Naagin Season 6 15th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Pratha Traps Reynaksh?

Naagin Season 6 15th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Nevla Reynaksh taking Chanda to a jungle north side of Ujjain and asks her to show where the amrith kalash/pot is hidden. Seema calls Reynaksh and asks him if he got amrith kalash. He asks her to be patient and says he will not give her kalash easily if he finds it. Seema stands shocked hearing his answer and says nevla changed his words. Pratha walks to her and taunts her. She then calls Nevla and asks him if he reached the place. He calmly replies yes and threatens Chanda to inform where the kalash is. Chanda recalls Pratha’s mother making a cross mark near the tree where she hid the kalash She asks him to protect amrith kalash as it is derived during amrith manthan and can save their nation from any disasters. Reynaksh calmly agrees. Seema in shock asks how can a nevla obey a nagin. Pratha says sometimes positions change. Reynaksh turns into Mahak and she recalls how she threatened to kill Reynaksh with an iron rod captivated wither adopted father’s help and herself turned into Reynaksh to find out kalash’s location. Pratha then taunts Seema that she should update her enemies from Nevla to someone bigger like Seema.

Mahak informs Chanda that chandra grahan/lunar eclipse night is coming after 4 days. Pratha informs Seema that she will have amrith kalash which she will mix in ganga river. She reminds Pratha that her nevla is with her and walks away. Seema thinks she will do something and fail Pratha’s plan. Mahak takes Chanda to a shiv temple. Pratha’s adopted father leaves nevla’s cage in an old temple and walks away. Nevla seeks his friend Bannu’s help. Mahak asks Chanda to stay there for 4 days. Chanda asks if her son will be safe. Mahak says someone powerful will protect her son. Pratha walks in and promises Chanda to protect Rishabh. She then says that she needs to return home and walks away. Chanda prays Mahadev to protect everyone. Pratha gets out of temple and turning into nagin uses her superpowers makes a protective line around the temple. Mahak comes out and watches that. Pratha says its seshnagin’s nag rekha which no one can cross, but if Chanda comes out of temple, it will break and then they cannot protect Chanda. Mahak says Reynaksh cannot come here as he is in baba’s cage. Bannu with nevla/mangoose team reaches old temple where naags stop him. He fights with them and then injuring baba frees Reynaksh. Reynaksh thanks him for saving him. Bannu beats him.

Seema gathers Rehan, Vivan, Ritesh, and Reem for partying instead of fighting against Pratha. She further reveals that Rishabh is the sole owner of their business and will not give them anything Rishabh recalls Chanda revealing him that she is married to Lalith. He enters room and bumps into Pratha. A water glass falls down and breaks. Rishabh asks her if she heard what Chanda said, maybe there is some connection between Chanda and Lalith, but he cannot leave Seema in pain as he loves his mother a lot. Pratha promises him to protect his mother. Seema continues provoking Rehan and others that Rishabh only obeys Pratha and can do anything for her. Rehan says she is right, Samairs wants to leave him after Pratha brainwashed her. Reem says Rishabh doesn’t even look at her anymore because of Pratha. Rehan says they need to do something to Pratha. He returns to room and physically abuses Samaira. Samaira pleads him to spare her. Pratha overhears Samaira’s plea, calls police, and complains Vijay that Rehan physically abuses Samaira. Samaira denies and yells at her to spare her husband and stop wrongly alleging him. Radha tongue lashes Pratha for putting heinous allegations against her son. Rishabh also scolds Pratha for filing police complaint. Prahta determines to expose Rehan’s truth and save Samaira from his torture.

Bannu fights with Reynaksh and asks why did he call him. Reynaksh says he wants him to help him catch oldie Chanda. Bannu says he knows her and asks how will they find her. Reynaksh says he has Chanda’s sari piece. Bannu asks him to accompany him somewhere. Reynaksh says he needs to find amirth kalash for Seema and walks away. Next morning, Pratha apologizes Rishabh for last night’s drama and gifts him a perfume. He thanks her and asks her to take care of Seema till he returns from his business trip. Rehan walks to him and takes him away. Reynaksh reaches shiv temple and is stopped by nag rekha. He then if he cannot enter temple, Chanda can come out. Chanda murmurs to protect her from Bannu as he will ruin everything. Mahak comforts her and thinks of informing about it to Pratha. Rehan offers juice to Rishabh while traveling in a bus and asks if they could go by flight. Rishabh says he wants his younger brother to enjoy the beauty of nature. He then falls asleep after having juice. Rehan stops bus and leaves. Seema asks Pratha to accompany her to temple. Pratha gets suspicious. Reynaksh mimics Rishabh and pleads to save him from Seema. Chanda hears his voice and walks out of temple. Mahak returns and doesn’t find Chanda there.

Samaira packs her bag and tries to leave house before Rehan could reach home. Rehan returns home to punish her and dragging Samaira back to room brutally assaults her. Chanda runs out of temple hearing Rishabh’s voice and is shocked to see Reynaksh nevla instead. Reynaksh stabs his nails into her neck, and she collapses. Samaira runs to Pratha and pleads her to save her from Rehan as he brutally assaulted him. Family gathers and says Rehan is not at home, so how can he assault her. Radha alleges Pratha that she brainwashed Samaira against Rehan. Praha calls Rishabh and asks her to return home with Rehan immediately. Rishabh returns home with Rehan. Samaira alleges that Rehan brutally assaulted him. Rishabh says Rehan was accompanying him to Surat. Pratha says she already called police who will investigate the case. Vijay reaches and asks Samaira how did she incur injuries. Samaira says Rehan brutally assaulted him. Vijay arrests Rehan. Rishabh stops him and says Rehan was with him. Pratha asks Vijay to listen to a wife and not release Rehan until she takes back her complaint. Vijay takes Rehan away.

Rishabh confronts Pratha and asks how can Rehan hit Samaira when he was with him. Pratha asks why would Samaira lie. Radha starts her drama and says she will consume poison and commit suicide than living in this house. Family tries to stop her, but she consumes poison and collapses by then. Seema asks Rehan to call the doctor. Pratha tells Rishabh that she could smell same perfume from Samaira’s clothes which she gifted Rishabh and Rehan also applied it, she even saw someone running out of house. Rishabh asks if she saw his face. She says no. He warns that if something happens to Radha, he will divorce her.

Precap: Nevla provokes Pratha to fight with him. She fights and kills him. Rishabh expels Pratha from his house.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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