says this land is not mine. Mahek says you said that it is yours. He says it was mine, now it is of my fiancé, I gifted it to her. Pratha comes there, singing and hearing the song. She asks Rajesh to come. Rajesh says they came to meet us. Pratha says they are thieves to steal our time. They tell that they want that land. Pratha says she wants skating wing on this land, and there is no skating wingb here. Urvashi says I will search more good land than this, but please give this land to us. Pratha says I will think. Mahek whispers to Urvashi that she can’t be Pratha. Urvashi says she is important to us now, we have to convince her else Zang will not leave us. Mahek tells Pratha that they can do anything for this land. Pratha asks her to teach hunting. Mahek says ok. Urvashi asks if you will give land to us. Pratha says she will think. They go.

Rishabh looks at Pratha’s pic in his mobile and thinks if she was Pratha. He zooms her pic and see, recalling their moments. Mahek comes there and shouts at him, for seeing Pratha’s pic. He says I was seeing Kiara’s pic. Mahek says you love her even today and lies to yourself. Rishabh says it is not like that. Mahek says you loves her. Rishabh says I hate her face after whatever she did with me. Mahek says I will leave from your life. He stops her and tells that if she is Pratha, then he will take revenge from her. Mahek asks him to teach hunting to Kiara and get closer to her to get your answers. Urvashi hears them. Mahek asks him to find out if she is Pratha. She says you shall teach him hunting and if she is Pratha, then hunt her. Rishabh goes from there. Urvashi comes inside and hugs Mahek.

Mahek tells Urvashi that she will provoke Rishabh’s anger for Pratha. She says I never thought that I will see hatred in his eyes. Urvashi says this wouldn’t have happened, if we haven’t done that drama, when she went to sacrifice her powers. Mahek says if I haven’t played this game, then this wouldn’t have happen. She says Rishabh went out, when Pratha left to sacrifice her powers. She says she took Samaira’s avatar and went to Rishabh. A fb is shown, Samaira tells Rishabh that Pratha is having an affair with Inspector Vijay. She asks him to go and catch her red handed. Rishabh goes from there. She says then Rishabh reached there, and got mad after whatever he saw there.

Mahek goes to Vijay and hugs him. He says you say that you love me, but….She says I love you so much and hugs him. Rishabh comes there and sees Pratha hugging Vijay. He misunderstands her and walks away. Mahek takes her real avatar and tells Vijay that she don’t love him, but planning to marry Rishabh. He says he was right about her. She says you can’t find out about Pratha and me. She says then I went to Samaira as Pratha. She asks her not to get scared. Samaira says I will get justice because of you. Rehaan stabs knife in Samaira’s stomach. Mahek as Pratha acts to be shocked.

Samaira falls down shocked. Mahek takes her real avatar and laughs. Rehaan stabs Samaira again. Mahek tells that Pratha was shocked seeing Samaira in that condition, when she was returning after sacrificing her powers. She was more shocked seeing Rishabh misbehaving with me, but she didn’t know that we have used Shakti.

Precap: Mahek watches Kiara becoming Pratha, the half snake seeing a wild animal. She gets shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Everything is clear now so whoever is married to Mehek and currently living with her is the Real rishab and the locked in this room is the evil twins shakti . 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Mehek IS so stupid she thinks she is still sheshnaagin

  2. Nicole ehizokhale

    So mahek foolishly disguised herself as samaira to make rishabh to think that pratha was having an affair with inspector Vijay but meanwhile it was all a lie and rishabh doesn’t even know that pratha was really pregnant with his child and he doesn’t know that pratha never had an affair with inspector Vijay at all and that it was mahek in disguise as pratha to make him believe she was having an affair with inspector Vijay when meanwhile pratha wasn’t even there and pratha doesn’t know that mahek foolishly fooled her by using shakti which is rishabh younger twin brother on the day samaira was killed and murdered that it wasn’t rishabh that was misbehaving with her on the samaira was killed and murdered but it was shakti that they used and that both twin brothers were used by mahek and also that mahek used shakti to separate pratha from rishabh and both pratha and rishabh dont know that pratha mahek lied to them especially rishabh who has been lied to by mahek in disguise as pratha to make him believe that she is having an affair with inspector Vijay when she wasn’t even there at all and that both pratha and rishabh need to know the truth before it’s too late and rishabh doesn’t know that pratha truly loves him and that she never had any affair with inspector Vijay at all it was all lies by mahek disguised as pratha and samaira to make him believe and pratha needs to spare both brothers because they were used by mahek to do her evil plan against pratha her sister and pratha should start continue her own revenge on the rest people who betrayed her and then leave the twin brothers who were used by mahek for her evil plan against her own sister pratha to separate her from rishabh the love of her sister husband who was also her own brother in law which is very disgusting. and l can’t wait for pratha revenge to begin.

  3. All the shows of Ekta Always end UP having a love triangle eitheir two sisters marry the same man ( Pratha, Mehek , rishab of Naagin ) ( prachi ranbir Rhéa of kukum bagya) ( preeta , rishab , karan ) eitheir two best Friend married the same man . This women ( Ekta ) has a serious problèm

    1. 😂😂

  4. Okay I guess today’s episode is like okay normal good. Maybe I supposed to say this last week but yeah guess can be applied for this week this. So now, it’s been Rishabh the whole while like everyone said. Okay I just can’t believe whats happening already. I can’t believe that that is all Rishabh love towards Pratha? He doesn’t trust he and all. Then you don’t deserve her. Pitiful that Pratha loved him, that she sacrificed the power earlier. I know that this is merely a serial, but I hope this doesn’t imply to the real life relationships. No you don’t do that!!
    You talk to your parther, you try to find our what he/she is trying to explain. If you noticed that they genuinely saying they are trapped or innocent, trust them. Talk to them. Find out whats the truth, then you decide. And if they are married, then my god, that’s your husband/ wife! Whatever is it, I know no one is gonna take this serial as a lesson to do this, but I pray no relationships are this way even yes, some people this do so, but yeah you know what I am saying.
    I know some people are gonna be like “yeah we told before, you just noticed”? No it’s not that. I wanted Rishabh to be true still, that’s why I wanted to still believe he hasn’t changed his mind for anything. Nevertheless, it’s a serial and I shall still wait to know what they are trying to do in this drama. Also, I had another thing. Basically all those stuffs happened a year back right? Like Pratha betrayed, getting jailed and all. So meaning earlier, that moment, they used Shakti to pretend like Rishabh, then I am sure they locked him up later. So I wonder only his hair grew but beard are all same like Rishabh?🤭😅I know Simba is playing double role, at least make the character Shakti look different, not only with the hair that shows he had been locked for so long. So meaning they lend you a shaver but didn’t give you a haircut 😂. Should have put for him a fake beard at least. Long fake beard. I hope I am right about the timing. He has been locked for long right that’s why Shakti’s grew like that.
    Okay sorry I wrote too long already. Sorry guys. But that’s all I have to say this week.. guess episode was okay. Let’s se the precap is true or not whether that mahek did see that it’s Pratha all this while or not.

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