Naagin Season 5 29th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Bani as Naagin kills Shukla’s sons

Naagin Season 5 29th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the snakes coming from everyone to save Naina. All snakes unite to become one big snake. Nitin is about to shoot the snake, when the snake makes the pistol fall down. Harnish holds Naina’s neck while Nitin threatens her and tells that they will kill her. They ask her to come in her real avatar. The snake becomes Noor and tells that she is the same Noor whom they have buried. They say that they have killed her with their hands. Noor asks them not to kill her and cries, covering her face. She then becomes snake again and then comes in her real avatar. They get shocked to see Bani as half naagin. They ask who are you? bani tells that she is an icchadhari naag and came to punish and kill them for killing innocent people and for trying to kill Naina. She says she doesn’t know why she got such a life, but she will finish them all. She attacks them. Nitin and Harnish become eagles and is about to fly away, but Bani catches Harnish them and tells that she was not scared, but it was her anger for people like them. She holds his neck while Nitin tries to kill her with knife, but she makes his knife falls down. Nitin calls his Monil and tells that Naagin is on badi pahadi and will kill them. He sees Bani biting Harnish and shouts. Bani bites Nitin too. Monil hears his scream and comes out shockingly.

Naina greets her and says you are shesh naag naagin. Monil informs Veer that Nitin and Harnesh are attacked. He says Nitin had called me. Chacha says they had gone to eye witness and asks if she is a naagin. Monil tells that Nitin said that he was on Pahadi and tells that he heard them shouting. Veer’s father asks him if he sensed any snake there in Noor’s wedding. He says no. But his cousin tells that he had sensed snakes in the marriage, but can’t see anyone. Bani comes to her human avatar and finds Jai on the way. Jai tells that he was coming to her and asks about Naina. Bani tells that she has handled everything and Naina went home. He holds her hand and gets flashes of the past. He says who were they? Bani says who are they? Jai tells that he will drop her home and tells that he knows that she wants him to drop her home, else she would have left his hand.

The eagle family come to the pahadi and find Nitin and Harnesh dead. They see Naina’s face in Nitin’s mobile. Veer opens his Nitin’s and sees Naina. He says he will not leave this naagin.

Jai thinks what is the reason for these flashes. Bani thinks she had become icchadhari naagin and thinks what does it mean. Bani’s Chachi is about to call her, when she sees Bani coming in Jai’s car. She calls her daughters and makes them see Jai. Mahek says he is Jai Mathur. Their dad asks who has come? Jai and Bani have a talk. Jai is about to leave, when Chachi calls him inside. She tells that their house is small, and praises her daughters Bani introduces Meera to Jai. Chachi asks Bani to make tea for Jai. Meera asks Bani about her jhumka. Bani says it is a long story, I will tell you later. Jai tells that he has to go as Dadi must be waiting. Chachi says you are so good and worried that your Dadi is waiting for you. She says Bani had told that she is going for interview, but didn’t tell me if she got the job or not. Jai tells that he has appointed her in his company. Bani smiles. Chachi gets happy.

Shukla cries, while Balwant pacifies him. Veer and his brothers drink wine. Monil says they should have died by Naag’s hand. Veer says it is good to die by Naagin’s hand and tells that they must have lost their heart. He makes Shukla drink wine and tells that they don’t mourn as they are eagles. He promises that he will search the naagin and kill her. He asks them to find the naagin. They say surely.

Jai comes home. His brother and Sister ask him to take inhaler. Jai says I will not tell you what happened with me today. Ira asks what happened? Jai tells that he had seen a place, where a couple is there wearing ancient clothes in a cave. He says he sensed this when Bani touched him and says he has to go to that Cave, as he has some past connection with it. He opens the window and his skin becomes scaly. He gets flashes again and sees Nageshwari killing herself for him. His brother says leave it. Jai says I want to know who is she?

Naina comes to the temple and tells Pandit ji and snake charmer that Aadi Naagin saved her life from the eagles. Bani tells Meera that she had punished two of them and tells that she hates Viranshu Singhania. Meera says whenever you talk like that, and think about your past life then you….She asks her to tell if her avatar changes today. Bani says yes and tells that Icchadhari cheels had seen me, but I had killed them. Meera hugs her and asks if Jai saw you in that avatar. Bani says no and tells that she felt some connection with Jai. Meera teases her and calls her sweetheart. Bani asks her not to call her sweetheart as she hates that word. They find someone outside their house. Bani thinks who could be…and takes the broom stick. She is about to hit him with broom stick, but then keeps cloth on his mouth. He tells that he came to get his phone from Bani and also wants to talk to her. Meera asks him to come inside and takes him inside. She locks them in the room. Bani gives phone to Jai. Jai tells that whenever she touches him, he gets reflections of past and feels old connection with her. Chachi asks Meera if she didn’t sleep in her room. Meera tells that she had come to drink water. She drinks water and says she will go to room. She rushes to room and makes bani and Jai hide in the cupboard. Chachi comes there and asks why you didn’t sleep. Meera says I was doing work. Chachi asks Meera where is Bani and asks her to remind bani that her father had picked from the street. Jai looks at Bani hearing Chachi’s words. Chachi asks her to make apply uptan and sleep. She goes. Meera asks Bani and Jai to go out and talk.

Veer is going out when his brother stops him. Veer tells that he feels that if he finds Bani then he will find that icchadhari naagin too. He asks his brother not to worry as he is going with full plan. Bani and Jai jump down the window and run towards the car. Bani throws the dupatta and it falls on Veer. Veer tells that he thought something interesting will happen and says I am sure that you are also connected in this murder, and thinks even Bani is a naagin. Jai tells Bani that he wants to take her to Cave. Veer sits on Jai’s car. Jai puts the break. Bani holds his hand and tells that she was with Naina in the cave.

Naina tells the pandit and snake charmer that she will go and tell Bani about their past life. Pandit ji says they are reborn on the condition that they have to find their past on their own and nobody shall help them. They stop Naina from informing Bani and tells that let her find her past.

Jai and Bani come to the cave. Jai gets flashes of Hriday. Bani says this is the same place where I had come today. Jai says I have seen that girl and guy in the same cave, but I didn’t see them before. He says I am sure that those eyes were of you. He hears Nageshwari calling him Hriday and keeps hand on his shoulder. He gets flashes of Nageshwari. Bani tells that the place is scary. He asks what had happened today. She tells that she had called Police when Viranshu’s brother was trying to kill Naina. Jai asks her to keep her hand in his hand and says may be you will get flashes which I am getting. Bani gives her hand in his hand. Veer comes there and looks at them.

Precap: Veer as an eagle tries to scare them, but they run away. Veer thinks Bani can’t be a snake, else she would have hiss and bite him. Later Bani tells that she will kill him and she must have got the life to take revenge from him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


    Wow mohit Sehgal,s acting is improving now,,baki monaya fans toh hum phle se hi h unke,,baki sharad toh h hi apna best,,kisi bhi role me fit ho jata h yr,,

    1. Katrina

      Pls replace Mohit… he looks horrible and also not good actor….wooden actor…

      Worst choice… Chandu although really pretty but is not a good fit for naagin too…. Sharad is good though… he fits into this character and is handsome too

  2. Shesha485

    Today, I binge-watched Naagin 5 for first time. I feel that the episodes are quite well and even today’s episode is good but I could not understand how Bani killed Niten and Harnish like an experienced Naagin. BGMs are so good. I like Jai Mathur in this episode, the wardrobe part, family intro,all are cute. Maybe the makers would have given Meera an important role here as she is doing quite well.As for me, Surbhi is justifying as Naagin as well as Bani. Veer is outstanding as an eagle. Even Surbhi, Sharad, Sehgal trio is better than past trio(sync is missing). Though fans are excited for Hina, I feel Hina’s part wasn’t that good (may because of less scenes) as Dheeraj stole the limelight.
    At first, I thought BanVeer is the main couple but its good that JaNi is also given importance. Liking both of them. But no revenge ???? The show is mostly based on Naagin 3 whether it is sets (marriage hall is Sehgal house, Naina’s house is Shravani’s house), storyline (Punarjanam, love, red attire).
    I can’t understand many things like why the show took 40 years ; either they should take 50, if Veer’s whole family is taking Punarjunam or 25, if considering the trio, but why 40? I think only in this episode, Harnish and Niten’s name are revealed and they died (Its ok, infact good). 5 episodes are over, still the show hasn’t revealed well about boys family. Let us see what happen in future.

  3. ishqbaaz and shivika fan

    today episode have no scene of veer and bani episode is nice sharad and mohith look awesom just waiting for jai and bani chemistry

  4. Mona146

    i like dheeraj more in flashes than sharad. Surbhi isnt that expressive. old cast was good hina mohit and dheeraj.

  5. ShraddhaSharma392

    Today’s episode was ok ok, didn’t get that sparked liked last episodes… Anyway I hope Jai remembers his life soon…. And he doesn’t die and Bani doesn’t marry Vir for revenge, as they are showing such signs already

    1. Rojasanjay368

      That’s not good if veer and bani love story end

  6. Just wondering, Jai isn’t able to fully become a Naagin, it’s like there is something not quite right with him like his human body has a disease and he can’t fully become what he is meant to be… there is more chemistry between Veer and Bani than Bani and Jai, Bani and Jai are very boring together. Her Chachi will probably force her to get Jai married to one of her daughters…. but I am going to keep pointing out the plot hole at the beginning… she was a snake a literal reptile who was just blessed with a human form and had a boyfriend – a reptile had a boyfriend…. then she got her whole clan killed, didn’t even live as a Naagin for a week but she’s the most powerful….

  7. I am loving my annika,this new bani.As naagin she rocked.Awesome acting, I am eager for today’s episode.

  8. I want veerani i mean sharad and surbhi .Both of them make a good pair.May veer got Bani in the end of the season

  9. Rojasanjay368

    Bani and jai has no chemistry like bani and veer veer is best than jai
    There is no chemistry between them mohith is not matching for surbhi I am watching naagin after season 2 for my anika she is currently Anika for me she had no chemicals with mohith so plz change the actors shard is better than mohith he is perfect match for after nakuul mehta plz ekhta Mam will change veer and bani love story if it changes it is a new love story of cheel and naagin it’s good 💝💝💖💖💖💖💘💘💘today veer is only good wait for today episode twists ekhta Mam will change the actors

  10. @shraddhasharma392 i was also wondering the same they are showing signs of bani n veer marring, but either the way how is bani going to fulfill this revenge without marring veer am just curious to see how they will do it. If she manage to fulfill it without being married to veer then i’ll salute you ekta mam

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      Thats right… But its ekta show and 99% shows goes without story and with senseless things… Just like kumkum bhagya and Kundli bhagya and many more….
      So I m sure in coming time they will show Jai dead and Bani-Veer marriage for revenge and pairing Cheel and Naagin…

      In season 1 they showed if Naagin marries Human they get punished but in end Naagin turned Human, in season 2 they turned human as Naag, in season 3 n 4 they showed Naagin and Human love story, so I would not be surprise to see Naagin and cheel love story as well

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